Birds of a Feather



All of my life, I have had friends. All of my life, it has made the difference-never so more, than now.

When we are young, friends are necessary for play.  My first friends were my cousins, though I would  have never considered them that in my childhood.  Lucky for me, the country road that I grew up on was full of them. I had teenage cousins that actually would play with us younger ones.  I wanted to be like them when I grew up.  The girls were pretty and lady-like.  No one had to tell me that they were almost grown!  They preferred more civilized ways to play.  No one got dirty and your hair never got tangled because ever so often, somebody would brush it. Play was quiet with the older girl cousins.  I felt like something important was going on and would take notes about how they…

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3 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. Our cousins were always at our house and we were like siblings, and got into everything. My uncle lived on a hill and at the bottom was a barbed wire fence with a bull on the other side. We would slide down the hill on a piece of tin (this is SE Texas and the only thing on the side of the hill was cactus.) As we got to close to the bottom of the hill everyone leaned back and slid under the fence, got up and ran like crazy before the bull found us. If you tried to jump off you landed in the cactus. We gave the boys a run for the money. Great times. Nothing like cousins.

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    1. that is a funny story!! kids do crazy things-we dropped out of the hay loft on to whatever came under-cows wild ponies and horses! Why we didn’t get killed-the Hand of God, only!! and you all too! hahahaha!


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