A Long Night and a Happy Day


I was up especially early, today-but I still missed “the morning service”.  I did not say my prayers, til two am, just a few hours, before I roused.  The sweet little housekeeping work on Monday, turned out to be grueling.  One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, we were moving furniture and painting more trim.  I also packed up a huge collection of Nutcrackers, that belong to Tres and a herd of piggy banks, that belongs to Kyle.  Christian decided to wash every article of  his clothing, before he put it back in his closet-that through a kink in the plan.  I wanted to wash all the curtains and linens, so the laundry piled up, while young spiders made more cobwebs.   By four o’clock,  Christian and I were cranky and answered each other curtly.  Cash stayed out of the way.  I had banished the cats to the barn, as they do not follow directions and are very likely to dip their paws in wet paint.  If you scold them they run around the room, three times, tracking prints.  By the time Kyle came in from work, Christian and I were barely on good terms.  Kyle knew Christian and  I were never cross with one another, and being perplexed, he asked “What happened?”.  Christian and I both said “Nothing!!”  in rude tones.  This broke the tension, like a charm.  I told Kyle, “the realtor comes tomorrow-remember?”.

I ended up making a run to Williamston, to get a new shower curtain, new sheets for a bedroom and new pillows.  My mother would never have gone to a store, in the condition I was in.  I do not think I had combed my hair all day  and I was in “housekeeping” attire, as well.  Thankfully, I found what I needed quickly, and did not see anyone that knew me.

The night was as long as the day.  I went to bed, thinking about a bag of trash, I had left on the porch and curtains that needed to be hung.

The meeting with the realtor lasted a few hours.  We walked the territory, down the wooded path, into the “Quiet Garden”  and around the fruit trees and flowers.  We peered in a lot of the barns, too. When the house had been thoroughly inspected, we settled at the kitchen table to talk business.  The realtor was nice and down to earth.  I liked her right off.  I was pleased with the results and think I may can “get out alive”, after all.  Time will tell.

When the realtor left,  I put on a nightgown and ate a bowl of ice cream.  I called Rae, and we decided we wanted to visit.  Rae and I have been friends for more than two decades, so I did not have to change clothes.  We had a sweet talk around the kitchen table.  Rae had ice cream and of course, peach cobbler.  I am certain, that was her supper.  We took a walk, as it was so pleasant outside today.  We admired the flowers and butterflies.  We picked a few peaches, too.  Oh how lovely it was!

Rae left to attend her weekly ballroom dance class.  I sat quietly reflecting on the past few weeks.  I have “gotten rich” off of this rabbit patch, I thought.  My bank account does not bear witness to this,  . . even the sale of the rabbit patch, will not remedy that. . . but how wealthy I have become.

  I have learned a good amount here.  I know that hard work makes you sleep better and relieves frustration.  Authentic joy does not fade, nor break, nor get lost.  It can not be bought nor sold, and it may show up in a pine tree.  Simplicity is beautiful.  It does not confine us, as we may first believe, but instead is liberating.  Planting heals.  The soil takes our sorrows,  and like a good mother, helps us grow.  There are  millions of stars, and they are not reserved for kings.  As it is written, “the rain does fall on everybody, whether or not we are just”.  The robin sings and the rose gives bloom -and we all have the same chance to notice.

The rabbit patch is not selfish, and does not limit its’ generosity to the territory.  I will carry my precious jewels wherever I abide.  I may be here for a many more seasons, or not-but I am certain of something. . . I  got rich off of a rabbit patch and the storehouse is in my heart, “where moth and rust cannot corrupt”.

Dear Diary,  I am glad that I have lived on a rabbit patch.

48 thoughts on “A Long Night and a Happy Day

      1. My heart is breaking a bit but I’m aware that I don’t know the whole journey. I hope whoever is next appreciates it the way you do. Maybe the realtor can have potential buyers read your blog. It’s sure to drive up the price! ❤️️

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      2. Don’t be heartbroken-I am just finding a smaller rabbit patch and I sooo need it. I have worked myself to crazytown the last few weeks and I am not finished. All is well and i have a beautiful peace. thank you sweet hearted friend-love Michele


    1. thank you Susieshy-I will be writing the diary wherever i go. This place is magical, but I suspect that the next place will have a fair share of magic too. Remember that, I am so glad we met and look forward to a lot more visits!-love Michele

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  1. Hey, Michele. I got your kind response. Thank you. Just got finished reading this one to dad and with gratitude he offered these words “selling your beloved home is a very important decision, and we hope it will render blessings to those involved and best wishes to Michele and her family” ( exact words of a 90 year old sweetie)

    This was a wonderful one too. I can surely relate to the first paragraph on some days and I especially loved the last 2 paragraphs; that last sentence…. WOW!

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    1. God bless your kind dad-I so appreciate his kind wishes for every one! I am praying for just the right people to find this place. It is so precious to think of you sharing this with your dad-please know it has made quite an impact on me. love Michele


  2. You are a wise and rich woman Michele. You have discovered what it takes some their entire life to learn….that true riches don’t sit in a bank with a number attached. Simple things, family, peaches on a tree….that is true wealth.
    Blessings to you as you make this journey.

