A Few Bright Stars and a Lily


I made the “early service” this morning.  I saw for myself, the birth of the day.  It was nothing short of grand.  . .and it never fails to stir my heart.  For me, the sunrise is a holy time.  I feel like I have been to “the Church in the Wildwood”, as I sang of in my youth, when I see the first light of day. 

When my grandmother lived here, she would laugh when I walked in, from attending the “morning service.  I would come in the kitchen saying things like “I am going to wash the curtains, and paint a garden bench, then I will make a cake . .”  and on and on I would go, as I was just so full of hope for the day.  I have not changed much, since my grandmother passed.  I still have my lofty notions, in the early morning. . .and today is no exception.

After the Early Service

My friend, of almost thirty years,  Janet  was hosting a gathering this morning.  We listened to a presenter talk about essential oils.  Another dear friend, Rae went too.  I have known Rae as long as I have Janet, and so for me, it was an especially happy occasion.  I met two ladies, that read the Rabbitpatch Diary- their names were Judy and Jenny, a delightful mother and daughter.  They hugged me and about made me cry.  It was “the icing on my cake”. After the presentation, we had conversations about living simply and ways to be kind to the earth, as we traipse about in our lives.  It was all quite interesting – and appealing to me.  The earth is everybodys’ mother, after all. 

I am not sure if it was the energizing peppermint oil or “keeping good company”, but I came home and started mowing .  There was a cool breeze blowing , so much that a few yellow and sometimes red, leaves came unfastened  from the trees in the young woods.  Also in the air, were butterflies.  They seem to love the loosestrife, that is blooming.  I saw the  first blooms of  the ageratum, also known as “floss flower” .  If fairies grew flowers, it would be the periwinkle ageratum.  The stalwart phlox blooms now -and will til frost. . .and the lantanas are full of little multi colored clusters.  They may be my favorite.  One single ginger lily has opened and others are promising to follow suit.  My affection for the fragrant lily is unwavering after a decade, now.    Beauty berry is claiming a fair share of the woodland.  Not one rabbit should go to bed hungry because of that.  They can also eat fallen grapes, as this year the vines are full.  The hours passed sweetly as no matter the direction, I glanced, there was something  beautiful to behold.  .  .some picture to tuck in my heart, for a cold night in January. 

Tomorrow, for the first time in a while, I am having Sunday dinner.   I have a pork roast thawing now and plan to have stringbeans and potato salad.  I will fry cornbread as thin as I can make it, and Mama is bringing an apple pie.  Just the prospect of it, makes my heart well up in gratitude.  Few things in life are more satisfying  for me, than loved ones gathered around a table, sharing a bountiful meal.

 When late evening fell, I went out, as usual, to say good night.  The air was very cool.  There were a good many stars out, but you couldn’t see a million.  The stars  that were out, looked as big as I have ever seen them.  The big dipper was right over the barn and the dog stars were over a pine.  The pines whispered softly in the breeze and I thought from start to finish, this day had been generous.  I lingered longer than usual, listening to the serenade of the wind and trees , and gazing at the masterpiece above me, while the lone ginger lily lent its’ fragrance in the air.  I felt like Love was coming at me and through me, from every direction . . and it was beautiful. 

Dear Diary, I am glad for woodland flowers and berries .  I am glad for friends, old and new.  I am glad when the air is full of butterflies and fragrance. I am glad for  the whispering pine trees and stars that shine boldly.   . .and I am glad to know that a single lily and a few bright stars can change the world.

35 thoughts on “A Few Bright Stars and a Lily

  1. My Sunday is nearly over and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed your.An other lovely story that is more a postcard then a post❤️
    I always keep a bunch of lyllies on the table in my sitting room!

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  2. Absolutely beautiful poetry that appeals to the imagination, as you describe the beauty around you and your love for our Mother Nature! I’m always learning a new name of a plant that I would have seen but didn’t know what it was called, learning about carnival glass or getting inspiration for my blog from a poem that you may mention in passing. Thank you so much! Your blog is nourishment for the soul!:)

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  3. When I went out this morning to replenish the bird feeder and bird bath I stood and took some deep breaths of crisp air. I did a little stretching and said good morning to all the trees and shrubs and birds and sky, it’s always so grounding when I do that. Then as I was looking around I saw a yellow leaf fall from the Willow tree and I told her no you cannot start dropping leaves yet…it’s still August!!! I refuse to by mums until mid-September and I turn a blind eye to any and all signs of Fall. Although Fall is such a beautiful season here with luscious smells and colors…I’m just not ready for it yet! I’m going to continue enjoying my summer flowers that are still blossoming and appreciate all that is green! Pork roast is one of my favorite meals, I always loved our big Sunday dinners that we had after church growing up! Sounds like you had another lovely weekend Michele. Wishing you an enchanting week ahead. Love, Deb xo

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      1. I do, all the time, I love to. Yes you are right about the fall, it certainly will. Yes we do have lots in common, and thank you, we are in good company. Love, Deb ❤

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  4. How wonderful it was that you saw your friend Janet, a friend of 30 years, that’s precious. I love nature and learn a lot from nature. We had a good Sunday at church and a relaxing afternoon. It’s always pleasant to read your post!

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      1. Thank you, Michele! My old link should be in the past long ago. If you would like to try again, paste my new link on your Reader and follow. Some did unfollow and follow. I don’t really know why it’s still a problem. It got me unfollow many bloggers also, even with the one that I link to weekly to do their challenges. I follow again on the Reader, and on their blogs. Well, sorry for the inconvenience!

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  5. Hello dearest Rabbit.
    Happy Monday.
    What a truly beautiful way to begin the week.
    This post has filled me with the joy that only nature … and you … can bring. I stood with you on the porch at the break of day and felt the inner love and gratitude for the World being given such wondrous sights and sounds as the Earth awoke.

    The flowers wake from their slumber and lift their little heads towards the sky as they seek the warmth of the sun. Trees are gently woken by the chirrups of birds as they sing in glory of the morning.

    The more of nature awakes, the louder it becomes. Until eventually, everything is singing.
    Their own individual voices, and their own languages, but all singing out the joy they feel to have been given *this* day.

    And yes … I totally agree with you Rabbit, love really does happen in it’s purest form, at that incredible, wondrous time.

    We are so blessed to have the opportunity to ‘feel’ this moment. I wish more of us could, even just once, get up and get out into nature and feel the peace, then feel those incredible moments as the Earth wakes, and each part of ‘nature’ wakes, yawns, stretches, and says how wonderful it is to be alive.

    Thank you so much Rabbit, for starting my week so beautifully.
    As always I was there with you, seeing what you described. Feeling the love. And feeling the gratitude for being there. For being able to see, hear, feel all that which happened within just a short time, early one morning, as the Sun began it’s warmth and nature woke.

    Thank you for including me.
    As always, sending my love to you ~ Cobs. xxx


  6. Michele, only you could describe the task of mowing this way: “The hours passed sweetly as no matter the direction, I glanced, there was something beautiful to behold. . .some picture to tuck in my heart, for a cold night in January.” Your description almost, but not quite, made me volunteer to mow our large a\yard edged with flowers the next time it needs it.


  7. In this world of strife, your Rabbit Patch is where I come for peace and beauty for my soul. I stand on the porch with you and gaze at the stars. I smell the lily and watch the sun rise. Your days are simple, your friends are endearing and your food is bountiful. Thank you for sharing your time with me it was well spent and accepted with much gratitude and leaves a trail of warmth and love for me to hold on to until next time. Hugs.

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