“I Love Christmas!”

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I was up long before dawn, this day.  I was at the early service in the  back yard of the rabbit patch, standing under a sycamore, not bearing a single leaf, when morning broke.  After a few dimly lit days, the bright light of dawn was a welcomed sight.  It is still cold, but I have quite a fondness for a friendly, cold  morning-the kind that does not burst pies , but simply demands a good, heavy coat. 

I like the winter landscape.  There is something so pure about it.  I like trees under any conditions. At the rabbit patch, there are always branches scattered about, on any given day.  They drop leaves without mercy- and the sycamores shed their bark and litter shards of it, on the territory.   The oaks drop acorns, yet I love them all in spite of everything.  The rabbit patch is a sanctuary for songbirds, because of the trees.  In the summer, the shade of an old tree, has made a difference for me on many occasions, in months like July.  Now, they all stand bare and look so very noble.  At night, when the sky is laden with stars  that shine through the bare branches, they look like Christmas trees, using only a little imagination.

At long last, the kitchen table is again a place to eat.  Laundry has been put away-so has “Christmas” .  The Avon glass is back on the shelves and so are the “white books”.  Even the piano, has been put back against the wall, and the “Home Sweet Home” picture hangs above it, again.  All of this happened before ten am.  

The only sign of Christmas at the rabbit patch is a poinsettia atop the refrigerator and a full “Christmas closet.”  I did manage to tie a red ribbon on the simple wreath on the backdoor-and put a new candle in the “welcome home” lantern that hangs outside the back door.  For many years, the Christmas tree is  always trimmed on December seventh, Kyles’ birthday.  It feels odd not to have done so this year.  Hopefully, the painting in the living room will be finished this week,  then we too, can declare our “Christmas Spirit”  is alive and well.

This is the first year that Lyla has at least some inkling about Christmas.  She is just two and a half, after all.   She had her Christmas with her paternal grandmother, Miss Claudia, this weekend.  Will comes from a close-knit family, and so there was a big family gathering at Miss Claudias’ home  with lots of  happy relatives and good food.  I take great comfort that Lyla lives close to her big and happy family.  

Jenny put her tree up, about a week ago.  When the lights were lit, Lyla exclaimed  “I love Christmas!” over and over.  When Lyla was taken to the Christmas parade, in Elizabeth City, she said ” Well, I love parades!”  Jenny, decided today, to make a gingerbread house with Lyla.  She bought a small kit, and all was going well, til Lyla ate part of the roof-I guess Lyla loves gingerbread houses too.

I can hardly wait to see Lyla.  I have been missing everybody lately.  The last few weekends have been spent working on the farmhouse-and I have a bit over a week of school left, as well.  There are still more than a few tasks to be completed, here at the rabbit patch, so I must bide my time and remember  all there is to do while I wait.

  It seems to me, while children wait for Santa, mothers wait for children. 




Lyla, before she ate the roof!




28 thoughts on ““I Love Christmas!”

  1. We had a lovely Christmas here with Mari, Andy, Drew and Mia along with Jenny, Will, and Lyla and my sisters, Julia and Mary Ruth and Larry. However, this was just for Mari B’s family. Lyla spent more time with Mia this visit which please Mia.Drew got to stay with them one night so that was great. Lyla was so good…with lots of people, gifts, food….very seldom getting upset and staying up very late!!! They didn’t open packages from me yet!!

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  2. Oh my. “While children wait for Santa, mothers wait for children.” So much packed into that line, Michele. You have such a beautiful appreciation and attention to the natural world around you…I just love it. Reminds me of our dear friend, Gladys Taber. And your granddaughter is so sweet! It’s fun to see all of this through little one’s eyes, isn’t it?! My 3 yo has been SO excited about Christmas trees everywhere. It is just precious. He doesn’t really get the reason, just the beautifully lit trees INSIDE buildings are fascinating to him.

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    1. To even be likened to Gladys Taber , made my day! thank you This is the first Christmas that Lyla has any clue that it is a holiday, and yes how beautiful! I hope your Christmas is wonderful-somehow I know it will be. Oh-Lyla is getting the Beatrix Potter treasury from me! Haha!

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  3. My grandchildren made gingerbread houses and when we were there this past weekend, we were firmly told “Don’t chomp on my gingerbread house!” by our 4 year old granddaughter. It made me laugh…she was so serious.
    Love the photo of your little Lyla.

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  4. I love Christmas too, the purity of the snow and all the lights glinting in windows and homes lit by lights.
    To buy presents. Children make Christmas the perfect time, so excited and with ease to react directly to all around them.
    One of my big favourite memories is travelling to the big market in the city, the whole family and buy the very special Christmas tree. Then all of us carry it down to the ferry boat.


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  5. I could wax lyrical about this fabulous post but I’m going to cut to the chase …. Lyla, eating the Gingerbread house roof …. Oh My Goodness … I laughed like a drain and am stiff laughing now.

    God bless her little heart. She’s an absolute tonic. She should be available on prescription. “A dose of Lyla, twice a day” LOLOLOL.
    Sending big squidges and lots of love ~ Cobs. xxx


  6. These sentences sang their way into my heart: “I like the winter landscape. There is something so pure about it,” because they are true and sound. