When Leaves Cover the Rabbit Patch

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As usual, I woke early, this morning. It  was dark and rain was falling.  I had the window up, as it has been so mild.  How good it felt to lie there, without a bit of hurry, and just listen to wind and rain sweeping  across the territory.  Cash, my boxer and my cat, Christopher Robin were snuggled together .  What a cozy effect it   made and it felt wonderful to be part of it.  The wind was steady blowing and I imagined the leaves were coming unfastened in great numbers.  I had to smile at the irony, as I had just cleaned the yard yesterday. 

While the room was still dimly lit, I got up .   I am ready for coffee as soon as I wake and besides that, am just not prone to stay in bed for long.  When it was light enough to survey the conditions, I saw leaves being flung wildly, in the wind.  Many had met their destiny and were scattered all over the rabbit patch.   

The wind blew all day, though the rain stopped before noon.  I did some light housekeeping and eventually went on a short shopping spree.  It was a spur of the moment idea, but as it turns out,  I found a special gift for Lyla.  Jenny is a very sensible mother and does not want Lyla over indulged in possessions, therefore I take the utmost care to adhere to this.   I am in full agreement  with Jenny  and so glad she takes this stance.    Having said this, I am still so very excited to share Christmas with Lyla this year. 


Monday comes, and that changes everything. I always say . . for it really does.   It was cold this morning.  There was a heavy frost and I regretted not warming the car, almost immediately.  The sun came up announcing  the morning boldly with brilliant rays.  For a short while, the woodlands looked aflame while the frost sparkled.  It was a lovely affair.  It looks and feels like Thanksgiving, I thought.

 Holidays evoke feelings for me, more than anything else.  Each holiday seems to have a particular nature .   At Thanksgiving, of course we are grateful.  We tend to reflect on all we are glad for.  Traditions are born by way of things like Thanksgiving- and become rituals with years of practice.  My sister, Delores, brought a broccoli  casserole to Thanksgiving dinner, decades ago.  Daddy was not fond of it, though the rest of us were.  She brought it for several years and then without warning skipped a year.  Daddy, along with the rest of us, asked as we surveyed the table, where it was. He seemed disappointed.  She has not skipped a year since.   I am not fond of cranberry sauce, but I do expect it  to be on the table. Tres, my second son, loved to break the wishbone with Mama when he was very young.  Though Tres, towers over the most of us now, he still breaks the wishbone with Mama, every year, at Thanksgiving.  

With all  the steady and dramatic changes in the world to endure,  I have come to take great comfort in familiar things.  This may be one of the reasons, I love fields and woods . . .and laughing rivers.  These things are constant and do not yield to whims.  

Today, as I drove past the woodlands, I couldn’t help but notice the striking colors of the maples and dogwoods.  It was like seeing an autumn rainbow.  Then I noticed the pines.  They were the only green in the forest and seemed quite insignificant- yet the pine is an evergreen, and will remain as it is now, even in January.  There is something beautiful about that, I think.  Birds that stay through the winter, can depend on the pine . . .and so can I.

In spite of my affection for things that remain reliable, I am glad for the progress of mankind.  The many conveniences of modern times, certainly lend ease to life-and then  too, there are the discoveries that save  lives or improve our health.  Last but not least, the wealth of knowledge, we can accumulate is a most valued asset.  

Truly, there is much to be thankful for and  certainly, not only on Thanksgiving.  I will count the blessings of a table of gathered loved ones-and laden with food.  We will eat in a fine shelter, in good health.  Yet, I will not forget to be glad for things like pines and fields . .  and wishbones . . .and  also the time when leaves cover the rabbit patch.

28 thoughts on “When Leaves Cover the Rabbit Patch

  1. The leaves seem to fly off in waves As soon as one batch is raked another one shouts…Me too. My Bradford pear has lost all of it’s red and now is all green again. This is a strange year for Nature
    Do you look forward to the same dishes for family holidays or do you adventure out and try new recipes? Most of ours are the same old thing year in and year out but that is what they, my son”s want. Now if I can just manage to not mess it up. I am kinda out of practice and the last time I did a family meal it wasn’t so good. Every one just looked like…What happened.? Who knows but I started early this week so maybe things will be different. As long as I make homemade rolls the grandson will be happy.He takes after his grandmother….just give me a roll, hopefully homemade, and “real” butter and I am a happy camper. Oh and I do love homemade cranberry relish.
    Yes we are abundantly blessed and have so much to be thankful for ….in this family…in this country and really in this whole world…Our God is a good God and loves us more than we can ever understand.
    Happy Thanksgiving to the Rabbit Patch
    ps. don’t forget to send me your mailing address please.

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    1. I hope your meal is perfect! We have a lot of the same dishes, but do try to add something new as well. I love bread and butter too and can be satisfied with that as a meal! You are so right about the Goodness of God. I sent you my address on Nov 19th as I was so excited! If you did not get the email, please let me know! Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you and your loved ones! thank you for all your kindness-love Michele

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  2. Just lovely. My SIL took over the job of making the wet bread dressing after her mother passed away not a favorite of my mine but now that she is gone I will miss that wet bread dressing more than I would like to admit. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Peggy

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  3. Yes, traditions are a comforting anchor aren’t they? My mother makes this jello dish…it’s lime jello, cream cheese, 7up, and crushed pineapple with it’s juice. Overnight to firm it. Sounds strange, does it not? However, it’s always gobbled down quickly and everyone asks for it! I dislike jello dishes EXCEPT this one. I love how your morning unfolded, I felt like I was right there with you. I just wrote something myself about how comforting conifers are! Ever green. ❤ My children are tickling each other now, I confess it's a bit loud in here for me. Ha! So I just escape away to the Rabbit Patch and listen to the wind in your trees. 🙂 Blessings Amy


  4. Michele, I loved reading about the “little things” you do as tradition….breaking wishbones, the same foods even tho not everyone loves them. That all sounds so familiar to what our holidays are like. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Michele and give your family a hug from me! (I feel like I know them lol)

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      1. Hi Michelle, my eldest son who lives in Sydney injured his ankle while skiing. So i was in Sydney for awhile taking care of him. Each day presented a new problem and by the end of the night i was too tired to read or write. Did a lot of writing in waiting rooms and hospital but didn’t blog anything as wifi was temperamental

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      2. He is getting there. As per the surgeon the recovery seems to be going well. He has started physio. Still can’t walk without crutches and still in moon boots. But could have been worse. So i am thankful

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  5. Oh, Michele, another sweet and soft post that leaves my Heart open and full. I went to Church this morning and the “emotion” that evoked has stayed with me. I have so much to be Grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. May the crisp air and the warm feast fill your every need to overflowing. Much Love to you! 🦃🤗

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  6. I have always felt, as this post tells me you do as well, my dear friend, that as we enjoy Thanksgiving we should give thanks for the big, important things — health, love, the birth of a new baby, a too-long-delayed visit with an old friend, shelter and food — we should also express gratitude for the small things that fill our days with grace — a hummingbird at a feeder, a grandchild slipping her hand in yours, a fiery tree of autumn that refuses to submit to the wind, the comfort of a favorite chair.


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