The “Peace that passes understanding”


I am beginning to “sound like a broken record” . . . but, it is raining at the rabbit patch.  It is funny to me to say that, as that phrase may not be understood by younger readers, now.  I did not even go out last night to bid the day farewell.  It was raining .  Lightening flashed and thunder boomed, so I stayed in and made a cake, though it was an odd hour to do so.  Such things are permissible , in the last days of summer break.

I took a few more boxes to donate yesterday.  It baffles me to think of the amount of things that have left the rabbit patch!  In the future, I must avoid thrift stores, unless of course, I have a real need, of sorts.  I will  also avoid stores that sell pretty china and to the best of my ability, book stores.  It has been a difficult, but very liberating experience, altogether.   Peggy, a friend of mine plans to do the same thing and says she will only keep what “makes her heart sing”.  That is the spirit, I think.

While the old farmhouse is tidy, the territory is quite shabby.  The twin broken washers are still in the yard while the grass and weeds grow without shame in the soggy earth.  The roses have also gotten a “second wind”.  They are blooming along with black-eyed susans, rose of sharon and lantanas.  Ageratum is presenting itself with great fervor,  claiming every spare inch of soil .  I love ageratum with its’ periwinkle blossoms.  They are like the violets in early spring, that surprise me on the way to the clothes line.  Violets and ageratum are likely to be anywhere.  The ginger lilies , that I highly favor, are as full of buds as they have been in years.  The flowers are white and far from spectacular, but the fragrance of a ginger lily is unforgettable.

When the ginger lilies bloom , the neighbors will know, for the scent, while delicate, spreads like a wildfire, in the air.  I still remember the first time I encountered the ginger lily.  I was standing on the porch, on  a late August evening.  I could not rest until I discovered the source of this fragrance .  It seemed an impossible mission as the scent seemed to surround me.  Finally, days later, my neighbor, “Miss Jenny”  told me, it had to be her ginger lilies that I was taking such delight in.  She was an avid gardener and her yard was living proof of it. It took me a while to find the precious -and expensive lily, but I did and at last,  I have a nice stand of them in the little garden just outside of the back door. They are in good company with a  few roses, loosestrife, day lilies and a fancy variety of hydrangea that has turned a few different shades of pink, this year.

The morning glory vines are climbing every thing they can.  If they can not find a suitable post or unsuspecting bush, then the vine will sprawl like a ground cover.  In September, their “true blue” blossoms herald the approaching days  of autumn, in a cheerful fashion.

Fog blankets the countryside til late morning and sudden showers are likely to pop up at any given moment.  It is impossible to predict the right time to mow the rabbit patch, especially since it requires a fair amount of a day to complete. It is  often after noon, before the heavy dew has dried on the grass.  Wet grass clogs the mower and lies in awful clumps, long after the mowing.

 It seems shocking to me, as it does most years, that it is time to start back to school.  Hours and days pass without consistency.  If one is busy or having a grand time, then time is fleeting.  Gloom, worry  and idleness seem to extend hours.  The way of how time passes, seems to depend on circumstances. 

This past summer, for me  the hours were greatly varied.  I had to come to terms with where I am in my journey.  I am almost sixty, my children are all grown up and I live in a big old house , on the remnants of a farm.  I have a grandchild, that I adore.  I have learned a new way to love, because of her. I would rather be spending time with Lyla, and my future grandchildren than mowing all day.  I would rather see my sons more often and cook for my parents than stack wood.  In light of all of this, I have decided to “sell the farm”, long before I am desperate.   

There truly is “a Peace that passeth understanding”.  I know  this first hand, for I have felt this Peace.  Like a loving and loyal  friend , He has stood beside me and  has not allowed me to falter, whether I was packing books and china , cleaning a barn or whiling away time on the banks of the “laughing river”.     

So, seeds were sown this year, though their destiny remains a mystery.  Somewhere,  sometime, they will sprout.  By all means, I will continue The Rabbitpatch Diary,  for beauty and wonder does not limit itself to a single territory. . .nor a single season.


47 thoughts on “The “Peace that passes understanding”

  1. Michele, please, please, please don’t stop writing your beautiful posts that bless us with buoyant balm. Hopefully, there will be rabbits where you land next (we have them here @ home in Williamsburg) or you can write ‘cottage-patch’ diaries. Whatever! Just keep writing!!! 💜💐🙄💜💐💜

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    1. sweet friend, I am sure to end up on another rabbit patch, as I do not plan to go too far. And I can’t stop writing anyway, I need this diary as it gives me a much needed self reflection oh thank you so much for caring and taking the time to say so. I have tucked your words in my heart-lpve Michele

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  2. What a lovely end of summer, end of season reverie! Set to music, it would be a pastoral lay. I’m sure my heart rate slows as I listen to the rain and sniff the flowers with you. What a blessing you are!

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  3. “beauty and wonder does not limit itself to a single territory. . .nor a single season.”
    No, it really doesn’t Rabbit, for the wonder and beauty is within you. YOU are the beauty. YOU are the wonder.

    Of course there is the wonder and beauty of Nature .. God given to us, for us. But it is He who placed the beauty and wonder within us too, so that we would recognise it when we met it in nature, and in other people.

