A Writer, A Housekeeper and a Honeybee


I always say when I am on any sort of break, that for now. . . I am a writer!  I announce it on Fridays when I come in the back door of the rabbit patch and Christian laughs every time.  Last Friday, when school was dismissed for spring break,  I said it again-and Christian laughed again.  As it turns out,  I should have said . . I am a housekeeper!

I began spring cleaning the old farmhouse on Saturday.  I did get several rooms in good order, but I have noticed, that not only did the territory get bigger, so did the house!  I have been cleaning out and cleaning up too.  I forewarned Mama, as she was coming to Sunday dinner,about my predicament.

 I assembled a Easter basket for Kyle and Christian late Saturday night.  I had bought some of their favorite treats.  I also got some traditional chocolate eggs.  I wondered if they would think me silly, as Christian is twenty-four and Kyle is twenty-nine, but I always do something anyway.

Sunday dinner, was especially nice.  We had turkey and the trimmings, the famous apple salad, like Aunt Agnes used to make, macaroni and cheese, as daddy is not a fan of turkey-and Mama made a chocolate cake with white icing, my favorite. (Daddy doesn’t like that either.)  Don’t you know that Mama brought us an “Easter basket”.  She had everybodys’ favorites, even the dark chocolate that she knows I love.   Dear Diary,   I am a few years shy of sixty, but that condition did not prevent me from excitement over a basket of “Easter Joy”.

I resumed housekeeping early this morning.  I can now say that the library has less books and dust, than it did this morning.  The bath is clean and I expect it to stay that way for at least seventy-two hours.  I  am almost packed to go spend a few days with Jenny, too.  I have organized the “Christmas Closet”, which is really a large standing wardrobe, to store gifts that may be bought in June -as well as the wrappings and ribbons.  

In my goings and comings, carrying things  to place in an assortment of collections,  sorted according to their destiny,  I noticed that the “Quiet Garden”  had bloomed overnight!  I could not find a single rose for the table on Sunday and had used  the fragrant Lilacs instead.  Today, there were dozens of roses in various hues.  I have never known them to all bloom at once-and so suddenly!  A lone blue iris also bloomed.  Miss Sylvia, my friend and neighbor, had given me the irises that I call a water color iris.  Miss Sylvia passed a few weeks ago,  and so, in her memory,  I will now refer to the irises as “Sylvias”, I think.  

Though, it is time to turn the lamp on, I intend to finish a few more projects.  Tomorrow, Jenny will be here at noon.  I will retire from housekeeping for a few days and become a writer, a wanderer and best and most importantly . . Lylas’ very own Honeybee.

22 thoughts on “A Writer, A Housekeeper and a Honeybee

  1. You are definitely a writer! And I am so glad. I love the thought of giving Easter baskets regardless of age. I also love the idea of your Christmas Closet. That would be something I should start…then I would know what I had purchased through the year.
    I bet your Sylvias are lovely!

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    1. such a sweet comment-I love the Christmas Closet-put a list on the inside door to record what you bought-if you buy all along! And I want to do May baskets too-I never knew of this old custom til last year, after may! thank you for all you do for me-kind words that I treasure from you love Michele


  2. Kudos to you for all that cleaning. I admire your putting a limit on it, too. Now you can concentrate on being with people you love. Keep calling yourself a writer. Your followers think you are super, so believe them! It took me over 30 years to say aloud that I am a writer. Don’t waste another minute of your life hesitating like I did. Say it and live it! Celebrate it! You are a writer!

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    1. oh what a lovey comment! Isn’t it odd that we are so hesitant about saying I am a writer!?! oh thank you for the encouragement!! I will heed your kind advice. you are a dear person to take the time to send such very sweet words. thank you!


      1. you are right-I get purely tickled at any compliment about my writing! It is almost embarrassing as I feel like I am 15 and some boy said I was cute! Thank you sweet Anne-it means so much coming from a writer that I admire.

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  3. What a wonderful post, I do so agree with remaining loyal to calling the irises ‘Sylvia’s’ enjoy your time as Honeybee, writing and house keeping will wait a while xx


  4. Lovely post. It is nice to be someone’s Honeybee. It is also nice to leave housekeeper and writer behind and visit with friends and family that we love. 🙂


  5. I, too, enjoy your writing immensely. I do need more time though to get around more often. Time. Funny how it passes so quickly in joy, so slowly in introspection. I wish you a wonderful spring and a blooming rabbit patch 🌞


  6. Lovely, Lovely!! Yes, you are are writer, and a magnificent one at that. Your Sylvia’s and roses sound beautiful. They waited to bloom at the appointed time. Have a Wonderful time with Lyla and we await your return to hear all about it!


  7. I view housekeeping as a necessary evil. I don’t enjoy a minute of doing it, but I love how the house looks and how I feel after I’m finished. On days I know I have to clean, I promise myself I can sit down in the afternoon with a cup of tea and write after I’m finished. Your Easter sounds wonderful, and I wish I could see your roses. they don’t do well in the climate of my little town, but I do have tulips and daffodils cheering up my yard.

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