The Sweet Affairs on Sunday


Early Sunday morning

As soon as the sun came up, I went out to pick peaches.  How sweet it felt, to be outside in pleasant conditions.  There was a soft, almost cool breeze and the fresh cut lawn was in its’ glory.  The rabbit patch is lovely, after all I thought.  

I got most of the mowing done yesterday.  It was so hot, I was forced to take more breaks than usual, and so it was a slow task.  At the back of the property, a young tree is down.  At least one sin I do not have to worry about is “idle hands”.  Other than the felled tree, most of the work is done, that I had set out to do, before Tuesday, when the appraiser comes. Today, there is just a bit of outside chores.  I have about thirty minutes left of mowing, as I ran out of gas yesterday.  (I was almost glad.)  I need to finish pressure washing the north side of the house.  There is a small load of trash from the barns and one last barn to organise.  Tomorrow is housework.  After Tuesday, no matter how sinfully long, the list  of what more I need to do is, from the appraiser . . .I plan to rest. .. and I hope it rains.

In spite, of the circumstances, I am having Sunday Dinner” today.  It has been a good while, since I cooked at the rabbit patch on Sunday.  That is why, I was picking peaches, at the crack of dawn.  Of course, while things were cooking, I started painting the front porch windows.  There are only three, thankfully.

After Sunday Dinner

Mama and Daddy came around noon.  Christian had just come in from work and so with Kyle and I, too,  the table was full.  The peach cobbler was a big hit, especially-with vanilla ice cream piled on top.  It was a sweet affair altogether.

It was very difficult to think about going out in the heat again, when the dinner was over.  Yesterday was still fresh in my mind.  I  soon regretted that I had added the window painting to an already full agenda.  When I did muster the courage to go out, I found the heat was much more bearable than yesterday.  There was a slight, but constant breeze.  When I was mowing, I had a nice surprise.  I found a sweet Lantana growing along a fence.  The flowers are little clusters of lavender, pink and cream and have a citrus scent.  The woods are full of flowers just now.  Beauty berry bushes are along the edge.  There are irises just now blooming, too.  The butterfly bush, that planted itself there is massive enough to give shade.  

I came in the house just after seven.  The only task, not completed was organising the biggest and oldest barn.  I did get it swept, but the hateful bees made their presence known and I took it seriously.  The appraiser will have to take my word, that the old barn is great for family reunions. . . when the bees move on.

Tomorrow is  the housekeeping day.  Things are mostly put away but every floor needs scrubbing.  I declare that spiders are the busiest creatures I know of, for there are cobwebs again in the high ceiling corners.  I am also convinced that  a fair share of the rabbit patch  soil is on the baseboards.  Still, it pleases me to think of tomorrow. 

The air changed quickly tonight.  I couldn’t find a single star, when I went out.  I smelled rain.  A cool wind showed up and then I heard thunder. Oh, but the coolness felt good after the heat of the last few days.   I stood  there in the wind til all my weariness left me.  I heard the whispering pines singing.  Then the rain came , so gently.  I said “good night” and felt like I was leaving another lovely affair.

 I went back in the house  to find a butterfly in the kitchen.  I have had birds come in several times.  Once a rooster came in, and once a little goat.  Brant brought a shetland pony in, when he was around four- but I have never had a butterfly visit.  It tickled me.   I decided, it had to mean something good.

Dear Diary, I am glad  when loved ones gather for a Sunday Dinner.  I am glad to find flowers beside a picket fence. . .and along the woodlands’ edge.  I am glad for a cool wind and  a light rain, in the evening . . .and the song of the pines that falls like a lullaby.  I am also glad for the little butterfly that came to visit.

37 thoughts on “The Sweet Affairs on Sunday

  1. I’ve never had a butterfly come in, either. As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Moths, yes. Every year I have at least a few moths that come in — drawn by the light, no doubt, or perhaps only victims of their own overly-enthusiastic fluttering. But a butterfly! That surely is a good omen.

