In Spite of Everything . . .

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The sun did not cast a shadow today.  I wore a coat on Thursday-and I was not sorry for that.  A misty rain fell off and on all day.  It was the kind of rain that reminded you of how light snow falls.  November is always full of “silver days”.  A lot of leaves have become vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange.  . .a lot of leaves have fallen too.  At long last, I can declare  that autumn has come to the rabbit patch.

We have not built a fire in the farmhouse, yet, though a hard freeze is in the forecast for tomorrow night.  We have taken to using blankets and wearing warmer “night clothes”.  The windows are all down and Christopher Robin is content with being a “well mannered”  house cat, these days.  

I have adjusted to the “time change” and thankfully so. It is now light when I drive to work and I get home before dark.  My heart goes out to those that work late enough that they must drive home after sunset.  In a fortnight, the days will naturally grow longer and so it really is a short lived ordeal, after all. 

My grandmother lived her last years at the rabbit patch.  She remained wise all of her life, but occasionally got confused about things, that looking back, didn’t really matter.  The changing of the clocks confused her, the last year.  She thought I would be working more hours and blamed the school.  I explained it several times, but to no avail.  It bothered her to think I would be home less.  I kept on trying to make her see that it wasn’t so- and so then she claimed the school was changing the time.  Finally, I said “Grandmama, the school is not changing the time”-plain and simple.  Grandmama asked “then who is?”  I  thought about that a second or so and  said . . “the government.”  This satisfied Grandmama and  we went on to talk about supper,  almost immediately.  

The blanket of dense clouds caused night to fall almost suddenly.  The mist changed over to light rain.  The steady rhythm of the raindrops on the fresh fallen leaves was soothing .  I had forgotten this type of sound, that only happens in November, when autumn leaves are scattered over the territory.  


School is closed today, in honor of Veterans’ Day, and so I decided to sleep a bit later,  Kyle woke me at four, as I usually get up when he does.  He was a bit alarmed, but I reminded him that school was closed.  The house was chilly and it felt so good not to have to stir at that dark hour.  Christian came in at six to rouse me.  This woke Cash, who needs to go out the second he wakes.  Christopher Robin goes out with Cash and so he started crying . . .well, I got up and made coffee.  The sky was the familiar “silver” and a cool wind was blowing.  I expect we will build a fire tonight as the weatherman reminded us again of the hard freeze.  I will gather the last of the roses today . . and I will call Mr. Ellis.  

With Thanksgiving being just “around the corner” . . .the oven stopped working,  this week.  I have a two oven stove.  It is an older model and I can not complain . . but I want to.  Thankfully, I found another one-used of course, that may be delivered today.  The “refund check” that I received on Monday-and was marked for Christmas, will cover the cost.  I want to complain about that, too.  Instead, I will remember, that things always work out somehow.  I have lived “paycheck to paycheck”  for a long while.  I buy food at “sale prices” and wear second-hand clothes.  We have never missed a meal and  always have what we need.  It is “second nature” for me to practice thrift, now.  I have many accounts similar to the “the oven and the the refund check”.  

A few years back, on the day of Christmas Eve, I had driven to town to get a few things that would complete my shopping.  I did especially well and was so satisfied with my purchases.  Somehow, I had managed to buy a few extra gifts.  I wanted to celebrate this and decided to splurge and buy supper “out” for the boys and I.  It was raining and dark, when I called home to tell the boys how happy I was and that I was bringing supper home.  When I hung up, the car cut off, in the rain, on the highway.  I mean stopped altogether.  Things went down hill quickly.  Kyle, Daddy and two neighbors came to get the car, in that cold rain.  Daddy had the car pulled to his house.  These things shake me to the core.  Later on, when we were all safely in, Daddy went over all the things that may have caused the car to shut off.  They were all expensive and I couldn’t have afforded a one of them.  I was glad that I had another week off to figure things out.  I made up my mind that I would not feel guilty, for spending an extra hundred dollars on gifts, nor buying supper.  I vowed to enjoy Christmas . .  and pray.  People laugh because I am apt to pray about anything.

Early Christmas morning, Daddy called and said I had a special present this year.  He was bringing my car home.  He had looked at the car, as the rain had stopped that morning, and found a loose wire.  That was all it was.  We hung up and I started laughing and crying at the same time.  I realised, I was always cared for, things always work out . . I was thankful and told God so.  It seems really, I always have money, but rarely do I get to record it in my ledger or store it up in a bank.

