It Happened on Sunday


On Saturday night, I was in the rabbit patch kitchen- the same could be said of Sunday morning.  This past Sunday, was no ordinary Sunday.  It was Mothers’ Day, after all.

Mama and Daddy were coming , my sister, Delores, and my niece, Dana.  I set out to  serve something everybody would love.  I ended up with  Jo Dees’ barbecued chicken, as the main course.  Everybody enjoys it and once you put it in the oven, you can just forget about  it and go about other things.  I had peeled at least a peck of potatoes, Saturday night and made potato salad.  Mama loves my potato salad.  I had also concocted a trifle of strawberries, pound cake and cheesecake dressing-because, Mama likes strawberries, too.  On Sunday morning, only a big pot of green beans had to be cooked and cheese biscuits made-because Dana loves cheese biscuits.

While the kitchen filled with aromas that foretold of  a “special” gathering . . .I washed floors.  Later in the morning, I went out to gather roses.  Right on time, the “Mothers’ Day” rose was in full bloom.  It is a rambling vine, with small pink roses that cascade over the picket fence, in a delightful fashion.  When paired with red and white roses,  and the white fragrant spikes of the spice bush, it made a lovely arrangement.  

The cheese biscuits were made at the last possible moment, so they would be piping hot , as biscuits ought to be.  A few of them were eaten just as everyone arrived-and before the blessing was said.  As, we were eating, Delores said she had finally made it to Sunday Dinner and I suspected, she thought that ought to be mentioned in the Rabbitpatch Diary.  She  was right, as she lives several hours away, and besides, this was no ordinary Sunday.

We had a nice visit . We ate the trifle and not long after, we said our good byes and vowed to spend time together in the summer.  The kitchen seemed especially quiet.  My oldest sons had to work, but called in the afternoon.  I couldn’t help but miss them.  At some point, I felt too sentimental, and so I took a walk around the territory.  Taking a walk, is as therapeutic  as peeling potatoes or washing dishes and  my spirits were soon restored.  Besides, I reminded myself,   in a few short weeks, they will all come home for the “Memorial Day” holiday.

The moon took its’ sweet time rising last night.  It was a particularly beautiful shade of amber.  I had walked by the fields of clary sage, earlier and decided I had to see them in the moon shine.  I stood before them, moments later and was glad I had come.  The fields seemed aglow as if a spell had been cast -a spell that rendered a stillness and a sense of well-being.  Fireflies flickered here and there -and all I wanted to do was pray, under such conditions.  It was a wonderful grand finale to the day.

Dear Diary,  I am glad for roses and fields of clary sage.  I am glad for slow rising moons and strawberries . I am glad for tables laden with foods served in pretty dishes, with loved ones gathered around-and I am glad for Sundays- all of them, but most especially the ones that are far from ordinary.

37 thoughts on “It Happened on Sunday

  1. What a wonderful Mother’s Day! i imagine that you were very happy for your sister to come to the Rabbit Patch! Tell me about your cheese biscuits! I make some small cheese biscuits that are really not like a regular biscuit…my mother’s recipe and one of my favorites. So easy…one jar Old English Cheese, one cup flour, one stick butter, dash or so of cayenne pepper. Mix completely. Using your hands, form the dough into 1 1/2 inch balls. Bake on cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. Watch carefully because your oven may be different than mine…the stove at our farm cooks every item I make totally different!

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    1. I must try your biscuits! thank you! Mine are made with flour, buttermilk and sharp cheddar. I roll and cut them out and bake-quite traditional for round here. I sometimes use shredded cheddar and just work it in the dough. Otherwise I stuff the biscuits and take care to close the edges or else the cheese runs out. Bake at 400 for about 15-20 min. I was so glad to have my sister and niece. Are yours crisp and cookie like? thank you for commenting and a recipe!

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  2. What a wonderful day, made all the more special by your delicious sounding cooking. It’s lovely that you made everyone’s favourites too 😊


  3. Ma’am.
    As usual a very beautiful post. It seems that the words want to say so much but so little comes out through them. The eyes see so much and the ears hear so much and the hands and the mind want to put all they have seen into words so others who can’t see these or eat at the Sunday Table can have that pleasure but there is only so much words can do. The rest is up to our imagination.
    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your home with us and inviting us to your Sunday Dinner table.
    We could see Delores too.

