When the Moon Rose Over the Field


I all but missed the early service this morning. I slipped in late-but in time for communion.  Thankfully, the rabbit patch does not keep an account of such things.  The mockingbird did not sing, either.  Cash, my dog and his best friend, the gray cat, Christopher Robin, slept through the whole thing.  Night became day, without a big production.  The territory simply became lighted.  Yesterdays’ rain made the leaves drop until the land looked “untouched by human hand”.  My grandmama used to say “that idle hands were the devils’ workshop” .  As a child, this scared me senseless and I would find something to do that very moment.  Now, I can honestly say, that “idle hands” are at least one sin, I do not have to worry about.

On top of being late for “the early service at the rabbit patch”, I cut it short.  I had laundry washing and a paintbrush in my hand, within thirty minutes.  I think it is safe to say, I will not bake cookies today.  

By early afternoon, I knew that the ladder would spend another night in the farmhouse. As I painted the wall, where a roller couldn’t go, I noticed the crown molding looked mighty dingy-as did the ceiling.  Both needed painting.   I did my best to convince myself,  otherwise,  but the verdict was “written on the wall”  so to speak.  I consoled myself, that it was kind of like doing something for the future owners.  I hoped they had children-and that the children had a pony-and little goats.  Just before giving them names, I stopped carrying on-but it did help lift my spirits.  It felt different to improve conditions for others, instead of for the sake of selling it.  I felt the same way, when I planted the rose bush in the spring.

The sun was shining by late afternoon.  I made a mental note to wash the windows.  I worked steadily.  When Kyle needed the ladder, I was almost glad of it.  I went to the kitchen and started to try and restore order there.  I had taken everything off of the built in shelves as I painted.  One shelf has a collection of white covered books.  Those I dusted.  Another shelf, has Grandmamas’ old Avon decanters-all white of course.  I took to washing them.  I have written before, about the relaxation that comes with hand washing pretty glass.  This was just the remedy I needed.  I caught faint whiffs of the old fashioned perfumes and remembered  those familiar fragrances that adorned all of the country women, in my childhood.  

The Avon Lady was a regular visitor to the farm, when I was growing up.  I never knew her name, but I remember she was a sweet lady with silver hair-and she was always wearing “church clothes”.  She would give Delores and I little lipstick samples which thrilled us.  We put them in our pocketbooks with our Sunday gloves, and things like acorns and bottle caps.  The Avon Lady was well received-if it was winter, but sometimes she had the misfortune of coming when Grandmama was cleaning out the freezer or canning tomatoes.  I remember Delores and I running in the backdoor joyfully announcing “The Avon lady is here!”-  And grandma saying “durn!”  on more than one occasion.  That was strong language, in those days.  Children were not allowed to even say it. 

By the time Kyle was finished with the ladder, the kitchen was in proper order, excepting the white glass on the counter and the white  covered books stacked on the kitchen table.  I told Kyle to put the ladder back in the living room, for I had lost all of my gumption, while washing the glass.

We did not finish every chore on the list, but had made a gallant effort.  I have been working on the rabbit patch for a long while.  The house is older than it has ever been-I am too.   I think now,  I needed the rabbit patch as much as it needed me.  Surely the barns look better with roses painted on them and a yard full of flowers and apples, couldn’t   be anything but appealing.  The rabbit patch taught me how to be resourceful.  I learned to live carefully because I had to-now I do so because I want to.  When the moon rose over the field, behind the old barn,  I found it difficult to hold  anything against the territory that  fed us-or the house that sheltered us.  . .even though there is a ladder in the living room-and my dresser is in the hall way. .  along with my shoes.



37 thoughts on “When the Moon Rose Over the Field

  1. The washing of the Avon decanters would be a dandy activity at some of my Assisted Living Facilities. The smells alone would be a draw, as well as the repetitive washing movements, and most likely the reminiscent conversations. Old is always new to my dementia peeps! Did you also mention relaxing? Just the ticket!!!

    The roses on the barn would catch my eye immediately, since I have a history with barns. I love them in all their glory.

    Where did you say you get all your energy? I totally missed that part.

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    1. I have always had a lot of energy-but when I take a day-I do next to nothing! Washing is very calming and therapuetic. Used with children for that reason. Do pay attention to the smells of the soaps as they do add so much. I have been using “Mrs. Meyers” products safe and all natural. I buy then from “Grove” on line at the best prices I have found anywhere. What a beautiful difference you must make in peoples lives-thank, my fellow barn lover-love Michele

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      1. You are very welcome Michele. I will keep “Mrs. Meyers in mind for olfactory sessions. Pouring the soaps into little bottles, then offering a sniff gets interesting reactions too. Anything calming gets a gold star!!!

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  2. Have not thought of the Avon lady for a long time. I remember getting those little tubes of lipstick too! You bring back so many memories for me. I am grateful for you. We are getting on with our lives here it has been a month since my SIL passed. Peggy

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  3. Oh MIchele….you brought back such great memories of our Avon lady, Betty. She was a lady who went to the same church as us and she always gave us girls those little lipstick samples. I remember my mom and grandma wearing a perfume called Roses Roses and they would waft that smell everywhere they went. I still have some of those Avon perfume bottles only mine look like ladies with bonnets and hoop skirts.

