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 It is the time when garden spiders spin  and fog hides the morning like a well kept secret.   I am slowly , but surely slipping back into a routine.  Going back to work, means I must adhere to a schedule or else I am quickly , but surely sinking.  Gone are the Tuesday mornings spent feeding wild geese and farewell to meandering by the “laughing river”  in the early afternoon.  Picnics and tea parties, likewise.  I sorely miss lingering over coffee with Jenny in the mornings.  . .but all is not lost.  I have found beauty abounds no matter the circumstances.

I get home at a very reasonable hour.  I drive through the countryside, past fields, now gilded in gold- and quiet pastures.  I come home to  a jolly “welcome wagon”.  Cash, my boxer acts like my return is the best part of his day.  Christopher Robin, my very sweet cat,  purrs in contentment.  After they greet me, both run to their food bowl and snack.  I spur into action.  I put on a load of a laundry every day, not long after I walk in the back door.  In this way, I never get behind on the washing.  Next, I start  the supper, planned the day before .  I do a few simple chores, saving the heavy cleaning for the week end.  This time of the year, that includes mowing. In a fortnight, there will be leaves-a lot of leaves, and small fires in the evening.  

This may not be the life, that I dreamed of in my youth,  but it  is a happy one and I am glad for it.  In my youth, I could not have known the satisfaction of  a good evening meal on the table nor the  happiness in having clean sheets on the beds.  I did not think about gardens and flowers.  How was I to know, that what I sought to be clear of,  would call me back so tenderly .  . . that the life my parents had shown me, was so very worthy.  . . that “landing on a rabbit patch”  would render all sorts of riches that were beyond my “wildest dreams”.

I suspect, all of the business, of downsizing- and therefore facing a new season, has certainly been a factor in my pondering.  At first, I felt like I was fourteen again, and life as I knew  it, was changing.  I felt awkward and unsure of how to proceed.  I so love familiar.  . .but now, I dare to dream again, this time with a feeling of assurance.  Life has a way of defining what matters to you, after all.  I tend to want things to “hurry up”.  I am so very curious, by nature.  Yesterday,  I was making an agenda of what tasks lie ahead at the rabbit patch.  I wondered again, when things will change and where will I end up?  It came to me, that today, at this moment, I was right where I ought to be.  Maybe, there is something more to learn or something more I need to receive.  It could be, that there is something more I need to give.  This comforted me greatly  for I know Who holds today  . . and tomorrow.  

Tonight, is especially peaceful.  The air is cool and the night choir is singing in hushed tones.  There is a scarce splattering of stars.  They shine like a kings’ silver-for in truth they are.   Cash and Christopher Robin are dozing by the morning table as I write.  It is a beautiful moment in a beautiful season-I am  certainly in the right place . . and  at the right time.

Dear Diary,   I am glad  for silver stars and quiet pastures.  I am glad for all seasons . . . .  I am glad for my beautiful life.   

42 thoughts on “Something More

    1. I am sorry about the rough day-they make me “want :to take to the bed” It means so very much to me, that you share my posts-My own heart smiles at that. How kind you are to all of us! I am so glad we met-wishing you lovely days always-love Michele

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  1. Aww Rabbit, you did it again.
    You have a way of writing about your day which makes me relax in such a way that I can feel my spine slowly give in and stop making me sit upright. Then … once relaxed, I’m carried along on your words and taken to the places you talk about.

    I become the drive home. I become the dog Cash and the cat Christopher Robin, and I feel their joy at you arriving home.
    And .. I become part of the gratitude at the end of your day.

    I too am grateful, for many things, and one of those things is you. For without you I would be missing all those parts that I have become and experienced because of your words. Your words speak directly to my heart and soul, and so they become a part of what makes me tick along.

    May you forever ‘be’ Rabbit. Forever and ever.
    I send my love, as always, ~ Cobs. x 💙

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      1. Dearest Rabbit …
        You are so easy to love.
        Because you are so very eloquent, I find myself transported and am in a place of love and beauty, where you are.
        You, Rabbit, bring out the best in me. You bring out the best in others. For once we begin reading, our hearts and minds start to rest and our souls connect with yours.
        Love you Michele. Rabbit.
        You are so very dear to my heart, and you always will be.
        God Bless you, my beautiful friend. ~ Cobs. x

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      2. My dear Cobbs. must an ocean separate us? It seems awfully unfair. I feel like we are long time friends-and you are just outside the door should I need you. You are so very good for me. Thank you and I love you-michele rabbit

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  2. Touching and truthful . Most of us are probably not where they ought to be when there were young but only some of us recognise they might be in a even better place.simpler but warmer.i am one of those lucky one.thank you for making me think about it.

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  3. Spoke right to my heart, Michele!! And, this morning’s early dawn I saw a rabbit in our front yard who just sat there for a few minutes (as I sat watching) before jumping on.. A real treat in these parts! 💐🤗🎉

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    1. thank you sweet Anne-Writing is so important to me-it is like I can’t stop-I see wonder and beauty and want to tell the world. I aM GLAD FOR BLOGGING-IT HAS BROUGHT ME FRIENDS LIKE YOU, AFTER ALL. love Michele


  4. I absolutely love these words by you :
    “landing on a rabbit patch”  would render all sorts of riches that were beyond my “wildest dreams”.
    You are a great inspiration Michelle.The more I read about Rabbit patch and your meaningful ramblings, the more I adore you.
    I wish I could meet you in person.
    and yes, I can relate that I can also feel now the changing seasons… its in the air now.
    Sending you much love X

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  5. I love this Michele! You bring such a peace and assurance to change…..”for I know Who holds today . . and tomorrow. ” What an amazing promise we are given to help through those changes in our lives. Blessing to you my friend.

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    1. I wouldn’t be able to go thru life without Faith-even with faith, I can falter temporarily but without it, well that would be unbearable. I am so thankful, that my family taught me from a baby, about God. That has made the difference and mattered more than anything else-thank you Faye love Michele

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  6. Someone once wrote “gratitude is the heart’s remembrance”. So true. Those clean sheets, a dry house, a bed, all blessings that so many on this earth cannot claim, so those of us who have them need to recognize their value. This was a good reminder of that principle. Thanks Michele. You are a blessing also!

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  7. You should write a book, your posts are such a joy to read and so inspirational, there’s just no way, after reading one of your stories, that anyone cannot walk away with a greater appreciation of their life and what they have around them. I know I do and I thank you for that, every time!! That’s a perfect way to think too, where I am right now is where I am meant to be. We need to be open to receiving whatever it is He wants us to learn where we are. Have a lovely evening Michele. Love, Deb xo

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    1. well you brought me happy tears-This is so precious to me-I hope one day to be a writer. I want to so much-oh you really touched my heart. Aren’t words so powerful! Life is so much easier when the heart is open. You inspire all of us! thank you for that. love michele

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      1. You already are a writer!! Seriously. Yes words are so powerful and the imagery yours create are magnificent. You have such a wonderful way of saying what really matters and reminding us what’s important, like an open heart. Now you’ve put a smile on my face with your kind words, thank you. I hope to help inspire others, it pleases me to hear that, you’re welcome, it’s truly my pleasure. Love, Deb

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