    You are such a truly beautiful person, and filled with the most incredible wonderment, those of us who recognise it are drawn to you.
    Sending love, ~ Cobs. x

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  4. I have a feeling the Rabbit Patch is more than physical location for you. I think it might be lodged deep inside your heart and soul Michele. I am so grateful for that because wherever you end up the rabbit patch will go along with you!
    Whenever I read your posts I feel as if I have touched a bit of the rabbit patch and I love how that makes me feel.

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  5. You are an amazing woman, and smart enough to know for everything ‘there is a season.’ I will miss your tales of farm life with all it’s beauty, continuity –and hard work. Being with your loved ones tops even this beauty for life is brief and children grow so quickly. For every tree, animal, flower and beauty on my your land, none can match the the hug of a loved one–the smile of a child.

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  6. Your posts have a calming effect on me. Like listening to beautiful music does. You have no idea what a compliment that is–music is what keeps me going through all the days of my life. Best wishes Michele for a safe and happy landing, where ever you touch down.

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  7. My dear friend Michele, your garden has cast a spell on me! I can almost smell the ginger lilies! Thank you for taking us all on this journey with you! Your friend is right to keep only what makes your heart sing – I’ve been making trips to the Salvation Army and donating many “things” we’ve collected over the years. My heart truly sings with the love of my friends and family. Wishing you all the best on your journey to the next Rabbit Patch! I’ll be tagging along!

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  8. Michele Ma’am
    I am praying for you. I am praying that your rabbit patch continues to grow with seedlings, friends, grandchildren, family and love wherever you choose to move to. People like you are so rare to come by in the world of today. People who take things slow and calm and shed a few tears here and there, love your home and hearth and your people, trees, plants, flowers, trees, cats , dogs, even the beams of your house and your barns and your crockery.
    When we visit a store, we buy things thinking we cannot do without them. Soon we realise that these things are not what matters in life but people and animals and living things. We also find that these things have a longer life span than many of the living things who have shared their lives with us. And we loathe to throw away things that remind us of those living things.
    I will follow your rabbit patch wherever you go and choose to share with the world.

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    1. what a beautiful comment-brings tears to me. You my dear, expressed the heart of the rabbit patch diary, so beautifully-and it thrills me to know you will always be a part of it. People like you are rare too-and what treasures! love Michele

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  9. I know it must be hard to move on from your beloved home, and I admire your decision to do that. You will be spending more time with your family then, and that’s what you really want. I think the “rabbit patch” has touched your soul and will always be with you, and I I also believe that you will love your next home, too. In a different way, perhaps, but just as much.

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    1. Ann-I think this property needed love. It became my beloved rabbit patch because the land and I got to know one another. Now the land shines and I know one day the right people will find it. Somewhere there is a little rabbit patch waiting-and I believe I will find it. You give me encouragement and I so appreciate it. thank you love Michele

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  10. It’s rainy here in my world as I read about your patch and, as I’d hoped, your words were full of the peace that I’ve missed lately. Letting go is such a release and a blessing. You really have been on a wonderful purge haven’t you. Your ginger lillies sound exquisite and I could almost smell them all the way here in Australia. Thank you for transporting me to your beautiful world.

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      1. Oh Michele, I agree, it does make the world seem cosy and reading your posts always seems to bring it even closer. I would be there every day if I could! Thank you for sharing your kind and gentle heart. Hugs from afar x

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  11. “Hours and days pass without consistency. If one is busy or having a grand time, then time is fleeting. Gloom, worry and idleness seem to extend hours. The way of how time passes, seems to depend on circumstances.”

    Ain’t that the truth. beautiful post as always

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    1. Thank you and I agree-when my children were young, I did all sorts of crazy things to stay home with them-and I am not sorry. Now it feels like I am doing the same thing again with Lyla. Just wanting as much time as I can get with her and everybody. thank you my dear friend. love Michele


  12. I wouldn’t mind getting a whiff of your ginger lily myself. What a wonderful way [especially I’d I had to scout it out on my own], to keep my olfactory sense on high alert. If the ginger lily smells as fragrant as my childhood remembrances of the lilac brush, I’m smell-it-ready. Once you have caught the scent, you can imagine catching it again and again in your mind. I know I have a knack for this!

    Gosh I hope whoever buys the Rabbit Patch treasures it as much as you have. I realize that you are moving on to a new chapter in your life, but something tells me you’ll be mentally taking all the sights, sounds, feel-goods, smells, and tastes along too.

    Lucky you!!!

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  13. Oh Michele, as usual tears are in my eyes. You have such a way with words, they just carry me along in your stories. I imagine the scents you speak of and the sights you describe. I can see the twin machines sitting outside, but most lovely are all the flowers. I don’t know my flowers and plants very well but it doesn’t matter you write of them so beautifully that I just see something pretty in my mind. Yes I too would rather spend my time with my family than the lawn, it has served you well but there is a season for every time. You are ready to move into another season of your life. It will be as wonderful as you want it to be…and I know you will make it wonderful. Love, Deb 🙂

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    1. What a gift your comment is for me-thank you. And thank you for the encouragement in my quest. It took me a few years to get to this place-the work involved was overwhelming to consider, so when you encourage me, it means so very much! thank you -love Michele xx

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  14. You see the world through appreciating eyes, that’s how I know all will be well for you. You’re most welcome. I look forward to what you find to love wherever you go. Love, Deb xo 💖

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