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  3. What a last-day cleanup you had! I was thinking of you all day yesterday and wondering what was going on. Thanks for writing about it. I’m so happy you liked the realtor. That is a major blessing. I’ll continue to pray for you, that this selling process will bring you joy, because you are living in God’s love. He has great plans for you.

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  4. Hi Michele, I was trying to leave you a comment but I think it was too lengthy, so i hope I am not repeating myself. I loved your post! I can relate with paw prints all over fresh paint and the anxiety of trying to stage and sell a home. I admire your wisdom and appreciation for the beauty that nature offers us freely for those who have a keen eye to see…Especially, the things that cannot be sold or bought with money and are the treasures we keep in our hearts.
    You have a beautiful property, and the people that buy your home will fall in love with it for the same reasons you did. You left your love in every nook and cranny like magic dust!
    My prayers are with you that you have a smooth sale and wherever you are guided to move, you will make it a “home sweet home” and the fairies will be happy to help you create a new & beautiful garden 😉 Big hug, Amira


  5. “I have learned a good amount here. I know that hard work makes you sleep better and relieves frustration. Authentic joy does not fade, nor break, nor get lost. It can not be bought nor sold, and it may show up in a pine tree. Simplicity is beautiful. It does not confine us, as we may first believe, but instead is liberating. Planting heals. The soil takes our sorrows, and like a good mother, helps us grow. There are millions of stars, and they are not reserved for kings. As it is written, “the rain does fall on everybody, whether or not we are just”. The robin sings and the rose gives bloom -and we all have the same chance to notice.”

    Pure gold. after my frustrations of my day today I needed that paragraph. Thank you so much Michele. I wish you were my neighbor. I have a tiny garden compared to yours and I struggle with it. You and my mum could become great friends as it seems you both have a green thumb, while Rae and self can settle with ice cream for dinner.

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  6. I love you my friend and cousin. You are rich indeed and make us all rich as we read your beautiful thoughts. Had to smile about the banished kitties. ❤ When do you go back to work? I almost hate to say those words as summer has been such a sweet break…. 🙂

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    1. Hey darling-I am so behind on the blog! You have always been rich too! I think I go back on the 16th-ugh! I am in Elz city now-call when you can! I love you! snd thank you so much for keeping up with the rabbit patch! Pray about things for me.


  7. Dearest, much loved Rabbit (Michele ❤ )
    Again, your words took me from my chair, in through the window which is my computer screen, and into your world.

    I was with you in your stressed moments of being 'snippy' with Christian, and know only too well how those moments can arise when a teeny niggle can get into your mood and turn a fabulous woman into a scowling lioness with a thorn in her paw.

    You are so very right Michele. You may not be rich in a monetary sense, but the riches you have gained by living in the Rabbit Patch are something that money could never buy. Your riches are within your soul, your heart, your mind, and your memories. Your memories are something that couldn't have been bought at a store or ordered on-line. But they're worth ten million pots of paint; a gazillion barns of not quite tidy enough; and millions of leaky rooves.

    Your memories of the most incredible glowing gold, which you have shared with us on-line, have not only enriched your life, but ours as well, and for that alone I truly thank you.

    These wonderful memories aren't going to be sold with the house. So whatever you sell the property for is not going to touch the real, true beauty. For that beauty, that essence, is something that money cannot buy, for you are taking it with you. God knew what he was doing when he created 'the memory' bit of us. Isn’t He amazing? Crumbs… I love Him so much!

    Aw but Rabbit .. you tickled me pink when I read this:
    You were wearing your ‘“housekeeping” attire’ …. what you call your ‘housekeeping attire’, I call my ‘play clothes’.
    It’s a left-over from my girls childhood years. When they came home from school it was straight into ‘play clothes’ – as uniforms were too costly to replace!. Or when we came home from a visit out somewhere (anywhere), it was out of good clothes and into play clothes. And I still call my sitting or working (or crafting) clothes, my play clothes.

    I love you to pieces for lots of reasons, and those reasons just keep growing and growing.
    Thank you dear Rabbit, for enriching my life.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. I loved this post, especially the last paragraph! You are indeed rich from you time at the rabbit patch, and no one can ever take that wealth away from you. (And I’m glad that the meeting with the realtor went well so some of the tension you were feeling is gone!)

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  9. So glad you finally propped your feet up and had some ICE CREAM! God is so good (all the time) even when we’re stressed we’re learning – as you so aptly shared. Blessings & hugs, hugs, hugs! Virginia 🙂

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  10. I, too, am glad you have lived on a Rabbit Patch and have chosen to share it with us. It, through you, has enriched our lives as well. I was thrilled by your listing of the things you’ve learned, and this learning seemed particularly meaningful to me; “Simplicity is beautiful. It does not confine us, as we may first believe, but instead is liberating.” Bless you and bless the Rabbit Patch.

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  11. You are so right about the riches you have stockpiled. What beautiful stories you have shared with us, I thank you for that. I’m so happy that you were pleased at the outcome with the realtor. I don’t think I ever read in your stories why you are moving, it seems such a magical place to live. Certainly it’s not necessary to share the reason if you are not so inclined. I was just wondering. Wishing you every success with the sale. Much love, Deb xo

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      1. Oh but you are right, being with family definitely takes precedence over upkeep. I know you’ll find the beauty and magic wherever you live. Thank you Michele! Much love, Deb ☺

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