In Late Summer, When the Sky is Golden


For days, rain has fallen on the rabbit patch.  The sun managed to bring a golden glow to the early service, and that was lovely.  It was a quiet time as not even the mockingbird sang.  The air was as still as it has ever been. I thought “Silence is golden” this morning.

After coffee, I went straightaway to the storage unit, which is on the property.  This is where Christmas decorations and  boxes of trophies my four sons earned in decades of soccer, are stored.  There are a lot of other things, too.  This is the same barn that housed the second broken washing machine.  I sorted through boxes and found some useful items for donation.  There was a new toaster amongst other things.  I quickly had a collection suitable for donation. I can only work in short spurts there, as I am apt to find something I have attached   a memory to and stop to cry, a bit.  I have always been sentimental.  The hardest job ahead of me, is removing the rack of my paternal grandmothers’clothes.  They are in pristine condition and ought to be in someones’ closet.  I attempted this a few days ago without success.  I know for certain, that my grandmother would chide me for such foolish behavior-and it does seem sinful, to withhold such nice things, that another may need.  Yet, when I hold the dress she wore to Christians’ baptism or a sweater she always wore at Christmas, I lose all sensibility and weep.  There isn’t a bit of logic in this, except that I am very, very human with a very tender heart.  Kyle and Christian are no better candidates for this than I am and if they cry . . .well, I will “take to the bed”.

In the Afternoon

By noon, everything had been collected and loaded.  I had worked mechanically and made good progress.  When, all was said and done, I realized how easy it had been to give the pretty china away, after all.

Kyle rode with me to drop off the many boxes.  It is a short ride down country roads to the church, where I sometimes donate.  In late fall, the church hosts the biggest yard sale in eastern North Carolina.  The money raised is used to put on an outdoor drama that is quite impressive.  There is no admission fee and folks come from out of state to see it.  

The countryside told a late summer story, as I drove through it.  It was illustrated with warm colored grasses wearing crowns of seeds.  The leaves on the trees were a dark green, unlike the light jade leaves in June. The still air rendered the trees stoic statues , on this day.  Here and there bright yellow wildflowers bloomed and many of the wild southern vines sported plum colored leaves. These are the clocks I abide by.  . . and they say it is late summer ,  

 It is supposed to rain today and the next several, as well.  I start work on Thursday.  Thankfully, the tasks left to complete at the rabbit patch are manageable.  Of course, I plan to cook and to finish Alcotts’  “Calico Bush”.  If all goes well, there will be an old classic film to watch.   . .or several.  I am debating about whether or not to paint the living room.  Of course, it is a large room . . . with a high ceiling.  In addition to a mild case of impetigo, fire ant bites and scratches from some hateful thorns,  I will probably return to school with paint in my hair, too. 

Dear Diary,  I am glad for silence and golden light. I am glad that the earth reminds us to be still and  I am glad for a grandmother, that lived-and loved well.  



28 thoughts on “In Late Summer, When the Sky is Golden

  1. ‘The countryside told a late summer story, as I drove through it.’ What great line!! We are alike i this, not hoarders, just memory keepers. And when we grow older and memory fades, these are the treasure that will bring them back. Thanks for a great read!!

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    1. thank you Micki- Well, I still can not explain the thing about Grandmama’s’ clothes-it just seemed like I was somehow erasing a part of her life-Her clothes seemed like a proof she was here. Crazy, I know. I did keep a nightgown. Oh well-You were a dear to show compassion and say such a nice thing about the diary. thank you so much

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  2. I was in the mood to grieve with you over possessions that must be dealt with. We didn’t downsize when we retired, so that is still ahead of us. I want to remember how brave you have been and with what energy you attacked your projects. God bless you!

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    1. awwh-thank you Sweet Anne. It took me two years to even accept the downsizing. Now I am peaceful and almost excited. Now the work is hard in many ways, but a lot has happened. I will be your cheerleader if you ever have to do this-love Michele

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  3. Hi Michele Ma’am,
    Amen. I am glad with you for your prayers. i never knew Louisa Alcott wrote books other than the Little women, Jo’s boys series. I need to look for Calico Bush. Thank you for the new book recommendation. Are there other books that Alcott wrote ? Would appreciate the titles if so.
    There used to be a time when I used to hang on to memories but as the memories are too painful and reminders of a bygone era and people who are no longer around, I don’t like to keep physical reminders. Even in my mind, I seem to have blocked out those memories.

