November Time

22561144_1718545158170445_43835878_o - Edited

A day in November is often born,

on  a frosty, foggy, chilly morn.

With the smell of  wood smoke in the air,

while  ruby leaves fall here and there.

The early light is soft, but yields,

a holy look to woods and fields.

A silent prelude heralds the day,

for song birds mostly flew away,

to somewhere north or south or west,

leaving behind their empty nests.

In November, without a rush, 

days are born in a silver hush,

like a precious gift, for all the living-

Let all of November be called Thanksgiving!

32 thoughts on “November Time

  1. I agree whole-heartedly: all of November should be a time for giving thanks. For that matter, April, and March, and September are good times for thanksgiving, too. It can be hard, sometimes, but part of the beauty of gratitude is that when we can find even the tiniest bit in our heart, it begins to transform us into truly grateful people.

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  2. I smile happily when I see you have written a poem. You have a gift for easy rhythm and rhyme that never seems forced or manipulated. And because I have a November birthday and cherish thanksgiving above all holidays, I especially enjoyed this poem. I’ve copied it so I can reread it often.

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