Truthfully, we all must “Walk by Faith, not by sight.” as it is written.  This does not encourage me to live irresponsibly. . . and I continue to learn and understand more.  My dear friend, Rae has shown me by her example.

Rae had stopped working in March, two years ago .  This was unexpected and Rae was trying to adjust.  In April, Raes’ husband died suddenly.  This too, was unexpected. Rae was just heartbroken and the future was daunting.  Rae, like me lives in a big old house.  Her sons are grown and married with children.  I asked Rae a year or so later , how she was doing financially.  She had never shown a great deal of stress about money, but she is not a “big spender” by nature.  Rae told me that she never worried about money and yet her income was very meager.  I asked her how she never felt to worry.  Rae said “God always provided and she trusted in that.”  She was so very “matter of fact”.   I started laughing as I told her that “she acted like God had plenty of money, while I acted like He had $10.00!”

How privileged I am to live this beautiful life.  It seems of little consequence to worry.  In spite of everything,  I expect things to work out . . .because,  really- they always do.

Dear Rabbit Patch Diary,  I am glad for  “November rain” and silver skies.  I am glad for friends, like Rae, who bring light to my life and prove my wealth over and over.   . . and I am very glad that there is a “peace that passes understanding.”

31 thoughts on “In Spite of Everything . . .

  1. Fear and worry beget more fear and worry.
    Love and joy beget more love and joy.
    Choose wisely.
    -Chuy the Wonderdog

    “Don’t make no money, don’t pay no rent.
    I ain’t gotta worry how my money is spent
    ‘Cause I don’t have any to spend any time anyway.”

    Peace to you,


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  2. You are so right. Every thing does work out eventually. Sometime ( most of the time ) our timing is’t the same as God’s timing and his is always right.
    Having lived from pay day to pay day for 50+ years in marriage it isn’t a shock to continue on now alone. There are alot of “things” I would enjoy having but none of them can replace or take the place of what I do have. I think it is a good thing we depend on God and keep on keeping on.
    Years ago ,a friend who had been my maid-of-honor came to visit one afternoon and brought her sister.I was expecting our third child and she her first. Several days later my friend called to say how much they enjoyed the visit but her sister felt bad because we were so happy and obviously didn’t have much and she had a lot and wasn’t to happy. So see. We never know the effect we have on others.I feel blessed that I don’t “need ” much,

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  3. This is just so faith-filled and beautiful. I’m a bit heart weary and we have a house load of guests coming in and the (first) holiday activities this weekend. My husband is from a large family and so everything is spread out November – beginning of January. Praying I can get through the weekend, cooking, and guests with grace, a listening heart, and choose peace. I came and read this post and was challenged (in a good way) and so blessed. Thank you, Michele. Amy

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    1. oh goodness-You already work so hard and though guests are wonderful there is more work. I do hope all goes well and you have a wonderful time. Choosing peace may be the best gift you could give yourself and others. Best wishes my sweet dear and let me know how things go. thank you for loving the rabbit patch.

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  4. If you believe all is well and that everything is always working out for you then it will be so. We had wild winds all night long last night and today and tomorrow morning it’s supposed to be 10 degrees…plus wind chill. Brrrr. I am one of those who has to drive home in the dark and don’t like it at all…look forward to when it’s brighter again. I am glad you were able to enjoy a day off today…I’m looking forward to the 4 days off at Thanksgiving. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, love Deb.

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      1. Awe thanks for the prayers…I’m a hearty New Englander who grew up in this unheard of weather….as I grow older I like it less and less though…I think I hear the South calling my name..hehe. love Deb


  5. MIchele. this had to be one of my favorties so far. Maybe because that is how my husband and I have lived our entire married life. We have never had excess money but always enough…sometimes just enough to cover what needed covering. People ask how we did it and I truthfully tell them that I do not know and only God knows….and that is enough.

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  6. What a story! That’s amazing that you still have the car. We had a Jeep that refused to start when we were in VA heading for NY, in a NC State Park, and at Asheville airport. However, we were in it together, and that makes a huge difference. Finally sold the car while it was behaving.

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  7. There’s so much here that i can relate to. I saw, and laughed at, that side comment about retirement. If I pray for anything, I pray for continued good health so that I can keep working, because if I don’t work, things are going to get very complicated, very fast. I’m working toward being completely debt free, and that looks possible within a couple of years. That will help. But in the meantime? I’d be right there with you if the car stopped, or some other crisis came cruising through. But in truth? Thinking back at the things I’ve survived helps convince me that I can come with whatever comes.