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    1. I get that as that was the way my husbands’ death affected me. I could never sleep in the same bed or see his clothes in the closet! odd-but it just hurt so much and I think now, it just felt so hateful like a torture almost. Ironically, I just read some cards he had given me and I was glad to have them. Acott wrote “Under the Lilacs” and “An old Fashion Girl” too. Please pray with me and thank you dear friend-love Michele

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  4. I’m so glad I read this. This was the very same experience of my morning. Writing about grandparents, parents and old memories had me weeping all morning. More in humble gratitude than sadness. It is quiet here too. I usually have small flocks of birds that visit all together – all sizes. I thought the starlings had taken over the Stellar’s jays, Northern Flickers, orioles… and the little chickadees and house finches, barely held their own. This has been the routine for a year. They have been gone for two weeks. Now only a handful of chickadees and occasional finches are showing up. It WAS a day of the Ancestors on Wisdom/CIB.The Golden ones. in lak’ech with love – Debra

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  5. Beautiful, Rabbit. Truly beautiful.
    The memories of your Grandmother opened the door to the memories of my own grandmother and as you told us about the clothes she wore, I recalled my grandmothers clothes.

    There was one particular thing which was THE item my grandma would never be without . . . and she might not appreciate these being mentioned on “this new fangled thing called the ‘web'” (I can actually hear her saying that) …. and that particular item of clothing was …. her Stays … or ‘girdle’.

    It wasn’t the sort of ‘girdle’ which I associated with my Mum when she was in her glamorous days … No… my Grandmas was the sort of ‘girdle’ which had lots of hooks to do it up, and bones all around the sides and part of the front.

    It was pink, pale pink. And she never went ANYWHERE without it being on her body. Even if she was just popping round to the Co-Op shop to buy a few ounces of tea, she had to dress properly to walk out of the door.

    And now, today … I’m the same. (only without the girdle). I have play clothes for wearing around the house, cleaning and tidying or crafting is never done in ‘going out clothes’.

    But I never made the connection between Grandma’s girdles and my play clothes/going out clothes . . . but today I have. Reading about your Grandmother and her clothes for certain occassions brought the memories flooding back, and made me realise that I’m not so different from my Grandma …. or yours.

    Obviously – we must have been born in the same stable. lol.

    Fabulous post Rabbit. Totally fabulous.
    love you ~ C bs. x

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    1. you always touch my heart and lift my spirits. I am glad my ordeal with the clothes is over. I did a keep a soft blue night gown and a smock she wore to work. I know, that she lived to 93 and knew and influenced my children, thankfully. so I was so blessed-but I will miss her til I see her again. Aren’t we so blessed to have been loved so beautifully. love and in gratitude for you-Michele

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  6. HUGE HUGS. I understand only too well why we hang on to things. Yes we are human after all. When you are ready to give away your Grandma’s clothes you’ll know it. Until then cry those tears yet remember the good too. So many seem struck with traumas right now … HUGE losses. Much Love, Michele. 💕🌸💕

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    1. I just miss my grandmother and I always will. She lived with me in her last years, and beside me all f my adult life. She was instrumental in raising my children. She died a few years back at 93-and I still wanted more time. I just miss her, plain and simple. thank you dear one

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  7. It is always hard to part with things that hold such sweet memories. I have been going through my cedar chest and giving my youngest son and his wife, his baby things….the blankets he had for baptism, his baptism outfit, the little pajama I made for him to come home from the hospital in. I am sincerely hoping they use some of those things for their new little one.
    It would have been much harder to give those things away to someone I did not know. I am sure I would have cried. I am so proud you were able to do what you needed to do.I am so glad you are at peace with it. Peaceful sorting to you Michele.

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    1. I am almost at complete peace-I am glad that is over-I know it was the right thing-I just feel like a little more of her left me-crazy human notion-I know better. Thank you for understanding. I know your son and wife must treasure those things, Oh but memories are so beautiful for us mothers, !! and I am almost finished with my tasks of sorting through everything in this house!!! what a huge job!!! today I did the junk drawer and that iwas the LAST thing in the house! of course, there are a few more barns- thank you my precious friend-love Michele

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      1. It is a good thing I am not there. I love finding new treasures and I really should be sorting through the ones I already have!
        Yes there are so many memories in the things we have.


  8. Michele – you are not alone getting a little teary & clingy around clothes. Last year I gave away all my precious Mama’s clothes, but kept one of her favorite periwinkle sweater sets to take out every now & then (it’s way too small for me to wear!) We also gave away all of my Papa’s things, but I still can’t part with a Snoopy “Cool Dad” shirt we bought him years ago to wear home from a hospital stay. It’s way too big, but I wear it anyway. But, we have taken multiple loads of household things to Goodwill, Habitat & Salvation Army so others may use what’s serviceable. Blessings & hugs!!! 💜🙄💜


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