In a Twinkling

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There has been a lot of “rain and shine” on the rabbit patch  as of lately.   It is not the time to plan a picnic or hang clothes on the line.  

I love rain.  Some folks declare  the event of rain, a gloomy affair causing a sense of melancholy.  I find it calming-of course there is the leaking roof.  The hallway is still a horrid mess.  The leak was an insignificant repair, but the entire ceiling was effected.  The old farmhouse was built almost a century ago with materials that are hard to match and so replacement is never an easy task.  Thank goodness, Kyle has progressed enough, that at least,  it does not “rain in the house.”

There ought to be more than a few four-leaf clovers, on the rabbit patch territory, just now, as the whole land here,  is covered in mounds of the sweet smelling flowers.  The daily showers have put us in quite a predicament.  It is just too wet to mow.  It wouldn’t be of any consequence, except the yard is close to four acres.  Hence, I smell the clover blossoms in the night air and think  I should enjoy the time when the world is full of clover.  Besides, I have seen the first young bunnies.  They are finding the world, beyond their burrows and how nice that they are greeted with every rabbits’ fancy-  endless tufts of clover.

The holiday week end affords me the delightful pleasure of having all of my children home for a visit.  Not since Christmas, has this transpired -and to say I am thrilled,  would be  quite an understatement.  Gathering five grown children is no small task.  We will also celebrate Tres’ birthday, which is actually tomorrow.  I do not know when he grew up-but like the rest of my children, he did.  I think mothers, may be the last to know such things.  

Tres went from one of the fairest children, the world has ever seen, to a very handsome young man, over six foot tall.  I did notice my son was tall.  Not even, when he started shaving, did I have a clue, that Tres had grown up.  When he moved out of the home, in my mind he was “just staying” somewhere else.  Tres grew up right before my eyes, and it seemed when I realised it,  I was shocked.   It seemed like an entire decade had passed swiftly . . . and in a sly manner.  It seemed to me, that he was collecting rocks and plowing fields with little tractors, a short while ago.  It had been just a few years back, that he had seen the only kangaroo in eastern North Carolina, on the way to the mailbox.  

When Tres is home this week end, I will ask his advice about down sizing.  He will survey the old house and make a check list of priorities of repairs, after all, Tres did grow up, even if it was in “a twinkling”.  

Dear Diary,  I am glad for seasons of “rain and shine.”  I am glad when the world is full of clover.  I am so glad for a holiday when the family can gather . . .but most of all, I am glad for  a little boy that grew up and became a noble man  . . . and calls me “Mom”.


30 thoughts on “In a Twinkling

  1. Ma’am,
    Happy birthday to Tres and to his mother for having brought a tall noble man into the world. I love seasons of rain and shine too. I am glad the bunnies are out of their burrows and they have their clover flowers to smell when they exit their burrows. I am glad that all your children will be around your table this weekend and I am glad you have family hours with them, ever so often. Long may the happy hours last.

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  2. I really, really love this post! They do grow up so fast!! When we first took Justin to Austin to attend the University of Texas, I could not possibly fathom that he was grown up enough to go away to college. I had taken him to Kindergarten a short time before…or so it seemed! By the time we took our daughter to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech, I thought that I realized that she was old enough for college, but I again was shocked! At the time, a friend told me…”Don’t be sad, be proud! You two raised them right…they are doing what they are supposed to do!”

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  3. It was such a heartache when I realized my son was gone on his own. Though now I have 3 grandsons, that are starting me over again – and I’m seeing how fast they grow. Loved your post. I’m partial to clover. My favorite grandpa used to save 4 leaf clovers, and I am lucky to have some he preserved. Bunnies are bringing a gift of abundance in high clover – sounds like a very good omen to me. :)) in lak’ech, Debra

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  4. Dearest Rabbit,
    Thank you for another beautiful read.
    I love visiting, and I feel everything in my body slowly wind down and begin to work on a much slower pace, which is perfect.

    You are one incredible gem stone in a beautiful crown that is blogland, Rabbit. And long may you be so.
    Bless you. ~ Cobs. x

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  5. A lovely post. These children grow up entirely too soon – but they grow into wonderful, noble, adults. I stood in my yard this morning, photographing a glorious sunrise. I was not alone – the rabbits and birds were watching the sunrise with me. Lol We have 4 or 5 pair of nesting rabbits that live in our yard. Isn’t life glorious when you are outside watching all the things God created!

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      1. Likewise – you are such a lovely, caring person, who gives off a peace and calmness in your writings. Love your posts.


  6. My once garden space is knee high in clover and has already been mowed twice. the real yard is a foot deep in weeds. But when the rain stops it may not come back often enough.
    All grown up is for sure a surprise for us moms. It just happens way too fast. Even my grandson seems to be shooting up over night and he is now 7 yrs. going on 30.
    Enjoy your holiday with family…

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  7. I saw TWO bunnies hopping around our backyard yesterday – a real treat! Hope that your family birthday Memorial Day weekend will be blessed with extra doses of love, joy & FUN (with some sunshine peeking through??) 💜☀️💜 Virginia

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  8. Oh there you go again…I was doing fine until I reached the end and bam, my eyes welled with tears. Such a lovely story, I could smell the clover and see the bunnies hopping about. Yes rain has made my backyard all green and lush too. It’s beautiful! So your little boy is now a fine young man, that is of no surprise to me after reading your stories I would expect nothing less after having a Mom such as you. Wishing you a memorable Memorial Day with your family. 🙂

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      1. Lol, you’re funny! Yes if not their mother, than who? I’m sure your visit this long holiday weekend was memorable. So wonderful when spending time with family. Wishing you a fragrant week ahead ☺ xo

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