Two Hawks Flying


My drive home from work, takes me by quiet pastures and large expanses of fields.  Parts of the trek is wooded and there is a little bridge with a curve just beyond it.  It is a favorite part of the journey for me.  A bit further, along the way is an empty lot, of sorts.  It is tended, but I have never seen any evidence of any one there.  The  entire territory is covered in daffodils.  It is a lovely sight, when they bloom and I look forward to it every spring.  Today, in dappled shade and tender grasses, the daffodils made their presence known.  The flowers do not grow in any sort of uniformity, but are scattered about in small clusters as if they planted themselves as they saw fit.  This gives the lot a “wild look”-and I like that.

It has been a custom in the south, for children in their “Easter  outfits” to have their picture taken, in front of a spirea bush.  The long flowing branches of tiny white flowers seem a fine expression of natures’ gracefulness-but the elegant spirea is blooming now- and so is the forsythia.  My “Pop” loved the forsythia.  He called them “goldenrods”.  I told him every year, that goldenrods and forsythias were entirely different, but he paid  me no mind , and called them goldenrods anyway-so now, I do too.

Yesterday, a small flock of redbirds descended on the rabbit patch just as I got home.  They were too busy to act skittish, so I made wishes on redbirds for a while.  I know a good many people believe that the cardinal commemorates a visit from a loved one, passed-but I have never taken such a notion.  If that is the case, there was a family reunion here yesterday!  

Strawberry farmers say this “out of the ordinary”  warm weather is less than ideal for  growing strawberries.  That is a shame for a lot of reasons-strawberry short-cake, being the first one.   Many people like to visit a farm and pick their own berries for making jam.  Mama loves strawberries.  I used to grow my own, but while I don’t mind sharing with the birds,  I found them to be  a greedy lot, and brave too.  Rattling pie tins and chimes did little to spoil their appetite.  Netting is a bother and several times, somehow, a bird would get trapped.  Upon release, he was about too heavy to fly.   I hardly ever got enough to make a pie.

I had  the  wonderful  pleasure of spending the afternoon with Jenny, Lyla and my parents.  Jenny is here early for Mamas’ birthday party, on Sunday.  Once again, the  day was more like April than February.  I  showed Lyla hyacinths, daffodils and “goldenrods”.  We spent a little while under a grapevine.  We disturbed some birds,and they took to scolding us for it.  Lyla laughed about that.  Later on, Mama sat in a rocking chair while Lyla and  I sat in a swing on the front porch.  There was a slight, but steady breeze blowing, that made the pines whisper.  A few clouds  moved across the sky and the winter wheat was growing, in the field by us.  Two hawks glided above the field.  Nothing around me was rushing-not the breeze, nor the clouds-not the hawks nor the field.  The effect washed over me  and a deep sense of peace settled in.  This, I thought, is time well spent- and my heart was grateful for such things as hyacinths, old grapevines and two hawks flying.  



18 thoughts on “Two Hawks Flying

  1. Your post is a perfect description of this early spring. Although I am disappointed to learn it is not good for the strawberry plants. I watch hawks quite a bit from my yard and find there hunting almost hypnotic.

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  2. Your title grabbed me with an old memory of home. Whenever we made the trip to Grandma’s house in the country, Dad helped to distract us with a game he called, “Hawks sitting and Hawks flying.” Spotting a “Hawk Sitting” was good for 1 point, and “Hawk Flying” was 2 points. So, the ride was interjected with call-outs of one or the other of these sightings.”Two Hawks Flying” – that’s worth 4 POINTS!!! Funny how these little memories hold so much love. in lak’ech, Debra

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  3. So you too are have slightly unseasonable weather ? I know it’s March next week but we have had a very warm day followed by a storm and back to hat & glove temperatures, the description of the wild daffodils reminds me they are indeed a smile from Mother Nature herself 🙂

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      1. I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t smile when faced with a bunch of daffodils, the colour, the scent, the way they nod in the breeze all make me feel instantly cheerful 🙂

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  4. “Forsythia” vs. “goldenrods” … ❤️
    “Family reunion” … ❤️
    “Untended lots of daffodils” … There’s a little town just on the german side of the Belgium/Germany border named Munschau where on a hike up the path to the fort overlooking the little valley town, daffodils just popped up hither & yon… Just loved it!!!

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