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  4. as usual your comments are right on for the day. I spent it with my daughter & my niece. we had a good time.. here at my senior campus.
    a really big & tasty buffet & it was crowded. after we went to a lounge area & had a nice visit then went up to my apartment & talked some more. we ate licorice .. I had found some that was actually real licorice & we all like it a lot. My daughter & my niece had a good time catching up, as they had not visited for some time. my cat was happy for all the company. It was quite hot, as it is summer in the desert.
    MY fuschia plant was drooping & my jasmine plant like the day. Good to know all is well.

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    1. I loved reading this comment from you! I have been so very busy with the big recital and grass growing too! I so loved the pictures you sent, and hope you will not give up on me as a pen pal. I am so glad you are doing well. I will be happy when the school year ends-though I do not like wishing time away. Please know I think you and Beauty and will correspond more dependably in the future. thank you so much.


  5. Happy Mother’s Day. I was just salivating as you mentioned your delicious food. The flowers sound SO beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us through your words. I have some gladiola (sp?) bulbs that I need to get into the ground. I’m a novice gardener having been raised in town. We moved to our current home only about a year ago, so it has a lot of work and I hope to add in a lot of flowers, bushes, trees slowly as the years go by…first up, is a rose bush and maybe a clematis, since they take a while to get established. 🙂 Happy Tuesday. Amy

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  6. Aren’t Mother’s Day roses just the best surprise every year. Of course this year every thing has been stepped up and mine bloomed several weeks early. Come what may …it was still welcomed. Wonderful weekend at the rabbit patch….so proud for you.

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  7. Those roses sound beautiful! I also make cheese biscuits – always a favorite of my Mama & Papa. Haven’t baked them much since they passed but will have to get my rolling pin back out after your imouth-watering dinner description. (Inspiring!!!) My Mama’s potato salad is the stuff of legends (sounds like yours.) She stopped making it many years ago when cooking became too difficult. We tried to replicate it – but even doing everything in her recipe, it has never been ‘as good as Mama’s’ (Guess it’s hard competing with a memory!) Blessings!!


  8. That’s the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever read about. You are so loving and giving. Our son was here with us, and I texted with our daughter in Denmark I did’t think of potato salad, though it would have been good with the grilled brats and sausages. John requested it for Memorial Day, so we’ll have it then. My recipe came from John’s bachelor godfather, whose relatives owned a deli in New York. It was their recipe, and the potato salad tastes like the best of of deli salads. People here in NC do not particularly like it, because it’s outside their sphere. I’ve about learned to make small batches rather than five pounds at a time.

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    1. thank you Anne-you know I am quite curious about the recipe for potato salad. I so appreciate your thought that I am loving and giving. I am selfish at times and can not stand it when I am. that field of sage acted like a priest and heard my confessions that night. ha!

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  9. OMG as usual you have me in tears. So beautiful and wise. You make me want to come and live with you. Although I must admit where I live now is my own Rabbit Patch, I so love it here. I look forward to the days when I spend them all here and not have to go to work. Your Sunday sounds like it was lovely and special, as you are. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I’m sure your boys are looking forward to seeing you too. 🙂

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    1. thank you Deb-We are looking forward to a gathering in a few weeks. It is a complicated affair, now that they joined the work force. It makes me glad that you too, love your home. I so appreciate your kind comments-they encourage me so much. xx

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      1. You’re most welcome. Yes lives do get busy and coordinating schedules can sometimes be a challenge. I so love my home, it’s peaceful and pretty and perfect! I so love your stories. xo. ☺

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  10. What another beautiful post. it sounds like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day 🙂 How thoughtful of you to prepare things that you know certain members of your family love. I’m sure everybody appreciated your efforts. You set an almost fairy tale scene for the end of your day. I hope I can continue to learn to notice such beauty in nature, as you do.
    Take care
    – Carly

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