“I Heard a Bird Sing”

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Last night, was the night of the  “Holiday Concert”, at our school.  This is a huge event and requires months of preparation.  I am happy to report, that all went well-and many shed tears.  When two hundred children play violins together, those not prone to, will cry.  

I drove home under a full moon with a full heart.  I no longer drive at night, unless a real need arises.  It is a common occurrence for country folks to encounter deer on dark nights.  The deer act like squirrels and will dart right in your way.  There is rarely one of them, so if you miss one, you better stop and wait for next ones.  In light of this, I drove slowly and prayed.  I pulled into the rabbit patch, which was bathed in a milky wash of moonlight.  I stood outside of the old farmhouse for awhile, surveying the beauty of  the luster on the territory.  Even the leaves, that have been perpetually falling, wore a sheen  and added to the scene.  I felt  so  tenderly loved, to have been shown such a sight.

I almost missed the “early service” this morning. Thankfully, I saw the day break with a gentle, golden light.  A mockingbird sang as soon as the light had dispelled all darkness and convinced  me to write about it.  I was reminded of a poem, I love by Oliver Herford.  I always recite it, in early December. . “I heard a  bird sing, in the dark of December-a magical thing and sweet to remember” …

A lot of tasks will be tackled this weekend.  We started a list on Monday, and added to it, until, it was a lengthy and barely possible mission, for mere humans.  I have started the touch up painting in the room, where that awful hole used to be.  A pot of chili is simmering  and inspires me for the  noon break.

After the Noon Hour

I had not made nearly the progress I had hoped for, by mid day.  At least, the chili was just right and lived up to its’ reputation, as a  “comfort food”.  I decided I would simply go from one task to another and hope for the best.  On a whim I decided to make cookies.   I was taking a chance on that, as though cookies may be my favorite indulgence, I am just not a good cookie maker.  Christian bakes them perfectly every time.   

A light rain was falling so there would be no yard work today.   By mid afternoon, I had finished two of the chores and then did paperwork, which is my least favorite duty.  The cookies, though not burned, were hard and such a disappointment.  I am going to practice when things settle down-of course, that is seldom, as of lately.  

I turned the lamp on before four pm.-it was that kind of day.  I finished the dreadful job of paying bills and ate a hard cookie.  I thought about Christmas . 

This Wednesday, is our annual shopping trip.  My Mom, sisters and I will meet in a neighboring town, as we have done for close to twenty years-and shop.  This is never a frantic venture, but more like a visit, though we do get a lot accomplished.  It is an ALL day event.  Mama starts out, caring about every detail of her shopping.  We all help her find the right gifts for the grandchildren.  Mama wonders, is that the right color, does he really want this . . etc.  By mid afternoon, she says “Just put it in the cart.”  It is tiring.   I do not shop much and I am quite amazed at all I have not seen, before.  I try to avoid dishes altogether. likewise,  candle shops, coffee shops and places that sell french milled soaps.  I  do spend a fair amount of time in bookstores.  Mama will too, if they have a couch.  If I see Delores, rummaging through bins of small items, I will head in another direction, as she is not satisfied until she has seen every item, often looking  for four just alike.  When she does find them, she may or may not buy them.  Connie is no nonsense and sticks to her list in a militant manner.  She tells us what time it is often.  I must get my thoughts organized before Wednesday.

With my bed and shoes in the hallway, it is a bit overwhelming to think of bringing more stuff in the house.  There is also not a sign of Christmas anywhere at the rabbit patch, yet . . .other than a poinsettia  from the concert on Friday.-and the hard cookies.  Hopefully, the ladder will be out of the way, shortly.

Tomorrow, I will go back to my list of tasks, with the fortitude, of Connie.  We will do what we can and I will do my best not to complain, as I go along . . for it seems so very ungrateful.  If I am tempted to act poorly, I must remind myself that truly, I have been given to, all of my life and I ought to take stock in that – and I ought to consider what do I give back?   How generous is my heart?     It is  the Christmas season, after all, and a good time to think on such things. 


18 thoughts on ““I Heard a Bird Sing”

  1. The full moon has been wonderful. I don’t like to drive at night for the same .but there were no deer last night. The kids were good, as always, and mom and dad had a date night so all is good. They live about 7 miles away on a pretty lonely road but prayers help and being with the bunch is always a happy time.
    I did manage to purchase a gal.. of paint yesterday. Now all I need to do is find time to dip the brush in.You must be a wiz at painting by now…I’ll get my groove soon. .
    I don’t mind hard cookies.I just don’t need a pan of cookies setting around…I’ll eat them every one. LOL
    The children’s musical at their church is tonight. Grandson has a solo. Then the school music for grandparents day is Thursday. These are always fun
    I missed the early service too but need the sleep time so there will be more…probably tomorrow.
    We may have winter weather in the near future. While I love it for a day or two I sure hope it isn’t a big event.. enjoy the rest of the weekend….this to shall end.


