Suddenly, It ‘s December

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The spirea has tiny little blossoms, at the rabbit patch.  A few of the azaleas do too.  The roses are still blooming-and why not?  It does feel like April, after all.  For the last three days it has been seventy agrees or close to it.  Only the trees declare it is autumn. 

Every day , I come home to the rabbit patch and work on the yard til dark.  I have already had to clean sections of the territory twice, and I am predicting I will do the same next week.  It is an odd affair to clean deep layers of  leaves from the Quiet Garden,  while pink roses are blooming and the uninvited  black-eyed susans,  seem to have caught a “second wind”.   Even the air feels like the time when birds are nesting.  

The unseasonable temperature is quite easy on the “shoe-string” budget  at the rabbit patch . . .and I am grateful for that.  Still, it does not inspire me to put the Christmas lights on the porch . . .just yet.

This week is an especially busy time.  This is the week of rehearsal for the “Holiday Concert” at our school.  There are over three hundred students involved and a million details that come with it.  The carpet has not been installed  in the farmhouse, where the hole used to be.  This means, what used to be in my bedroom, is now in the hall.  The leaves are still falling . . .meanwhile, someone else called to tour the house and property.  For months, all was well.  The house and yard were tidy, but “first one thing happened, and then another” and so  the current state of affairs, is that the rabbit patch house is in shambles and the territory is strewn.  It will be most difficult to see the charm of the place under such conditions.  Still, I do not grow faint of heart, for the rabbit patch still beckons with a most friendly persuasion. 

The moon rises over one field, and the sun sets over another.  Nights are quiet and the peace of them wash over you like a tonic.  Old trees give shade and younger trees bear fruit and pecans . . Things like roses , jasmine and honeysuckle  bloom on the land-like ” a love that does cover a multitude of sins”.    For a country dweller,  the rabbit patch is a haven, of sorts.  While it is “in the world , it does not seem of it”.  

December is upon us, no matter the mild climate.  The  Farmers Almanac forecast, declares  December, a mild and rainy time.  I will take Christmas however I can get it.  Gingerbread is good, no matter the weather.  I will watch old movies such as ” Holiday Affair”  and “It Happened on Fifth Avenue” . . and I will read “Redbird Christmas”  again.  I will listen to songs, my grandmother sang  and remember how well, my Aunt Agnes played the piano.

Christmas used to take so very long to arrive.  This no longer rings true for me.  Now, a season comes along and passes by and I notice none of them are slow.  To me,  Lyla and I were watching young rabbits not so awfully long ago.  . .and October was just yesterday.  Maybe it is this way, because of all the details, we inherit as adults.  Whatever the case, December is suddenly here and this changes everything.  

19 thoughts on “Suddenly, It ‘s December

  1. We have VERY warm weather here also for this time of year. Like you, I’m just enjoying it! I have towels and bedding on the clothesline! That is a really good point about how we inherit all sorts of details we didn’t have as children, making time seem not enough or something. I can’t believe it’s December 1st already…amazing…

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  2. It has turned warmer here also which is so odd for this time of year. I am also having trouble getting into “Christmas mode”. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas shopping or decorating yet….though I had probably better get to it because it is coming if I am ready or not!

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      1. Snow is not so rare here in the winter. It is first kind of exciting and the first big snow storms of the year are fun for the first couple days….then it becomes hard work lol.
        I think it make the Spring so precious just for that reason.

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      2. When snow but an inch falls here-it is the biggest deal. Everything closes, as we do not have snow plows-nor snow shovels! ha! I am like a kid-and make treats even! Now. I have heard horror stories about folks digging out for hours BEFORE work- that is dreadful and I would just be hungry, I think! haha!

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  3. Time is going fast for me too, Michele! Christmas concert is good to bring us the spirit of Christmas even our porch is not lit with the lights. It was warm her until two days ago. But who knows if it will get warm again. Our weather is so strange. Have a nice weekend. I’ll have two performances for Messiah this Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to them!

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  4. Not only is it suddenly December, it’s suddenly December 4! How could that have happened? I have so much to do at work between now and the 28th, I’ve had to really discipline myself to get out of the house by 7:30 — I’m a little late this morning, but it’s Monday.

    I grew up with white Christmases in Iowa — sometimes so white we couldn’t get to my grandparents’ home. I miss snow tremendously, but in 2004, we had what people still call the Christmas Miracle: a true snowstorm on Christmas Eve that allowed for the building of snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels, and some of the most beautiful photos in the world. There actually was a lot of snow, and it lasted for a few days. Every year, I hope! (There’s a photo on my current blog post of the lantana in the yard, covered with snow.)

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