Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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The bone chilling rain is about to wind down, it seems.  But for just a few measly degrees, it would have been snow.  Southern folks either love the rare event of snow or hate it-I love it.  The early service, at the rabbit patch was quite uneventful, on account of the rain. . .unless you consider, that light came to the world- and with it a host of opportunities.  I thought about this in the silver silence, for the mockingbird did not sing today.

Two birthdays happened this week.  My son Kyle had a birthday on December seventh.  Kyle is my fourth child.  I adopted Kyle from Colombia South America.  He was just two years old. Kyle is a hard worker and handsome too.  Kyle has to be outside despite the conditions.  My Kyle was a rascal as a young boy.  He “sold” the neighbors all sorts of things I had sent him to deliver.  Things like cake and hand me down childrens’ clothes.   Once, he put Christian in a wagon and collected donations for some operation that was bound to come up.  He tied a tricycle behind a neighbors’ truck, and convinced him he needed a new transmission, for a short while.  Thankfully, I had kind neighbors, who were amused with his antics and did not hold grudges. 

One Christmas, many years ago I did not have any money for Santa.  My husband had died, and I was barely keeping the lights on.  I called my children together and told them I could not help Santa this year.  The pain of that moment, is still remembered.  How, I thought could such wonderful children, not have a Christmas with at least a gift.  Brant was around twelve, and was the oldest.  Brant said “Mama, could you just help Santa for the little boys?”  Tres and Jenny loved the idea and agreed with all their little hearts.  I was overcome and fighting outright bawling.  I was so deeply touched and thought how pure my children were-and right as I thought “my children are perfect” . . .Kyle piped up and said “That could work!”  Oh, my Kyle -lest I became haughty, saved me!  Rest assured we had a merry Christmas, after all-and Kyle saved his money, and bought me a bar of soap!

My sister, Delores had a birthday on December eighth.  I was an almost red haired child with freckles and then Delores was born who was a pretty child, with blue eyes and the cutest little face.  We were friends, and partners .  In the summer, we spent hours under the grapevines with our dolls.  In the winter, we played in the woods.  In the rain we played in the barn.  Delores was the perfect companion for childhood. We were known to pull hair and  would scrap like naughty boys, on occasion, however.  Once, Delores was riding a pony in a parade, she and I  were having  just outside the backdoor. I was playing a dime store flute that made an unnatural sound.  The pony took to jumping about.  Delores was pleading with me to stop-but instead I played louder.  The pony, finally started  bucking and threw Delores  off.  Delores got up and marched over to me in a rage. She literally knocked the breath out of me.  We had those moments and many more like them, but Delores believed in me and made feel important – that  does a lot for a child.  The same can be said today.  Delores remains a devoted and loyal sister.  

Today, is a far cry from  a birthday celebration at the rabbit patch.  Clean laundry is on the kitchen table, folded to be put away.  The laundry must share the kitchen table with the presents bought on Wednesday.  The counter is full of the clean Avon decanters  and somewhere are the “white” books.  I am painting the built in shelves so that order will be restored, shortly and the glass and books can “go back to where they live”.  The hall remains the only “walk in” closet, I have ever had, due to the roll of carpet in the bedroom floor.   . .and we have “company coming”.  For months, the house and yard were in pristine condition.  Now that I have torn up the floor in the bedroom, several prospected buyers want tours.  I turned down the first few thinking it was an awful time-now I have decided to let them all come. We are making improvements, after all .  It is a bit ironic that every leaf is off of every tree and lying all over the territory as well.  Selling a house, is not for the faint of heart.  What a nuisance it is, to have kept order for so long , only to be caught “between a rock  and a hard place”.  . .however, I  am throwing caution to the wind, as I do not pray in vain, and am convinced  the future right owners will present themselves at the right time. . .and under any circumstances will fall in love with the rabbit patch,  just as I did a long while ago. .

Delores on the left, and me with a rabbit
Happy Birthday Kyle


30 thoughts on “Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Happy Birthday Kyle and Delores! My grandson James is adopted thanks for sharing! We had our first snow today a very wet one and cold everything will be frozen tomorrow! The first snow is special and kind of magical although my husband would disagree. Peggy

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  2. Give Kyle my best for his birthday, and Delores, too. My mother had a sister named Delores, though I never met her. She died when I was about ten, and from what I’ve pieced together, there were complicating factors that kept her from being a part of the family. But that’s a very long time ago, and makes no difference now.

    I enjoyed the photo of you and Delores with the rabbit. I was an only child, and never thought much about it. Now, I wish I’d had some siblings, but there’s no changing that, either!

    I don’t think you should worry one whit about selling the house while things are “in process.” Better that people should know that you care about the Rabbit Patch, and want to make it satisfactory for the next to enjoy it. I suspect things will work out just fine.

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    1. That is what I decided too-thank you for reaffirming that sentiment-I am in new territory and quite overwhelmed at times with how to proceed. Oh well, I am doing my best-and praying a lot. I am not anxious to convince somebody either, they ought to buy. I want the right family here that will enjoy it and not regret it later I also know it will sell when it ought to. Until then, I have a beautiful life to live. thank you so much-love Michele

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  3. Oh the Stories that come with Christmas.If I was a wiz at typing I would share but just know I related to no money and good boys that deserve more.
    Please keep in mind that the “new” owners might change everything. We all have our own ideas of what perfect is. Just relax,do what you can and let God take it from there.

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    1. You know then the weight of that burden at Christmas-still, I am not sorry for it, as it left a lasting impression on all of us. One we could use in life. Yes I am expecting that the whole house may change-and that is ok. I am repairing and painting only. I have looked at a lot of little houses, and clean is a lot more pleasant. I still have a repair waiting after this one-but I sure hope that is the last one!! thank you dear-love Michele

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  4. He’s handsome! Happy late birthday to Kyle. Love your outlook for selling. Whoever is meant to love your beloved home, will love it before they even arrive. ❤️ Funny story about the horse.

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      1. Yes ma’am. Just ate a delicious dinner. Today we rode the ferry to go to Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach. We ate lunch at a restaurant ON the beach, played bingo, and went to an arcade. Fun memories. ❤️

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  5. Happy happy birthday to Kyle and to your sister Delores. it was my husband’s birthday on the 8th also!
    I am convince the right buyers are not going to be put off by the Rabbit Patch under construction. They will fall in love with it’s charm and see all the wonderful parts of it.
    Loved your stories of Kyle! My second son was rather enterprising like that also. It did keep it interesting!

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    1. I declare Kyle’s soul mission was to keep me humble! Can you imagine when a senior lady came to my house to inquire how the baby that needed the operation was!!! I said he is going to be fine and she said I gave some money to help-she left and I screamed “KYLE”-I knew it was him! What a horrible mess-I made him give the money to Church-gosh I never saw any of it coming! haha! thank you dear one!

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  6. I loved learning more about Kyle, his shenanigans, his good heart. What a blessing he has been to your family. And, of course, your Delores is my Barbara and I know what a joy a best-friend sister can be. I applaud you for your attitude about letting people see the house while you are still making improvements. Every house I’ve been part of buying has been less than perfect, has had quirks, but in part that is what made me like them. I’ve always preferred a house with personality. From reading your posts, I know I’d like the Rabbit Patch and I’m certain others will as well.

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    1. oh dear friend- I actually put the rabbit patch on hold for a few months! I just couldn’t believe folks were wanting tours left and right and wanted to observe Christmas in a more personal way. Like you I am drawn to character in a house and newer homes just aren’t that way-usually. I know you would love this place. thank you so much! love Michele

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