When My Children Come Home

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Today, the children will start arriving at the rabbit patch.  It feels like Christmas Eve, but it looks like May.  The sun is not yet over the barn, but already Christian and I have loaded a pick up truck with things like old lamps and broken chairs.  He is on the way now, to dispose of them at a landfill, twenty minutes from here.  I got at least two acres mowed after work, yesterday-so there is that to finish, and linens to wash.  

The refrigerator is bumping full of things for the picnic on Monday-so is the top of the freezer.  There are many tasks at hand, besides the mowing, but today, I feel propelled to accomplish them . . .because the children will be gathered around the same table, once again.

There are five of them.  I have four sons, one daughter and one grandchild, Lyla.  All of my adult life, I have been raising children.  Brant, my oldest is thirty-five and Christian my youngest, is twenty-four (as of recently).  It has taken me a long time to get used to the fact, that they all “grew and flew”.  I mourned pitifully for a good while.  The farmhouse got bigger, all of a sudden- and the clothes were always folded.  I did not know how to cook or even shop at the grocery store, anymore, as there was less than an army to feed..  Friends said that a grandchild, would make a difference . . .and as it turns out, they were right.  Lyla is just two  . . .and she has made a  wonderful difference.

I find it notable, that all of the work that is necessary, today, does not cause me to grumble.  Instead, I find myself humming as I go about the chores.  I know it is due to the arrival of my family-but I think I ought to adopt this practice under lesser circumstances, as well.  Humming is certainly better for the spirit than grumbling.  This inspires me to remember that I can perform the same chores , on any given day, in the state of mind, that I choose. Today is surely easier than most, to consider that.

 I have always believed that the heart and the mind are so closely entwined- and that is why, we must often search, to distinguish their separate contributions in situations.  “As a man thinks in his heart…”  comes to mind and proves to be true.  It is beneficial to have a happy heart .  I always teach young children this concept.  I say that when you are troubled about something, to try quickly to remember something you are glad about.  A few years back, I had an awful knee injury.  It was painful and took a long while to heal.  As I was walking between buildings at school, the pain became about unbearable. I stopped, wondering how to proceed, when two little children seeing my despair, came running.  I did not want to alarm them.  Children have such compassionate hearts.  I fought tears just to remain standing there.   I just could not take a step.  I explained to them, that I was waiting for the hurt to go away, when one of them piped up and said-“Quick! think of something you are glad about!”  This was no small task at that particular moment.  But, I said- “I am glad it is not raining.”- and I was.

Today does not require such lofty effort.  I will hang the sheets on the line and be glad of sunshine.  I will scrub floors and give the animals a bath.  I will mow where roses abide . . and beside the fields of sage and I will probably sing an out-of -season rendition of “Joy to the World”, as I do so.

Dear Diary,  The children are coming home.!

46 thoughts on “When My Children Come Home

  1. You are very busy this morning!! What a wonderful weekend awaits you! Sometimes…I need to stop and remember all the many things that I have to be happy about! You are right…to find that glad and giddy feeling in our hearts should always be something that we seek! Have lots of fun and laugh as much as possible!!

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  2. I’m happy and glad to be following you. Your prelude to joy was beautiful. I cleaned with a happier spirit this week because #1 grandson came home this morning. We have the whole summer ahead of us. I’m looking forward to hearing about your weekend and pray that it will be blissful from beginning to end.

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  3. Michele, I can picture you now busily and happily preparing for your kids or possibly sitting down for a glass of tea to rest after all your preparations. Have a wonderful Monday afternoon with your children. It is not often we can get our children all in one place to enjoy and admire. Don’t you enjoy just looking at your children and granchild sometimes? I know I do! Aren’t we both so blessed with our families? Give them all a hug from my, my dear Sister-Cousin.<3


    1. I know you understand all too well-the plight of gathering everybody. And yes, i love just seeing them-you have to read the account in the newest post? We are sisters in heart! I am claiming a visit this summer! xx always


  4. I love your heart. You see the best in little children and seem to notice things others miss. How wonderful that you taught them to seek out happy things and it stuck with them so much that they told you to do the same. That makes my heart beam. I love the idea of humming during ordinary chores, too. Sometimes when I am doing chores, I think of what a gift it is to have chores TO do. When I was in the throes of infertility for example, I would’ve given anything to pick up toys laying all over the house. I am so happy to hear that your children came home. I guess I never really put it together that you had 5 boys plus your daughter. I thought you had 2 boys and her. How amazing that there are more!

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    1. I never thought I had a lot of children-til we went out to eat!! Ha! I truly want children to have the best tools in life, Love covers a lot of burdens! And you are right that chores are a blessing. Love to you and your precious little son! love Michele


  5. How lucky you are to have all 5 children come home at the same time> How did that happen and does it happen often enough? Perhaps they don’t live as far away as my children do?

    Enjoy, Monica

    Monica S. Ferrari 252-975-1698

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    1. two to three times a year we are ALL together. I see all of them really more often. The oldest boys are in Wilmington, Jenny in Elizabeth City and the two youngest at home. Thank you- I hope you gather all of yours for a happy occasion soon!


  6. Ohhh dearest, most sweetest Rabbit,
    my heart is singing with you. Who cares that Joy to the World is labelled Christmas … let’s sing it any day we fancy doing so, for voices singing happily and raised to the Heavens can only make Him smile.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. x

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  7. Oh Wow..must have been a nice reunion! I can almost picture the noise and hustle and bustle when they are come, the sound of the bell of the ones who first to arrive could even bring a skip on your heart.
    Lucky Lyla, having the luxury to be taken care of by a generous hand. I wish my daughter also have the chance to spent more time with her grandparents but living far away from both grandparents is something that we are adjusting.
    Sending much love to you Michele!

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  8. Your happiness as you prepare for your children to come home is palpable — and contagious! My day brightened as I read your words. It had to. Your singing heart wouldn’t let it do otherwise.


  9. It’s so wonderful when we get a chance to see our children… and grandchildren (and can’t forget my 8 year old great-grandchild) It’s just the spending of time with them… being able to see where their thoughts and hearts… and of course their work and their goals are.

    We spend so many years ‘raising them” and now we get time to just ‘be’ with them… Diane ….

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  10. I absolutely agree that the heart and the mind are intertwined. A positive attitude helps us feel better physically, too. Enjoy having all five of your children home at once! And the granddaughter, too.

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  11. I am catching up on my reading and I hope your day was awesome! I suspect it was as family was involved. I am behind on my reading as I had a quick visit to see the kids and grandkids this past week. My grandson graduated pre-school and it was so much fun to enjoy that with him.

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  12. Dear Rabbit Patch,
    How wonderful! I loved reading this, because I’m in the thick of mothering little ones and it makes me all the more appreciative of the life I’m living. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy every moment. Happy Memorial Day. Love from Hearth Ridge, Amy ❤

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  13. Heart and mind are connected.
    One must be vigilant, even guarded, when it comes to the mind. It can race away on its own and throw thoughts out spuriously. It can be a trickster.
    One must be cautious to avoid thinking with such an unpredictable and unreliable machine.
    We must think with our hearts, as their intention is always clear, and they never lie.

    Seek peace,


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    1. so beautifully said-often when things are overwhelming-I just say stop thinking about it altogether-as I have rarely predicted anything with my “machine”-yet the heart “knows” much. and you are right-hearts do not lie. thank you so much

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