Acorns and Dandelions



I have felt glad all day today.  Not a thing out of the ordinary, occurred.  I did not win a sweepstakes nor unearth buried treasure.  I did not solve any age old mystery, nor receive recognition for some great accomplishment, yet somehow these things pale in comparison to what did really happen.

The morning came and with it, a light cool rain.  It fell gentle on the fields, as the Irish would say.  By noon, the rain had stopped and the gray sky was a bright blue.  The sunshine on things blooming, caused the light breeze to smell sweet.  

Daffodils aren’t the only ones blooming .  Snow seems to have blossomed on a variety of bushes and trees.  Today, I saw a clump of Irises blooming in the shady corner of a lawn.  My own are up on the rabbit patch, but they have yet to bloom-or make any promises.  

Dandelion flowers are alive and well.  Children have been bringing them to the music room, clasped in  small hands as if they were rare gemstones-and to me they are.  In the  winter, children bring me small rocks , as gifts- so the lowly dandelion, soft and yellow, is  beautiful  in that way.  It is easy to be thrilled when you receive a dandelion, or a rock, from a child.  There is an expression, on a childs’ face, at such moments that acts like a tonic, and so I think, I ought to give dandelions too.  The heart of a child, is a place of purity.

I met a gentleman, who tunes pianos, recently.  He was a kind and interesting human and we shared a pleasant conversation.  When asked how his skill came about, he said he learned it by watching another fellow  and then studying manuals.  He wanted to learn, so he could have a service for churches and charities.   He was quite humble, as he spoke, but has been tuning pianos for decades in all sorts of churches.   Some people are wonderful like that.  

  When I came home to the rabbit patch, Christopher Robin started purring and Moon Shine made sounds like a young dove.  Cash pranced around, in the familiar way, boxers are known for.  I walked under the still bare, mighty oaks.  It was hard to imagine, that a common acorn, became the majestic oak.

While I was cooking dinner, it occurred to me  that even dandelions and acorns  can become objects of beauty, and stir the heart.   I thought how the story of an humble servant could conjure up thoughts of greatness and inspiration.  Truth is not always shrouded  in an obscure mystery  and not all lessons have to be learned the hard way.  . . .and I was glad for that.


29 thoughts on “Acorns and Dandelions

  1. This. This is living intentionally – the way we were created to live. I’d go so far as to call it worship.
    Savoring God and His Presence. What a beautiful day!!!!

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  2. I felt a kinship with you, having seen three dandelion blooms in our yard this afternoon. We have a piano tuner who comes to our house twice a year, and he is another gentle soul. I don’t know what his story is. Maybe we’ll hear it one of these days. Right now I’m looking out at pink sunset clouds hovering over the mountains with a treasured grandson sitting by me.

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  3. Oh my. You made me so greedy for my daffodils and tulips. They are just barely poking up. You are in the south, usa? I’m in northern usa so it’s still pretty cold here. 🙂 Beautiful words and lovely day. ❤ Amy


  4. Your post brought back memories of painting driveway rocks with watercolors, and carrying them into my mother. Dandelions, too. Here in Texas, we have a native dandelion that’s just as pretty as the European import, but I’m not willing to criticize any dandeilon. After any winter, they’re a wonderful gift to us, too.


  5. How beautiful ☺
    Brings back a wonderful memory about my daughter when she was young. She and a friend used rocks from our neighbor’s driveway and then went door to door selling those rocks! Ah, the innocence of children.

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  6. Sometimes it is the smaller things in life that are so beautiful, if we but take the time to notice….. I am so often aware when I ponder the Creator and His creations… the butterfly, the bird, animals all shapes and sizes, flowers, trees… and on and on! Diane

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  7. The teacher in me thrilled to your description of children bringing rocks in the winter and dandelions in the spring. This sentence perfectly captured my feelings for the young ones I taught: “The heart of a child, is a place of purity.” I’m so glad you had a happy day made great and glorious by ordinary things. I think the gift of this day came to you because your heart is open.

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  8. Hi I saw a lot of our mutual friend making comments to your post. Why did I take so long to find you? You found me first, comment my NC post. Now I’m here and will follow. Please come back and visit again. Do you work in a classroom? It seems like you have many lovely children bring you delights!

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  9. A beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! I love dandelions! They are so sunny and happy looking. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Today’s post is about being in the moment and features a pic of me lying in a dandelion meadow! Happy Monday, Sam 🙂


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