This Past Saturday


Sunday is fading fast.  The shadows made by evening light are falling in their familiar places.  Sunday nights are typically still and quiet at the rabbit patch.   I make a good effort to have the house in good order as the weekly routine unfolds before the dawn of Monday. Clocks end  our morning dreams and we scatter from the rabbit patch, each in a different direction.  Monday, shows no mercy.

Tonight,  I vow to remember Saturday.  It was Mama’s birthday and so Daddy and I were taking her to a restaurant in Greenville, just thirty minutes away.  Mamas’ official party is scheduled for next week end.  The day was spring-like.  Tulip trees bloomed along the road to Greenville .  A Bradford pear with its’ pure white flowers made me think of Easter.  February has been quite a disorienting affair.

My sister from Raleigh, devised a plan, to meet us at the restaurant to surprise Mama.  It worked out beautifully and it did me good to see Mama so happy.  The meal was good and the waitress was friendly.  Delores brought a small cake and we both gave mama small tokens to open.  It was a happy occasion, altogether and concluded with the birthday song being sung with strangers in close proximity.

My oldest children were in Wilmington.  They took Lyla to the ocean, as the weather was so pleasant. Lylas’ uncles, Tres and Brant, climbed an ancient live oak and took Lyla with them.  They sent pictures to prove it.  There is something so extraordinary  to see your children become parents and uncles.  They all take their roles very seriously.  I watch my boys with Lyla and whether one is playing a guitar for her or up some tree-well, words fail to do justice, to the state of contentment such things bring about.

The contents of our days, may not seem so spectacular, when isolated from one another-but when you consider sightings of blossoms on trees, pleasant gatherings with family, and your mamas’ seventy-fifth birthday, Saturday was not a bit short of spectacular.  



Tres and Lyla


Brant and Lyla



28 thoughts on “This Past Saturday

  1. Oh those pictures!!!! Your little Lyla and those boys, (I know they are men but as a mom and grandma they are boys lol). It does my heart good. It is such a treat and a blessing to see our sons turn into dads and uncles isn’t it? My son is a great dad and the other two sons are amazing uncles to the little ones. Thank you for sharing those. Loved them!

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  2. It’s true, isn’t it — that sometimes the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts. Every part of your weekend was lovely, but put together, they made up an extraordinary “whole.” I’m happy it was such a delight for you — and those photos are wonderful.

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  3. What a beautiful post! There is nothing like the simple joys in life and you have a special appreciation for each of those blessings! I loved the pictures!!! You have a wonderful family and Lyla is adorable!!!!

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  4. Working with people of an older age, I know first hand how much they enjoy spending time with their families. They love seeing all the children big and small. They love hearing all the stories, seeing the smiles in pictures, and around a dinner table, and couldn’t be happier just celebrating togetherness. I imagine it must have been even more special with the weather being so mild. Who knows why??? But if nature can be included in the mix, why not, right??!


  5. “We don’t remember the days. We remember the moments.”
    So says a small plaque on the kitchen windowsill.
    I couldn’t agree more.

    Great to see your people (dare I say- especially sweet Lyla?).

    Seek peace,


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