There Go the Daffodils!


I did not see the sun rise this morning.  Most days, I do.  It felt odd to wake to “a bright and shining moment” on the rabbit patch.  The window by the morning table, was lit up like a chapel window and gently and joyfully, beckoned me to “rise and shine.”

We will celebrate My youngest son, Christians’ birthday today. His birthday was yesterday.  My “baby” is twenty-four years old now.  When, Christian was born, an ice storm promptly arrived.  The day before, had been warm.  Kyle and I took a long walk that day and then had milkshakes at an ice cream parlor.  I don’t know why I remember that, but the memory is as clear, as any I have.

Yesterday would have been the best day to celebrate, as it was Christians’ actual birthday-and that was the plan- but yesterday the wind blew without mercy.  Christian called me just before school was over.  There was no water at the rabbit patch and the lights were dimming and then brightening in an odd fashion.  I have only seen such conditions in horror movies and so I left for home, sure  that a fire was smoldering in the walls -or that ghosts were real, after all.  I came in the old house in a state of panic and rushed to check the breakers.  I could not identify what was happening and called my neighbors, who were doing just fine and had constant lights and running water.  This only alarmed me more and so I did what I have done all my life-I called my parents.  They came and daddy declared it had to be an electrical issue.  I called the power company, who promptly sent a truck.  Within an hour, full power and water was restored.  The wind had partially severed a line, it turned out.  Mama and daddy would not leave til all was restored at the rabbit patch.  Mama said they were there for “support.”-and they were.  Just their presence made a difference.

That is how todays’ celebration came about.  My fancy meal takes a few hours to prepare, and so today we will eat well.  We will also wait for a cold storm predicted to have some form of moisture, to arrive.  There go the daffodils!  There goes the spirea and the peach and pear blossoms-and the jasmine that has bloomed  just this week.  Woe to the irises and the lovely running periwinkle-if all goes as predicted.  This is the way of March, so I blame February for sashaying about as if it were April.

No matter, the weather conditions, as long as “another state of emergency” does not arise, today we will give thanks for  the birth of my last child.  Christian, being good natured, does not mind the delay in celebration.  He has not asked for presents in many , many years.  We all know he needs guitar strings, any way.  Christian is an artist in every sense.  He values art, whether it is drawn, written or listened to.  He lives like a poet, noticing the beauty of all circumstances.  You will not catch Christian being wasteful.  He cares for the environment and for all living things too much, to cause any harm.

Christian, is the only person I know that is sure that he does not need money.   He works and then is far more likely to give his money away  than spend it.  If a worthy cause, does not show up, he saves his money till it does.  Frequently he comes to me with money and says  “just take this, I have too much!!”  I have laughed out loud at this, I have been concerned -and I still don’t know what to do with it.  It amuses me, I find it admirable and yet, it  concerns me.  (I know as Will and Tres read this, their faces will pale.)   Christian thinks long and hard before committing to obligations as he values the content of his life, intensely.  Like me, a clock does not impress him, nor hold him hostage.  He is way too independent to be trendy – and he thinks too deeply to be shallow about anything.  His presence has made a beautiful difference in the last twenty four years of our family and not one of us would trade it , not for anything, this world affords.

Happy Birthday Christian!  and – “to thine ownself, be true.”

22 thoughts on “There Go the Daffodils!

  1. Glad your electrical problems were solved, that your son had a good birthday, and life is good for you. We also are seeing that awful weather that will take our Spring flowers away and ruin this year’s fruit crop. Ah that February – it is totally February’s fault! Lol Very nice post as always. 🙂

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  2. Enjoy your celebration, and Happy Birthday to Christian! Personally, I strongly believe in that quite simple saying ‘it takes all sorts to make a world’. Whatever your concerns, the world NEEDS people like your lovely-sounding boy, and that is why he is here.

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  3. I wondered why you were so concerned about flickering lights and such. We had that fairly often in NY because something was always happening to the electrical lines. I understood when you said that never happens at your house. I’m so glad everyone responded quickly to help you. Happy birthday to Christian. I loved the way you wrote about him.

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  4. What a marvelous person your son is. I can see why he has made a “beautiful difference” in your world. In addition to your Christian and your supportive parents, here is another thing in this post that will linger with me: “This is the way of March, so I blame February for sashaying about as if it were April.” spending some time with you this afternoon has been a pleasure.

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  5. Happy birthday,Christian!!! Know Michelle’s cooking was delicious. Love your turn of the phrase..and beautiful descriptions..I can “see” them.


  6. Happy Birthday (one day late) to Christian! And I’m glad you figured out what the problem was and the electric company was able to fix it. Flickering lights and no water would have made me very nervous too!

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  7. Christian sounds like a wonderful young man. I am thankful that our daffs haven’t bloomed…..when we went to church today in our old neighborhood 25 miles away, the daffodils were history. We’ll enjoy ours after our 6-10 inches of snow arrives this week and then leaves. 😉

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  8. Christian sounds like a lad after my own heart.
    He’s right, we really don’t need much by way of money, or anything else, really.
    With a full heart and full spirit, artists rarely notice an empty stomach.

    Seek peace,


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