Brant Came Home!-and Made it a Holiday

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These are the kind of days that made October famous.  From the early hours til dusk, it has just been lovely.  Typically, October is a flashy month, by all accounts.  Not yet has it reached its’ peak here, but today my faith in October was restored.  Last night, was especially cool-so much that I put the windows down. . .and the fan was put back in the closet.  I kept a substantial sweater on all day, though remember , I have spent my life in the south-and the sixties are chilly, to me.

The  arrival of the first frost remains a mystery, but we are nearer to it than we were just a short while ago.  When the frost comes, it fades the rose and puts a halt on tender sprouts.  Frost tames the wild  southern vines, which does not make me sorry.  Frost also gives the countryside a sparkle-and makes me want to build a fire in the garden. When the time comes to burn a small fire, I will call Rae, as she loves a fire so.   While, I am waiting for frost, I will gather roses.

As autumn chills the territory around the rabbit patch, my thoughts turn to home and hearth.  The old farmhouse is hardly a glamorous dwelling, but its’ charm “covers a multitude of sins”.  . . and especially in October.  Books and china teacups grace the morning table.  Soft blankets are draped on chairs and sofas-and lamps are turned on before supper.  Sauces simmer, that will smother foods like slow roasted chicken.  Pots of dried beans and hearty chowders are staples at the rabbit patch, starting in October.   I know of few things better, than coming in from the cold, to a warm  kitchen  that smells like supper.

The sky reflects the season, along with the  field and woodland.  Stars are sparsely scattered, now and the constellations make their presence known. They are unhindered by   the millions of stars, the sky hosts in the summer.  Before sunrise, now,  Venus is directly below the crescent moon.  It is as bright as I have ever seen it and truly, even out stages the moon.

Brant is Home!

Brant came home today!  This made Thursday, a holiday for me.  He and Sydney are on the way to a wedding in Virginia.  Mama and Daddys’ house is almost “on the way” and so we all met up at my parents for an evening meal.  Afterwards, Christian played the piano, Sydney worked on a portrait of Lyla, she is drawing and I wrote a bit in the diary.  We  sat in the living room while we we worked on our “art” and hardly spoke, but  later agreed  we had loved those moments.   Sidney and I eventually sang along with Christian as he played .  Kyle and Christian left after the singing, but I spent the night, again, where I grew up. . .and I was  late for work, the next morning.

First, I woke up late.  The room I slept in did not allow the light of morning to stream through the window, heralding the new day. The house was silent as no one was going anywhere-and there wasn’t a cat or dog, that needed to go out.  All seemed fine, til I looked at a clock.  . .full of judgement, I add. I could not find my hairbrush nor my keys.  I just quit rushing.  Late is late, and so what did it matter if it were ten minutes or twenty?  Besides, the time with my family would not allow me  any regrets.  I was with my children, and I saw my parents happy . . . I must remember, from here on out, that October is a lovely time for a “holiday “.  The weather is lovely and the landscape seems set to celebrate, on any given day.

Dear Diary,   I am glad for bright days and dark,  cool evenings when stars are sparsely scattered.  I am glad for times when loved ones gather.  . . to share a meal-and then to sing.   I am especially glad that Brant came home.


Brant and Sidney



34 thoughts on “Brant Came Home!-and Made it a Holiday

  1. I was mesmerized by Brant and Sydney, Michele. They are glorious with such Light coming from them OH MY it puts tears in my eyes. Beautiful and just filled with health. OH my goodness! Those two are indeed special with so much ahead of them which will make this world sit up and take notice. And ahhhhh for the Autumn crispness …. it is getting here too. I just came back from a LONG walk in one of my favorite forests and I was intoxicated. The colors, the smells, the sounds. I took so many pictures my eyes became blurry. I came on this computer to upload them but I saw your post and thus I am here. Have a beautiful weekend!!! 🍁

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  2. So beautiful you can enjoy each other’s special talents without even talking love that. The weather here has been glorious for the last three days — picture perfect. I walk in a place where I can see a small mountain where the trees put on quite a show this time of year For now I am enjoying our warm weather still — it will not last the wind will howl and the snow will come but for now October is a joy to behold. Love all your thoughts on October and I am glad you had a holiday with your family

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  3. What a great way to spend an evening….with family just enjoying being together.
    Our trees are decked out gloriously! The maples are a brilliant red due to the weather we have been having. The nights are crisp and the days beautiful. And yes I have started making soup as the nights are cool.
    Love reading about your family Michele! Have a blessed weekend.

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  4. Peering into your world, via your blog posts, is always such a joyous experience, and so life enhancing Rabbit. I love you for sharing in such a way that I too am there with you, in spirit, and can feel the love which happens in the room where you are.

    Thank you Rabbit, for always including me. ~ Love, Cobs. x

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    1. thank you friend-I wonder if my childhood might have made me observant-I hardly played with toys-except dolls and there was no “screen time” I bet it didn’t hurt! My friends laugh at me all the time, as I am likely to stop dead in my tracks at a pretty leaf! haha! thank you friend. love Michele


  5. So glad you had time to spend with Brant and the rest of your family. I love how everyone was enjoying their own “art” yet all together in your silence. Yes the nights are starting to get chillier, but these days still remain warm, for which I am not complaining. Last night I stayed up to watch the meteor shower and saw two shoot by, it was thrilling!! They are around until the 26th of October, so if you feel like taking a peek they say the best time is between 2:00-4:00 am…and it’s above Orion that you will see the most. Yes you are right late is late…be it 10 or 20 minutes…apparently you needed the extra sleep. Wishing you a blessed Sunday, xo love Deb

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      1. Well there’s still 4 days left, not sure what time you get up in the morning but they say between 2-4 am is the best viewing time, however I saw the first one at 11:45 pm, the second one was around 3:20 am…I set my alarm to get up and see it…I was not disappointed. But since it’s a work week now and not the weekend I wouldn’t be staying up that late or getting up during the night. I thought of you and the Rabbit Patch being a great viewing spot!! Have a blessed Sunday, love Deb xo

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