    Our lantana is blooming, too, and perhaps the beauty berry. It’s been so hot that everything seems to have taken a bit of a pause: spring flowers fading, summer flowers hesitating. I’m glad you hesitated when you came up against the bees! I had my first experience of being stung by a bumble bee this year, and I don’t recommend it for anyone.

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      1. I didn’t know what bumbles nest in the ground (I disturbed a nest, apparently) or that they can sting multiple times. Now I know one can sting at least six times. Effective little dickens!

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      2. oh my!! They are nesting in my barn-up high-but I can not find the nest and frankly can’t even get close-One got me through two layers of clothing! Stings can make you almost sick-six is a lot. Ground bees got me a few years ago and put me in the bed!! Do not near where they are!!

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  2. I love that the butterfly came to visit you. How wonderful! As for the bees…B1 vitamin will help keep them away. We always took one about an hour before working our hives. Something about the smell you leave they don’t like. Isn’t it fun to find” wild “flowers just popup where ever? Hang in there….you are almost at the finish line.

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    1. well thank you for the B1 info!! I never knew and my dad has honeybees-of course they are not hateful like he bumbles! Thank you for cheering me on though I love housekeeping and it is nice today! I put a peach out for the butterfly! love Michele

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  3. I had a butterfly visit, up close and personal! I was sitting on the front porch with grandson Nathaniel yesterday, watching lightning in the distance. I was wearing a flowered top, and that butterfly thought I was a flowering bush. He found he needed three-dimensional flowers to be happy.

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  4. It sounds like a wonderful end (a butterfly in your home) to a good day! I envy you for your peaches! I wish they grew here but we mainly have apples and plums for fruit trees in this area.
    I bet that cobbler tasted great!

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  5. Hey Michelle! Sounds like you have been working so hard at your place. Was the little goat that came in the one I brought in to try to give our Grandmama some joy? I love it when you said that seeing the butterfly tickled you because that reminded me of her. She used to say that a lot and then she would laugh and turn so pink. I love you, Michelle, and your blog. Hope things go well today!

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    1. If I remind you of grandmama, then I am thrilled-any little thing!! Thank you-well goats have been in the house more than once, but once the back door was open and one ran in the kitchen. Mama and daddy were here and it was funny. I think I will be in Elz city next week? could we visit? I will let you know for sure. Now say a prayer about today. I was up til 2 am!! I love you!! m dear cousin


  6. A butterfly is indeed a blessing. I’m so glad that you found one in the house. Perfect.
    Everything is going to be OK Rabbit. The Butterfly came to tell you that.

    LOVED this post. Again, within moments of reading, I was there. I saw what you saw, and loved every moment of it.
    Thank you for sharing your life with me (us) Rabbit. Although I learn a lot from you, I enjoy my time here so much that it might just be against the law. lol
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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    1. thank you Ann. It was a tough and hot job, but how thankful I am that part is over. I put a peach out for the butterfly. It was the safest way to catch him as I was always told it was harmful to them to be touched. It worked! love Michele

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  7. I love Lantana and I can see the little flowers growing so beautifully! You have been working so much! I need some of your energy in order to finish getting our house ready to put on the market! So much to do! I will be thinking about you tomorrow and hope everything goes wonderfully with the appraiser. The visit from the butterfly was a special gift to you…to bring you joy!

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    1. oh my-so you are moving too! My advice-start now preparing. If you won;t take it with you, fet rid of it! I can not believe what has gone out of the house. Best wishes and be glad you don’t have nine barns!! love Michele


  8. You work so hard, Michele. And you do so day after day while still finding moments of beauty and satisfaction in the world around you. You seem to have an indomitable spirit and, at the same time, an observant ant grateful soul. I think you are a fine woman.

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  9. You always bring tears to my eyes with your soulful and appreciative stories. You always see and appreciate the little treasures God sprinkles around for us. Thanks for sharing your day, love Deb ☺

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