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    1. I use the same theory you do about problems- I have come thru before, I say. Unless something drastic happens, I will always need to work. I have already adopted the attitude of living with as little as possible and am paying off everything I can. It is a slow process. Best wishes to us and the many many more people like us! thank you so much love Michele

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  8. Dearest, most wonderfullest Rabbit, who I adore and love to pieces.
    I loved this post from the start to the finish. I too know what it’s like to have little mouths to feed and expectant faces coming up to Christmas when they think Father Christmas is going to bring the much longed for gift. But, like you, I have always prayed. In fact, I seem to pray all day long. It’s a continual conversation I have going on – almost like a letter, every single day, but one which I never seem to sign off from – until I say “Thank you for today and all you have blessed me with. Thank you for listening to me all day. Good night God”. And that’s it. Simple as that.

    When I was a child I imagined God to be “like me Grandad, only bigger.” (is how I explained it to anyone who wanted to know). And I don’t think that I really ever grew up from that feeling.

    I didn’t really like being taken to Church on a Sunday, for (in my little head) I had worked out that all of those people sending our prayers out to God would be a terrible row. A total mind boggling noise, and one which I didn’t think God would be able to hear mine from everyone else’s. So .. after school each Friday I would take myself off to play in my room, and it was while I was there I would lay on my bed and close my eyes and imagine that I was going to ‘me Grandads house’ in the sky, where I sat in a huge comfy armchair, with a little table in front of me, with cakes on a posh stand, a tea pot, and cups and saucers. God sat opposite me in His big comfy chair, and … He never spoke except to say “Hello”. He would listen to me going on about this and that, and I would speak to Him about Lesley at school, and David who ignored me even though he sat right near me. And I would ask Him if He could sort some things out for me – like giving me measles when French lessons were due on Thursdays (cause I hated them).

    And I don’t think much differently now. I still have Tea with God on a Friday. But just as it was when I was little, I still have this continual conversation going on with Him, and each new sentence starts: “Hello God it’s me again…..”.

    I’ve very rarely asked for riches – eg: winning the lottery. But I’d be a big fibber if I said I’d never asked. Especially so when money was tight and the girls were little. New school uniforms didn’t come free, and new school shoes cost the earth! But we were rich in other ways. Everything got bought in the end, and those girls went to school looking exactly as they should. Food was always put on the table, and love flowed in abundance.

    You and I Rabbit have many riches. Many many riches. And I wouldn’t swap my problems for anyone elses, ever. For I know what my problems are. I don’t know what someone elses are, and have no idea how I would go about conquering them. But mine … ah, well, I know them and know how I can get around them – if I can’t push them out of the way that is. And you are the same.
    You know how to get done what needs to be done even if you don’t quite have the right tool for the job, or even the right amount of money.

    Maybe that’s why I love you so much. I recognise a fellow soul who has tracks in their life which I can see are a little like the tracks I have been given to travel along.
    You are magnificent Rabbit. So incredibly, beautifully made, and with a heart as big as The Rabbit Patch.
    Love you to the moon and back. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. We are somehow connected-I pray all day long too-(I just said thank you for raisin bread!) haha! I went to church too, a lot as a child-and would come home and tell God, I knew the preacher wasn’t right on something, but he was doing the best he could! Somehow as a child, I knew “truth” about God-not about Santa though! haha! Now I did not have a tea party with God-(I sure would have gone to yours) but we took walks together-we do so now too. My children, as yours, never missed a meal and had what they needed. They are wonderful humans with hearts of gold. What more could I ask for? We are surely “kindred” and I thank our God that we met-You are a treasure to me. love Michele and thank you!

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  9. After reading this post, I’ll never again refer to November skies as gray, because you have showed me they are silver. Much nicer. Because we get so little rain here, I’ve never been soothed by the “steady rhythm of the raindrops on the fresh fallen leaves.” It sounds lovely. And, finally, my dear friend Michele, I think things usually work out for you because the good of heart are rewarded; and you are a lady with a staunch, loving, appreciative heart.

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    1. how dear your comment is to read. I did not know or even think about little rain and maybe fewer trees too. My cousin who lives on the coast, comes inland for spring and fall. I hope you have a beautiful fall and maybe some rain too. Thank you for saying such nice things. I fail miserably at times, but with your encouragement, I hope to do my best. love Michele

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