Cousin Dotsie’s Reunion and Other Nice Stories

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Cousin Dotsie ‘s family reunion took place yesterday at a little house in Windsor,  a small town about twenty minutes north of the rabbit patch.  Reunions seem to be the sole purpose of the old house, as Cousin Dotsie has another residence in Windsor, as well.  All of  her last minute details unfolded as if she had labored over them a fortnight.  It was a lovely occasion, to say the least.

Somehow, there was barbecue, chicken, many sides and a sideboard full of desserts. I arrived a bit after twelve, straight from the woods.  I had been cutting elder flowers, mint and other such  things, to take to Elizabeth City.  I used coolers to transport them and had wanted to wait to the last minute, to cut them.

Cousin Alice was there from New York.  I met her a little over a year ago but,  it was as if we had know each other a very long time.  Her mother, my  great Aunt Astor, died when Alice was just a little girl.  Alice grew up in New York, where her father was from.  I greeted her yesterday, with band aids from battling briers and I suspect leaves in my hair.  It didn’t matter to her or anyone else there,  I have  never known a one of them to ever “put on airs”  in all of my life.  They are a genuine lot, altogether and it makes me glad  that they belong to me.  I often say, that when you are born into a loving family, you are truly “born with a silver spoon in your mouth”.

I arrived in Elizabeth City in mid afternoon.  There was a very cool wind churning up the laughing river.  Thankfully, I had brought a light jacket.  There was a festival in the downtown commons which is just a few blocks from Jenny’s house.  Will and Jenny went to hear a band , so Lyla and I spent the evening  together-Dear Diary,  what a sweet day!


I got up early on Sunday, but not earlier than Lyla.  Unlike me, Lyla does not wake up addle. She does not need coffee, to form a thought. Upon waking,  Lyla is ready for her day and she is hungry.  She wakes up happy and hugs everyone as if she is glad to see them again.  

I did not spend a great deal of time in “communion” this Sunday morning.  I noticed the cedar tree was lovely and was wearing  its’ tender spring boughs.  Birds love the cedar .  Cedar branches are dense and can keep secrets-still,  I know where a pair of Robins are building.  I watched a male robin struggle a good while with an object.  He dropped it several times as he attempted to fly.  Whatever it was, it was  bigger than he was.  With valor and persistence, he made it to the nest to present to his companion.  She took it from him, and immediately tossed it away.  She did not do this in a friendly fashion, either.  The male robin flew off unhindered by the whole affair, on a mission to do better.  “There is my sermon”, I thought.  Apparently, robins do not hold grudges.  

Not long after a light breakfast, we all took off for the little fair, downtown.  The day was overcast, so Lyla saw the colorful lights a good ways off.  The streets smelled of cotton candy and funnel cakes.  Lyla rode a little train-and later a pony.  We had ice cream by the river, after that.  We walked around for a while.  Lyla had a blue balloon and a small stuffed toy, Jenny had won, in the first five minutes of our arrival.  Later we saw a man, with a stuffed bear.  It was huge and we wondered what amazing thing he had done, for that!    I did not feel my years  while at the fair-of course I  had worn sensible shoes.  

The little playground  at the end of the street, was completely empty.  We stopped, so Lyla could take full advantage, and she did.  We heard the music and watched the fair go on-and we still smelled the cotton candy, while Lyla practiced climbing and sliding.

Being, it was Sunday, Jenny and I started working on a nice evening dinner, while Will worked in the yard.  Wills’ mom, Miss Claudia came and what a nice visit we had.  When darkness fell, the little fair said its’ farewell to Elizabeth City with a display of fireworks.  We watched from the front porch as the night sky sparkled with all sorts of colors.  In  the little village dogs were barking and children could be heard squealing in delight , while the sky snapped into  colorful ribbons  of light.

Dearest Diary,  I am so glad for the family I came from.  I am glad for robins and small town fairs.  I am thankful for sweet elder flowers and for the Cedar, that keeps secrets.  I will collect such things in my heart, til at last I have a storehouse of what I love . . .and little room for else.

29 thoughts on “Cousin Dotsie’s Reunion and Other Nice Stories

  1. Dear Ma’am, Each time I read your posts, I want to say so much but words cannot describe how happy I and contended and positive I feel after a good read of your writing. I am glad that you enjoyed your visit with Dotsie and Lyla and the old fashioned fair and the fireworks. May such things never change. May your storehouse grow fuller each day. Susie

    On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 7:18 PM, rabbitpatchdiarycom wrote:

    > posted: ” Saturday Cousin Dotsie ‘s family reunion > took place yesterday at a little house in Windsor, a small town about > twenty minutes north of the rabbit patch. Reunions seem to be the sole > purpose of the old house, as Cousin Dotsie has another residence in Wi” >

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  2. I never heard that cedar trees keep secrets. Evidently it is true, since I don’t know the secret of the cedar. I loved reading about your weekend. Lyla is little and precious, and it’s fun to read of your love for her between the lines. We’re getting a big precious grandson this weekend, coming to spend the summer with us. Right now he is on tour with his college choir.

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  3. You’re right, being born into a loving family is the best gift of all. And what better way to celebrate than to get everyone together for a reunion? I’ve always wished my extended family did that!

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  4. Only the coolest people use the word “fortnight” !! And as for the cedar branches that know how to keep secrets…. lovely image… Truly lovely !Michele

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