  2. Ohhh dearest Rabbit, this post has been a total joy to read. The wonderment of the concert, and yes, I cried at every single concert my girls were in – I’m a dreadful blubber baby.

    Like you, I don’t much like driving at night either. I seem to have developed a problem of working out how fast a car coming towards me is going. So I get over-cautious and drive slower than I do during the day time, even though I know the roads really well.

    I loved, loved, loved reading about your shopping trip for Christmas gifts, for it reminded me of the shopping trips my mother and I used to make. We would take a list of everyone we had to buy for, with a rough guidance of how much we didn’t want to spend over…. and we made the whole day into a wonderful challenge. We would stop for coffee mid morning, then we’d call in somewhere for lunch, and then continue shopping until we’d (hopefully) bought everyone’s present.

    If there was anyone who we’d struggled with, then I would do another shop the following week and get whatever it was that Mom or I couldn’t find, or even both of us…. and then it would be all over and done with.

    Then came the wrapping. Ohhhh the wrapping. What a chore that became. My mother loved to wrap her gifts and got them all wrapped within a couple of days of buying them. Not so me. I would have all good intentions, but I never seemed to actually get there.

    I’m going to try and be good this year and wrap over 3 days. (My brain is now saying: “Yeah, a likely story!” …. what a darn cheek!)

    Loved this post Rabbit. It’s one which I know I’ll come back and read again just so I can feel the love and the joy, all over again.
    Squidges and much love ~ Cobs. xxx


  3. Oh, Michele, what a lovely post again! How I just love coming here. You have every right to drive slowly at night. Hubby and I actually did hit a deer years ago and I still have yet to forget the fright it caused and the damage to our car, too. It is also nice to have a to do list and I have learned over the years on those days I accomplish all that I intended to do on that day I give myself a huge pat on the back. If not, there is always tomorrow. (smile) We have our Christmas ribbons up on our outside lights but that is it so far. Most years that is all we do as far as Christmas decorations on account of all the cats we love and care for. And as for the giving theme …. I’ve been thinking on that one too. I just finished a baby blanket I knitted which I will be giving to a pregnant young woman I know who lives in Germany. I’m in the exciting stage of getting that all prepared and then planning on which pattern to do next for the next pregnant woman who will cross paths with me. Oh yes this too shall happen. I have no doubt! Knitting is very comforting to me, bringing feelings of my Mother very close to me. I am continuing her tradition of knitting and crocheting things and giving them as gifts. As for shopping … I now do amazon.com. I detest shopping, especially this time of the year. And yeah, it does tire you out! Have a great day!!! 💞

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  4. 200 violins!?!!! What an amazing gift to move hearts & lift spirits!!! (& what an important investment you are making in the lives of so many young people!) Much love, Michele. 💜🎻💜🎼💜🎻💜

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  5. Loved every word Michele! From the concert to the drive home to the shopping trip and your bed in the hallway.
    My sisters and I used to do our Christmas shopping together when our children were small. It was always so much fun and so much laughter. After reading this we may have to revive that tradition.
    I am hoping to get started on Christmas decorating tomorrow….for some reason this year it has been difficult. I am not sure if it is the weather has been too nice (tho that changed tonite and we had snow and cold winds) or that it has been so busy. Hopefully tomorrow I can change our Christmas-less home!


  6. I’m grateful for all you give back. What a blessing you are to bring music into the world and to share the things that are important from the rabbitpatch. I have yet to decorate myself – like you mention, carrying something in that will then have to be carried away. The most important celebration is in our heart. Thanks for sharing the Mockingbird’s’ song and the love that brings tears. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

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  7. Your school concert sounds wonderful. I think I am in a similar stage in planning with not a lot done yet… Hopefully that will change this week. Enjoy your shopping trip. These are precious days. 🌼


  8. I had a hard time imagining your house with no Christmas decorations. John began bringing in tubs of decorations on December 1. I have a rather large collection of angels, and he has arranged them artfully all around the house. The ceiling fans all have angels hanging from their chains. The poinsettia shower curtain is in our bathroom, and the one with angels is in the guest bath. We have unearthed the tablecloths and place mats, and Christmas magnets are stuck to the cars. We’re eating from holiday plates and drinking from Christmas mugs. Yes, we go overboard, but we like it. I hope you will soon have a few decorations up — just as many as you want and no more!

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  9. Thank you for talking about hard cookies.
    I was immediately reminded of my sainted mother, and got a little lump in my throat.
    My mom had the same luck with cookies (and sometimes cakes and pies, too). Sometimes hard and sometimes scorched, but you’ll never hear me complain.
    What I would give to roll up one more “jelly roll” with her.

    All my best,


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