When Snow Blossoms


I left Elizabeth City around three on Sunday.  It was a bright and cooler day than Saturday had been.  Jenny and I took a stroll with Lyla early in the afternoon.  We walked by the flat rock, where Lyla and I sat on summer days, across the little bridge and along the banks of the “laughing” river.    Lyla spied out every pumpkin display, while Jenny and I shared some hopes and dreams.  We smelled my favorite rose on Raleigh Street  and had a visit with a friendly dog.  When we got back home,  Jenny took Lyla upstairs for a nap, and I loaded my things in the car-and headed back to the rabbit patch.

I do not like driving, as some do, but the weather was fair and clear-and traffic was especially light.  I thanked God, that Will and Jenny lived just an hour away.   Just a few short years ago, they lived in Wilmington. I can not drive in the heavy traffic of Wilmington.  Everybody seems late for something and folks drive like they have nine lives on any given day.  I am just not suited for driving in such conditions-and everyone agrees, on that.  Will was offered a job in his hometown., Elizabeth City and Lyla was born two years later.

I thought about such things as I drove by massive fields, where corn used to grow-and across the three rivers.   . .back to the rabbit patch.  When I turned on to the road I live on, I noticed “snow had blossomed”.  The cotton fields were white and they do look snow covered, once the bolls have opened.  Some folks have taken to using cotton in arrangements.

Sun and shadow fell in long slanted streaks when I pulled in to the rabbit patch.  I noticed the roses seemed to have had a “second wind”.  They were blooming cheerfully along with the floss flower and the “old house flowers” Kyle had dug  shamefully, from a ditch, years ago.  The loosestrife, that Mama does not like, has seen better days and will need to be cut back shortly-and the grass needs mowing.  Pine straw is beginning to fall from the old Pine at the front of the yard-and pine cones too.  Pine cones are the best thing I know of to start a fire with, but gathering them is slow and painful work.  

Christian came out as always, to carry my things in.  Cash ran around the yard at “break neck speed” as he does when I come home.  I started supper straightaway-and another pot of oats and fruit, for my breakfast this week.  I have had oats and blueberries, oats and pumpkin, oats and cranberries . . well, a lot of oats.  I sure wish biscuits were good for you.

When supper was finished and the oats were cooked, I settled in for the night.  I did go out a bit later to say good night.  The sky was clouded and there was no sign of Lylas’ “little moon”-nor a single star to wish on.  It is very dark in the countryside in the absence of heavenly shine.  Cash sits beside me on high alert, looking in every direction.  If he ever barks-or even growls, I am likely to dash through the ginger lilies to the back door . . and say my prayers, at the morning table, instead.

Dear Diary, I am glad for walks by a sleepy river with Jenny.  I am glad for “little moons” and roses that caught a “second wind”.  I am glad for resting fields  and I am especially glad for “snow that blossoms”.


42 thoughts on “When Snow Blossoms

  1. I am in agreement with you on driving in busy cities. My oldest and his family live 4 hours away in the middle of a city. I have found a route to get to them that takes me on side streets instead of right through the heart of the city. My son laughs but my daughter in law totally understands.
    I have never seen cotton field in bloom. I bet it is a wonderful sight. I have seen them used in decorations and they are beautiful.

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    1. I love back roads! How blessed I am that the trip to Jennys’ is easy!! What would I do otherwise! Funny story- When I first published this-only half published!? never happened before-got a message saying it was “lost” (from WP) Whaaat??? had to remove the post and thwn write what I remembered-ugh! but . . I found the comment you had made last time!!! haha! thank you-love Michele

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      1. I almost cried! Well, that may be too serious a stance, but however weird, I sound-My writing is like a prayer between me and God-I may never be well known or make a dollar, but it is so important to me. . .and wp acting like that! This is the second time in a month I have had problems-and I declare I am only a bit over the hill! haha-thank you dear Faye!

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      2. LOL Michele. I can totally relate….you go from disbelief, to so bummed out, to kind of ticked off all in the space of a heartbeat. Do you find yourself talking to your computer like I do?
        I had to chuckle about your a bit over the hill…..I turn 60 tomorrow! Not a spring chicken but I don’t feel like and old hen either!

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  2. Awwww. I love how closely you notice the nature world around you, Michele. There is just something about becoming intimate with the flowers, trees, dirt roads, and living things that enrich our lives. I love that bit about the cotton, I’ve never heard it described that way before, how absolutely lovely! Amy

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  3. Oh I am so with you on the driving…and you are right, people do drive like they have nine lives!! I now have a hard time seeing when it’s dark so I don’t like when winter is here and I get out of work at 5 to a dark night, ugh! Hey make some oat biscuits!! I bet that cotton looked so pretty! I too would make a mad dash for the door if I heard Cash growling….what’s lurking out there…I wouldn’t wait to find out! I’ve missed visiting and reading your always comforting stories Michele! xo

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  4. Hello dearest Rabbit
    I’m playing the catch-up game again, because real life can get in the way of reading the blog posts of my favourite people sometimes! tsk tsk.

    As always, your words picked me up like a car driven by a friend, and took me on the journey you described in your post. And like you … I too don’t like the busy times of day on the roads. There is one roundabout (not sure if you haven roundabouts in the US) which I try my hardest to avoid as it’s a blooming nightmare even if there’s no traffic on the road. It has everything they could throw at it … multiple traffic lights, exits, confusing lane guides, entrances onto the roundabout without clear markings for the drivers, more traffic lights, but then add stressed drivers wanting to get home from work, or back to work during lunch times … and it’s your worst nightmare. I’ll go miles out of my way in order to avoid that roundabout.

    And driving in the dark … no I don’t like doing that any longer either. It’s more difficult to judge distance in the dark, so I try to not drive at night time.

    Other than these tiny niggles in what is a wonderful day (and any day being alive is a wonderful day in my opinion), your day was truly lovely to join you on.

    Although … like you, when Cash growled on the porch, I was with you as you scuttled back indoors. Like Cash, my four legged baby, Belle, will sometimes give that little growl of a nighttime when I go outside, taking her with me so that she can have a last tiddle of the day, and I stand looking at the stars and smelling the night air …. and if she gives that little hummmmm of a growl, or makes her distinct ‘gruff’ noise telling me that there is something she can see/hear or smell …. I turn tail and head back inside calling her to come with me.

    I keep saying Rabbit … Two Peas in a Pod. You+Me=Peapod babies. lol
    A truly wonderful post Rabbit. Another one which I love you for.
    Have a blessed, Autumnal feeling day, my beautiful friend. Love ~ Cobs. xxx 🍃 🍂 🍁

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  5. Michele – I’m also eating steel cut oats most breakfasts these days, and, I, too, wish biscuits were on the healthy menu. (Altho sweet potato applesauce biscuits almost qualify!) 😋🍁😋

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  6. I’m glad you had a nice early Sunday afternoon with Lyla, Michele. The drive going home seems to be manageable without too much traffic. What a nice view of the cotton field that looked like snow. Hope you have a nice week the rest of the week.

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