While the Mockingbird Sleeps


It is hard to believe that we are in the twilight of April.  April with its’ “showers that bring us May flowers” also brought us ample sunshine , enough to make the wild violets bloom.  The “Quiet Garden” is full of roses and the oaks cast shade now- because of April.

Now, in  the early  part of the evening, rabbits can be seen in the spring clover.  The country rabbits are shy and suspicious creatures.  It matters little to them, that I graciously walk to the edge of the woods to share all sorts of delicacies from the rabbit patch kitchen, with them.   I have a large herb garden, just outside the  kitchen window.  One little rabbit has decided there is not a bit of harm in me, and so he eats a fair share of apple mint, while I am washing the supper dishes.  I call him “Applejack”.  I have named another one “Cookie” because his fur is especially light.  Not yet, have I seen any young bunnies.  It is in June, that little rabbits play while fire flies twinkle, and the scent of the honeysuckle is  thick in the country air. 

I noticed in April, that the days are much longer than just a few weeks ago.  I have not seen the sun rise on the drive to work, this week.  Instead, the pastures and fields are bathed in bright morning shine.  I come home and start supper , as I always do, but now we eat , without the need of the kitchen light on.

The air is especially sweet now.  Clover is blooming everywhere.  It is all over the rabbit patch.  Unlike a lot of people, I do not mind clover.  I try not to mow as often when the world is full of clover.  Bees love it-and the world needs  more honeybees, for more than just honey.  As a child,  I learned early on to never go barefoot in clover.  I was stung many times and eventually I got used to it and did not run in the house for a wad of tobacco to put on it.

 I had read that if a honeybee stung someone, they died right afterwards.  Daddy, was a beekeeper and he told me that a honeybee only stung if it was threatened.  I am sorry to say, that more than a few bees lost their lives because of me wanting a crown of clover blossoms, when I was very young.  I still remember feeling ashamed of that and proceeding with great caution whenever I passed through a patch of clover.  Of course, I also spent  a fair amount of time looking for four-leaf clovers-and I still will on occasion.  There was a large patch of clover that used to grow by one of Pops’ tobacco barns.  It did not take long to find a four-leaf one in that little patch.  I would carry them home and put them in the dictionary.  I still do the same thing, fifty years later.

 In addition, to all the blooming and nesting that goes on in April, it is also the “time of the singing of birds”.  Mockingbirds do a lot of bragging in April, and rightfully so.  They sing every birds’ song, by heart.  As long as you listen, they will sing.  I can not help but be amused.  When Lyla and I stroll the streets of Elizabeth City, we usually encounter a mockingbird.  I always stop, out of courtesy and listen a few minutes.  When I start to walk away, the mockingbird seems to sing louder and with all of his heart. The mockingbirds at the rabbit patch do the same thing, so I suppose it is their nature.  

On April nights, while the mockingbirds sleep,   I notice there are more stars to be seen.  It is not as easy to find Orions’ Belt, as it was a few short weeks ago.  Frogs sing out begging for a rain shower and ever so often,  the shrill cry of a killdeer  rings out, piercing the countryside.

Dear Diary,   I am glad for April.  I am glad for its’ irises and violets-and the clover too.  In April, I hang the linens out to dry in sunshine and at long last . . .I have put the geraniums on the porch.




29 thoughts on “While the Mockingbird Sleeps

  1. I also leave the clover grow in our lawn. The poor honeybees have a rough go of it and I figure anything I can do to help is good.
    My husband saw 4 baby bunnies in a next just last week. We were surprised as it seemed quite early for our area.
    I love reading about the seasons where you are…..we are always a little ways behind so I know what is coming!

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  2. You write so magical, I just wrap your stories around me and it feels so good! You are so right about the sun, I was just commenting on that tonight how when I came home from work I noticed how high in the sky it still was and how it was only going to continue to get higher. I love the name Applejack…I feed squirrels all the time, I think they are just so cute, especially when they sit up straight on their hind legs. I can hear creatures outside right now, it’s so warm tonight, unusually so for April, that I have my window open and I can hear something…not sure what, it’s not crickets but I don’t know what they are. I love your diary entry, it made me want to write down my appreciations of April and Spring and flowers and bees and the way all the trees are blooming and filling in. Just lovely! 🙂

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      1. I’m smiling knowing you’re smiling! I’m actually watching the birds feed at the feeder this morning and there’s been a huge bumble bee hovering outside my window, kind of looking in at me…it’s pretty cool. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

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  3. I, too, love clover – and dandelions! I’m sure the bees appreciate it when folks leave these important food sources be rather than mowing or digging them out. Isn’t April (and upcoming May) a magical time?

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  4. We have an abundance of mocking birds here and each morning as I stand alone in the quiet yard trying to capture the sunrise – I hear the mocking birds singing their song. Had to laugh about wrapping a sting in tobacco. My father-in-law would wrap tobacco around legs, arms, or anything – to cure a wide variety of ailments. I have begun my yearly search for 4 leaf clover. Found many last year. Once again, an enjoyable, lovely post.

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  5. Rabbit … I’m so sorry that I’m so behind with blog posts. Health problems are to blame. But ..I’m here now and LOVING this blog post.

    I love all of your posts as they do magical things. They teach me and show me what’s happening in your corner of the world.
    They slow me down and make my mind rest.
    I feel my heart slow and peace settles upon me. Your words wrap themselves around me like a magical blanket. Not tightly, but in a way whch leaves me feeling loved and protected from anything which may hurt or harm.

    You have such a wonderful way with words. Eloquent and inclusive.
    Thank you Rabbit. Thank you for being who you are and what you are.
    I’m so happy that I have you in my life.
    Sending love and wishing you a blessed week. ~ Cobs. x

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  6. I like imagining you as a young girl, walking barefoot in clover to make a crown; and as a woman stopping to listen to mockingbird’s sing. Have you taught Lyla to listen as well? And I found all the wonder of our word in this beautiful line: ” It is in June, that little rabbits play while fire flies twinkle, and the scent of the honeysuckle is thick in the country air.”

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