When March Comes to the Rabbit Patch


When  March comes to the rabbit patch, and wakes up all the earth,

somehow it makes the homestead seem to have a bit more worth.

For hyacinths and daffodils bloom across the land,

and the peach and pear have blossoms, when touched by Heavens’ Hand.

The woodlands, on the west side, where  wild rabbits like to run,

become somewhat enchanted, when lit by Marchs’ sun.

The songbirds sing a prelude, and fill the air with mirth,

When March comes to the rabbit patch, and wakes up all the earth.

25 thoughts on “When March Comes to the Rabbit Patch

  1. Just lovely.
    Here’s a reply for you:

    What say you today, little Chipping Sparrow?
    Gone are the winter winds that chill to the marrow.
    Do you take vigor from Spring’s rebirth,
    As blossoms and sunshine caress the Earth?

    Seek spring,


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  2. What a wonderful, wonderful poem. It has a nice, easy, un-forced rhyme, is filled with evocative imagery, and, best of all, is imbued with the spirit of spring. It is truly lovely. I read it twice silently and once aloud. The words flow beautifully.

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