An Ordinary, but Beautiful Day

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It is morning and the sun is proclaiming it brightly.  I love weekend mornings for they are born without haste.  I do not consult the clock on days like Saturday.  I like these moments when time does not try to “escape” from me and  I live as I please, for a while.  For now, I am content to drink coffee at the morning table while Cash and Christopher Robin doze.  I listen to a bird sing,  and though I listen intently, I cannot identify the species  . .  and I plan Sunday dinner.  I think about Christmas.   . .and I wonder about a lot of things-and before I know it, I realize I ought to turn the lamp off.

I never did rush one iota.  Breakfast time passed, so we had a brunch, instead. I went about my tasks as”if I had all day”, because for “once in a blue moon”,  had come,- and I did.   Clothes washed while I swept floors.  I like housekeeping and derive great satisfaction from clean floors and fresh linens.  It is a lot more pleasant to do chores without the desperation that so often accompanies them.    

The farmhouse seems so much bigger now than it did when I bought it.  I scrubbed the bedroom that was my grandmothers.  Mostly,the room is vacant except for the holidays.  I tried to work quickly as I am so prone to becoming overly sentimental. The room  is now a cheerful shade of periwinkle, with an adorable white sleigh bed. I battled cobwebs and dust while Christopher Robin slept peacefully,  in  the den.  At  random intervals, I had coffee laced with cinnamon and table cream.  Through the windows I saw a leaf flutter by occasionally.  Not one was in any sort of hurry, so we had that in common.  On top of everything else, I noticed the windows needed washing.

By later in the afternoon, I was washing the blankets and bedding for the animals.  Christian took a few pictures for the realtor, as each room was tidied.  Supper would be light tonight, but I would make up for that with Sunday dinner.

As daylight faded, I was pleased with what had been accomplished.  Tonight, I plan to make sense of the Christmas Closet, and record an account of what has been  bought thus far.  I think waiting for Christmas and Thanksgiving, is half the fun.

At long last, I turned the lamp on  as evening had turned to night.  In the absence of moonlight, the countryside is “pitch dark”.   If it were a tad cooler, I would be tempted to start a small fire in the little fireplace, in the den.  Instead, I will wait til the weather warrants a cheerful fire.  

It has been a good day, I think. I have not solved a mystery, nor made any grand discovery .  It was just an ordinary day, full of ordinary events. .. but it is nothing less than  beautiful to be able to write, that “all is well at the rabbit patch.”

Dear Diary,  I am glad for unfamiliar bird songs sung at first light.  I am glad for the beauty of ordinary days and the  soft way they  fade, until at last they become  dark,  autumn nights  . . .and a little light burning, makes all the difference. 



31 thoughts on “An Ordinary, but Beautiful Day

  1. A simple day is a good day. And yes, based on your writing we would think that you can be sentimental. Thoughtfulness is a fantastic trait.

    Best wishes

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  2. It is so nice to have a beautiful day and time to think and not rush! Enjoy your Sunday dinner my daughter and her husband will be absent from our dinner this week and I will miss them. Peggy


  3. Just a day,
    Just an ordinary day.
    Just trying to get by.
    Just a woman
    Just an ordinary woman.
    But she was looking to the sky.
    And as she asked if I would come along
    I started to realize
    That everyday she finds
    Just what she’s looking for,
    Like a shooting star she shines.

    I changed the lyrics a bit but this is the song that started playing in my head while reading your post.

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    1. made me cry! Funny, I was thinking about the ordinary women before me-they were amazing noble and hard working-always thinking of every one else. That kind of sacrifice is about unheard of now. Yet they were “ordinary”-not really!!! thank you for one of the sweetest comments ever! love Michele


  4. Like Bernadette, I found myself singing a song after I’d finished reading, mine being a Lou Reed song:
    Oh, it’s such a perfect day
    I’m glad I spent it with you
    Oh, such a perfect day
    You just keep me hanging on

    Just a perfect day
    Problems all left alone
    Weekenders on our own
    It’s such fun

    …… Any day spent with you Rabbit, is a perfect day, for I love being in your company. You somehow know exactly how to put things in order and make everything ‘right’.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. thank you-you are too kind-I am blessed -not everyday is perfect as I fail miserably sometimes-but I am glad for every minute! You are too-we are twin peas in a pod! I love the song-what a happy morning for me! thank you my precious friend! love your rabbit!

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