Love That Does Wonders

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Thanksgiving Day has dawned  with low peach colored light.  The woodland trees behind the old barn look like black lace, in the absence of their leaves.   The house was chilly enough for a small fire. The flames flicker and flash light in a cheerful fashion.  A fire improves any room and makes an occasion out of ordinary moments.  I am glad for a time that calls for a fire.

Yesterday was a half day, at the school where I work .  For seventeen years, a group of  young violinists  that have advanced in the repertoire, carol and deliver pies to a housing complex just a few miles away from the campus.  It is one of my favorite events of the whole year.  We delivered more than 50 pies and the children were well mannered.  Service is the best way I know of to develop a noble character.

I had to make a mad dash to the grocery afterwards.  Of course, it was a full house.  Everyone was so friendly and happy.  The atmosphere was lively and happy.  I felt sorry I had dreaded it so.

Now, I love the eve of every holiday.  I love the cooking for as I go along in the kitchen making dishes,  I remember that Connie loves collards and Jenny loves cheesecake.  I wonder what Lyla will fancy this year . . and will my niece Hayley bring her boyfriend?  I make the biscuit dressing that everybody loves and remember Grandmama telling me how to make it. 

I often say, that cooking in anticipation of a family gathering, is one of my favorite pursuits.  I love washing the linens and brewing special blends of fine coffee. . .Mostly, I love waiting for the oldest children to come home.  Cash, my dog gets caught up in the merriment and is quite alert.  He goes from one window to another peering out, waiting, for he knows somehow, as I do  that something wonderful awaits.

By the time, the peach like light, had faded.  I was cooking a very large pot of collards.  Tres and Kyle slept by the warmth of the wood heater and all seemed right, at that moment.  This year, Thanksgiving is at Mama and Daddys’ house just after the noon hour.

Thanksgiving Afternoon

We all arrived in shifts, and with ours arms full of dishes.  The kitchen was noisy and busy with all sorts of activities going on.  There was not one complaint about anything on the table.  Hayley did not bring her boyfriend.   Christian brought his guitar and my nephew Brandon said he would bring his at Christmas.  Of course Lyla, being the youngest by far, got a fair share of attention.  We all agreed that she is a special child, as we have done with every child born to us, before her.  I think families ought to let the children know how precious  they are.  I do not think a child gains confidence with “false praise”  or  responding to their every desire with elaborate indulgences.   . .nor with excuses for poor behavior.    These things do not serve anyone-  But a sense of belonging to a family that is just  glad you were born, does wonders and can sustain you all of your life.   At least, it has for me.

We all left as we came, in shifts.  This time  our arms were full with the last of the green bean casserole, pecan pie and turkey.  Mama and Daddy are well stocked for a few meals.  The extra chairs were returned to the garage, trash was taken out and the kitchen was restored to good order.  Christmas decorations were retrieved from the attic so that when the “spirit moves in Mama”, she can act on it. 

Friday Morning, Very Early

I have not yet made a fire, but I ought to. It is a cold and bright morning.  None of us have ever gone shopping as millions do, the day after Thanksgiving.  My heart is too full to want for anything.  Instead, I will make a fire, and remember  all that unfolded yesterday . . .while I was in the company of those that are glad I was born and whose love . . . does wonders.


Those whose love does wonders




Me -with my “Pride and Joys”
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25 thoughts on “Love That Does Wonders

  1. I loved the account of your Thanksgiving. My brother and his family just left after having dinner and spending one night with us. I have run out of steam and don’t know whether I’ll write about our holiday. It was satisfyingly good.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving Michele!! Sounds like yours was wonderful, as was mine. I never go shopping the day after either…do not like crowds nor fighting all that traffic. It was quite chilly this morning as it is this evening and I do have my fireplace going…I too love a fire it does add cheer to a room!! Enjoy the long weekend too!! Lovely pics of you and your family…love Deb xo

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      1. We do seem to have a lot in common, I like that. Thank you, my weekend has been wonderful and the weather has been perfect for cheerful fires…I see more in my near future! Wishing you a special Saturday. love Deb 🙂

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  3. Loved loved loved this one Michele! Right down to sending people home with the last of the green bean cassarole!
    The pictures of you and your pride and joy …aaahhhhh…that is a deep sigh of contentment from over here in Iowa. I get to see my pride and joys tomorrow and I am so ready to see them all.
    Yes, I shall be telling my three grandkids that we are so glad they were born into our family. It is so true they need to know we are happy they were born. This post is going to keep me grinning for a long time.

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    1. What a happy day for you! I am already missing my kids, that have left. I bet your grandchildren know you are glad they were born! Makes me happy that you liked this post-Comments like yours, really touch my heart and cheer me. thank you so much dear friend-love Michele

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  4. A beautiful gathering, of beautiful people, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, in-laws grandparents, great-grandparents and the newest members of the family.
    The photographs were wonderful. The post even more-so.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day.
    ~ Cobs. x ❤

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    1. thank you dearest-I hope you got the email. Gatherings bring us back together and remind us of who we belong to-keeps us grounded.. I hope all is well with you-now we can email too-please let me know that you are well. love your rabbit! Michele

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      1. Hello dearest Rabbit. Yes, received your email and replied… but since it’s the first time I’ve emailed you, it may have gone to your spam folder, so you might want to look in there.

        Hoping to get to the Post Office tomorrow to post you a Christmas Card … fingers crossed that I can find a suitable, light but strong box to send it in. 🙂

        Sending oodles of squidges ~ C. xxx


  5. After reading your words and studying the family photographs, I felt as though I had spent a little time with you and your loved ones. You described the sort of Thanksgiving experience that makes my heart sing; Joel and I enjoyed the same sort of holiday with our children and grandchildren in Illinois, We were the first to awaken in a house full of family on Friday, and we sat with our coffee, discussed the happy day we’d had, and wondered why people would want to dash out of the house to go shopping instead of visiting, napping, and eating left overs.


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