The Last First Time Remembered

This Lylas’ paternal grandfather-Wills’ dad. He is a well established author in our neck of the woods-This post is especially timely and will make you remember when.

Bill Thompson Downhome

While looking through a bunch of old stuff my mother has stored at her house, I ran across an old yellow legal pad on which I had written what appeared to be a column for some publication some time ago.  I don’t know if I ever published it but I thought it appropriate to include it now as so many folks are sending there little ones off to their first day of school.  I wrote it at the time of my daughter’s high school graduation.

That phrase kept running through my mind: “I may never pass this way again.” I thought it didn’t apply directly to me because I was thinking of the 1987 high school graduates as they marched in stately rhythm down the aisle as part of their graduation ceremony.

Usually such a sight makes me think of my own graduation back in the dark ages  but in…

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