A Tuesday in Late Summer


Schools are closed today due to a tropical storm.  I got up early anyway.  It was raining  at daybreak, as it is now.  Lamps will stay on all day at the rabbit patch.  Still, I did not find the early service gloomy, in the least.  I do not mind a housebound day.  Instead, I felt grateful for shelter.  The storm did not seem threatening at the “high and dry” rabbit patch, but I knew the city streets were flooded enough to stop the school buses.  

I put a pot of navy beans on and found an old black and white movie to watch.  Mrs. Miniver, has always been a favorite of mine.  During an intermission, I wrote a poem bidding farewell to the summer.  Kyle, being a landscaper, is home today-Christian too, so this makes for a cozy affair at the old farmhouse. . .and so I made a big breakfast.  . .and made plans for supper.

 By noon, the wind started blowing.  It was just enough wind to get your attention.  The sycamore held on to its’ leaves for dear life, it seemed.  In a fortnight, the tree will drop them without mercy.  I stationed myself at the morning table and watched the wind gusting over the territory.  There was a heavy mist swirling in the cool moving  air.  Cash and Christopher Robin  were curled up together for a nap. What a picture of contentment, they were.  I thought how precious  home and hearth  really are.   

 On such days, I think of my friend, Rae.  Rae, like me, loves a day like this. Rae and I love a lot of the same things.  She and I share a friendship- along with Janet, that has spanned about three decades.  We watched one anothers’ children ramble in the woods,  collect sticks and rocks, and chase chickens-and then go on to become lawyers, dentists, landscapers and more.  Several of them, are parents themselves, now.  We have consoled one another when loved ones were lost.   . .parents and husbands, alike.  Words can not do justice to the ties that bind us.

Even without an agenda, I did manage to complete a few tasks today.  Thankfully, the house has remained orderly, since the huge summer project of decluttering. I feel like I am practicing the art of downsizing already.  I never knew how satisfying it would be, to have fewer possessions.  It is truly very liberating.  . .and I highly recommend it.  

We ate supper early-but darkness fell shortly after.  The wind slowed down and the rain stopped altogether.  There wasn’t a single star to make a wish on, when I went out.  It didn’t matter one iota to me.  I was rested, dry and had eaten well.  The roof did not leak and all of the trees were standing-so was the old barn.   Had I seen a star . . .I would have wished every one in the whole world, could say the same thing.

Dear Diary,  I am glad to have sweet memories  to remember in leisure hours.  I am glad for a home, and all that dwell in it.  I am glad for wind without malice and gentle rains that fall on field and flower  . . .on an ordinary day, in very late summer.

42 thoughts on “A Tuesday in Late Summer

    1. It was a tropical storm with some wind and a lot of rain. If city streets flood and make it dangerous for buses, then schools close. It wasn’t bad at my house. I was surprised and therefore, was not too productive as I could have been, but the rest was wonderful! Thank you sweet Anne! love Michele

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  1. Now I know where you are. I have a friend in Charleston I’ve been corresponding with through our event here in Houston. I had to laugh — a housebound day is lovely, but this housebound almost-a-week has been a little trying. Still, I’m lucky enough to be in a third-floor apartment, so flooding wasn’t an issue for me, and I kept power through nearly all of it. Today? I see a few peeks of blue sky, and though river and bayou flooding still is a terrible reality, at least the rain has stopped.

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  2. I really enjoy safe ‘storms’. Lightening and thunder and wind has always just seemed like God saying HELLO.
    I have both family and friends in the Houston area…thankfully all are safe. A little ,well probably a lot, inconvenient but safe.

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  3. I have watched the news here in England, and seen how people are suffering because of all of the rain and the storms. My heart went out to them and I felt so useless sat here in my home not being able to do something to help them.

    I was so thankful to the one BBC New Team … they helped to get an elderly man to safety – having to drag him through the waters in his wheelchair. The water was up to his chest and he had such problems. I was never more thankful to a news team than I was at that moment.

    I was also filled with hope when they told us that the word had been put out to people in the surrounding areas where they hadn’t been affected to come and help if they possibly could … and people arrived bringing boats and all sorts of things to try and offer their help. God Bless them.

    I’m so thankful that you are safe and out of harms way Rabbit, and I thank The Lord for this.

    Mrs. Miniver! Ohhhhh Rabbit …. you and I are two peas in a pod. Mrs. Miniver is a huge favourite of mine ever since I was a little girl. I grew up wanting to be just like her. I’d never seen a lady be SO kind to people and I knew that I wanted to be just like her.
    Isn’t it funny how little things like a character in a movie can influence little children.

    Sending you my love Rabbit. Stay safe my beautiful friend.
    ~ Cobs. x

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    1. I too feel so sad for Houston-this will be a long ordeal to overcome. I can hardly bear to see it. I saw the very clip you spoke of-so touching. I believe you have surely lived up to Mrs. Miniver-and you ought to have a rose named after you too! love always, your rabbit, Michele xx

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  4. Dear Rabbit Patch Diarist, your home seems cozy as do the thoughts that emanate from it. You mention a tropical storm, which makes me wonder where you live. I am from the Florida coast and always feel precautious during the months of August – October. Matthew hit us quite hard last year.

    Your words are comforting. Your home just lovely!

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