What a Little Bird Told Me


By mid week, at the rabbit patch, routine has “set in” comfortably.  Thankfully, for me, variations are few and far between.  I just love familiar. It does not make for a dull life for me.  I have never been anything but a “homebody”.  Of course, the one exception, is when  I visit my children.  In that case, I am ready “at the drop of a hat”.   Otherwise, after work and an errand or so at times, I generally come home in great spirits and hum while I fix supper.  My grown up sons come in and  smell supper cooking, and I am happy.  

There is a little country store, just a few miles from the school, that I stop at several times a week.  Yesterday, as I was leaving, upon opening the door, a tiny ,little, baby sparrow tried to hop in.  He was so curious, it seemed and hardly afraid.  I considered it a pleasant surprise.  I convinced him to go in another direction and wished him well.  I thought of the old hymn, “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and it gave me great comfort, for the little bird-and me.

Kyle and Christian,have finally started repairing the leaky roof.  As it turns out, the repair is not nearly as complex  as they first thought.  Kyle called me to come see something and so I prepared myself for the awful mess it was making.  There was a heap of debris-and it was awful, but what a treasure lurked beneath the paneled ceiling. . .there was beadboard in a pleasing, pale , shade  of turquoise.  It was preserved  beautifully and perfectly.  This was another pleasant surprise, that day.  Suddenly the leaking roof did not seem the tragedy, that I had deemed it.  The wide hall, painted white should make for a pretty thoroughfare into the living room-and I just happen to have a turquoise bird to sit on the shelf that adorns the wall.

As happy, as I am to find a pretty ceiling, I remain steadfast on my mission to downsize.  Of course, spring is an especially beautiful season here and I remind myself, that I will have a lot more time to visit with my children and only grandchild, Lyla.  This spurs me on to lofty notions of a little cottage somewhere, that will probably need to be painted- and flowers will need to be  planted.    I have a great deal of peace about  the whole affair.  It has taken me two years to get in this state.  First, I kept looking at other big old houses as I am so drawn to them.  The children would not even slow down, when I pointed one out.  Then there was the concept of a smaller yard, to grasp.  There just has to be room for roses and Sweet Williams.  I so hope for at least one old tree, too.    I can safely say that “hope springs eternal” in my heart for all of this to come to pass, though I do not know the hour.  

Last night, when the world fell silent, I went out.   I find such conditions quite favorable for my spirit.   The stars reminded me of strands of diamonds.  Everywhere I looked, it seemed silver garlands were strewn about the night sky.  Somewhere, far away a dog was barking.  The only other sound was the occasional breeze whispering in the pines.  Such moments bring me to my knees and make me sorry for any  doubt I may have ever harbored, for any unkind thought I may have  ever entertained.  Such conditions make me want to sing, sometimes.  And so, I joined up with whispering pines and the far away barking dog and sang what ” a little bird told me” . . . 

“I sing because I’m happy-

I sing because I’m free-

for His eye is on the sparrow-

and I know He watches me.”  

41 thoughts on “What a Little Bird Told Me

  1. Be still my heart. When we moved this old house to my parents farm and started re-doing ..we found real board walls behind cheap paneling and bead-board ceilings under that awful ceiling tile. Wonderful. Can’t say it is a show place but it is home and as much as I hate to think about it …may not be the last home. Age is catching up and with my husbands sudden passing …well…you just never know what tomorrow holds,but we know who hold tomorrow.

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  2. goodness-I too am widowed and that is a big factor in why I have to sell. My husband died a young man and it has been a long time. I am so very sorry for your loss and wish you and your home well. Thank you for leaving kind words.

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  3. Ma’am,
    I hope really that you can keep the home you love so dearly. If you chose to move to another place, perhaps it won’t be a rabbit patch any more.
    His eye is on the sparrow is such a beautiful hymn and a prayer too.
    I am praying for you that the right decisions come to you at the right time.

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    1. awwh-dear firend don’t you fret. I am fine with moving-tho it took a while-people are more important to me than a house. We are all fine with it-and i know there is a little rabbit patch with my name on it! so kind of you-now please pray and thank you! xx

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  4. You know, I can tell from your writing, that when a door closes God opens a window. This hymn is a favorite of mine because of the Jimmy Durante version. Jimmy and my Grandpop were soul brothers. And I worshipped my Grandpop.

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  5. I am praying a cottage for you all the charm of the rabbit patch. A place with a cottage garden that has slightly overgrown and looks wonderfully filled with old fashioned flowers that scent the air…And yes… a porch to sit on and enjoy the days.

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  6. You quoted from one of my most favorites hymns! i believe that the little bird was placed in your path to deliver a very special message…that you can be happy and hear the pretty songs of the birds anywhere and everywhere. All you have to do is to quietly listen!

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  7. Funny how your children reach a point when they think their parents need guidance in their lives and need to be taken care of. Lol I fought the urge to keep being so independent as I aged. Now, I sit back and let my children (think) they are taking care of me. Ha A very lovely post and I love the song you were singing – I have sang that same song often.

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  8. Hello dearest Rabbit.
    I love reading your posts, for not only do they (mostly) want to smile and sometimes laugh … they also have a ppognancy which I feel deeply and it brings out a feeling of wanting to weep gently.

    I know the pain of leaving a cottage I loved with all my heart, and having to find a new place for us. We moved because our grown up daughter married a young man 200 miles from us, and when the were expecting their baby, our daughter was beside herself needing family near her as there was no one but the two of them. We talked about it and eventually said that we’d sell and move nearer to them. However … although I felt a bit excited about the move – new grandbaby, new home, new place … I also felt the most awful emotional pain at selling and leaving our beautiful cottage which we’d lived in for over 30 years.

    So yes … I know your pain and am praying that you find the right place just for you. One which has a garden which feels like ‘you’, and a house which makes you smile when you stand and look at it.

    Please God, would you lead Rabbit to find her new patch?
    Thank you.

    Sending squidges to you Rabbit. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. oh my-this is so very beautiful-thank you for sharing your own story and the prayer-well that was the icing on the cake-please pray-It gives me courage and peace to know you are. thank you-your kindness made my day!xx always

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  9. Such a lovely post. The time is on the horizon when I will have to move, too. I simply won’t be able to afford where I am. But — it’s the view that I love, out over the water, where I can see the sunset. Even thinking about moving can bring me to tears. But at least I’m thinking about it, and the time isn’t yet. By the time “the time” comes, I hope I’m far more accepting, and ready to find new delights in a new place.

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    1. darling friend, it has taken me a long while-a few years to get to this place. When my son brought it up for the first time, I nearly fainted at the idea! There were many stages-now I am ready and even a bit excited-I pray you stay in your home for as long as you want! xx thank you!


  10. With such a wonderful spirit you will be out and find that wonderful place that just speaks to you and you will know it is perfect. I will keep you in my prayers to see where he wants your special place to be.

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  11. Such a beautiful post. It’s a new adventure anytime we make a change in our lives. I’ve had many changes in my life, the biggest one was when I started over with a little boy and a box full of toys.
    The rabbit patch sounds so peaceful and such a lovely home place. You will find the perfect home and how exciting to have a new canvas. Getting close also to the point where my son will be telling me what’s best for me. I will have to ask him if he listened to me growing up!?!

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