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  4. You are such a hard-worker, always busy doing something. I hope when the Rabbit Patch sells that you’ll have more time for yourself and to do things for you that don’t tire you out so. I love that you were envisioning a family with children…keep that vision and embellish on it and see them coming in early Spring or sooner. See them loving the Rabbit Patch and offering you just want you want for it…believe these things and they will come to you. And leave them the ladder…;-) love Deb xo

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    1. so sweet! my dearfriend-I have been praying for the right people. people who will find joy here as I have. Guess what-I have thought it might be in early spring-now what year, I do not know! haha! Leave them the ladder-priceless! thank you so much Deb-you are inspiration! love Michele

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      1. I’m going to join you in those prayers and believe that it’s going to be early Spring 2018!! That’s when they’ll see the Rabbit Patch blooming and will not be able to resist. Thanks Michele, it makes me smile that you find me an inspiration, happy to help!! love Deb xo

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  5. I agree with you that sometimes hand washing pretty glass is relaxing and almost meditative. Such a tranquil post that brought back memories of growing up and my beautiful mum. You certainly seem to have a lot of energy Michele, just as she did. 💖


  6. I love that you are making the house beautiful for the next owners and even though you are sorry to leave, you are remembering to be grateful for all that the rabbit patch has given you. A beautiful post!


  7. Dearest Rabbit, I love the way that you are lovingly working on the Rabbit Patch, for in doing the work, it feels (to me at least) that you are saying a wonderful, incredible, loving, precious, thank you to it for helping you to bring up your children and welcome your newest member into your home, and kind of …. saying goodbye in a way that it will understand. And … in it’s own way of saying how much it loves you and that it will miss you … but … that it thanks you too for bringing such joy into it’s walls. For sticking with it when others might well have said ‘enough’! and left.

    Those walls have felt your loving kindness and are now feeling your new love for it as you say thank you.

    It will be a long(ish) goodbye – for it does take longer than a regular goodbye to sell a property – but anything which has great love, takes a long time to genuinly say goodbye to.

    Love you muchly, Rabbit. For so many reasons that I just can’t even begin to tell you about. Just know that I love you.
    Sending squidges, and wishing you a blessed rest of your day. ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. Isn’t it funny how many here commented on the Avon lady? I’d utterly forgotten those tiny sample lipsticks. They were adorable and fun, and actually could be used for a good long time before they were all used up.

    I have a little collection of antique miniature oil lamps, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than washing them and seeing them sparkle again. Some are colored glass; some are handpainted. I wish now I hadn’t sold some of them, but I only miss them now and then, and besides — they brought quite a profit when I did sell them! My buying and selling days are over now, as I’ve moved on to other things, but I do enjoy the collection that remains. Learning to enjoy “remainders” is important, I think.

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    1. Back then, before mass communication, the Avon Lady was a sweet sight! We had company! Also there weren’t stores like we have now. Well, in small towns, anyway. Besides that, we used things til they broke and couldn’t be fixed, so stores weren’t as necessary-my,my how things change! The Avon ladies were a sweet lot too! thank you love Michele

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  9. I was transported by your flight of fancy while painting. Goats? Well, why not? That’s wonderful that you can think of improving the house for the next owners instead of considering it a selling chore. You are amazing!

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    1. maybe it is self preservation! ha! whatever it is, it helps! ha! I alwys remember when Jenny and Will were looking for a house-and now Tres is-I want my children to find the right home and so I hope it for others too. Now about the goats-a few years back, I had miniature goats and miniature horses, rabbits and chickens. I loved it, but when Lyla was born, well I couldn’t leave the house. I gave everything away except my dog! I ain’t sorry! thank you love Michele


  10. I can just picture those roses on your barn. How sentimental you are! As for painting, that is such hard work especially on the neck and shoulders. I’m not sure if I can even paint anymore due to my “back issues”. That never did stop me though. Someone just recently called me Superwoman referring to all I do, but like you, I make sure I have a down day after the Energizer Bunny day. I’m not even able to relate to the emotions you must be going through. I hope by the time it is time for me to sell our home, a home we built with our own two hands, I will be ready to sell it. Your descriptions of the past and your musings are just so sweet, Michele. Oh for those good old days! Much Love!! ☺️

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  11. Here’s a selfish comment: Oh please don’t leave the rabbit patch! I adore your beautiful, heartfelt stories! Each time I read one I’m carried into your magical world. If you have to leave, I hope you will find a new place to live that you will make just as magical. You are the magic in the patch.

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    1. awwh-Christian said “Mom, home is where you are”-of my, brought tears. Rest assured, I intend to carry on the way of the rabbit patch. It took me years to find peace about it. Lyla was born, and that changed everything. I want to spend my time with her and future grand kids-and this place requires a lot of attention-and you are not selfish one iota! thank you friend-love Michele


      1. oh my gosh-made me cry! so beautiful. Thank you so much-I have been terribly behind in reading and this post was meant for me today. I do believe that I am richer for living here-all the work helped me to heal and the peace of it, restored me. It has been one of the most beautiful stepping stones in my life. thank you again-love Michele


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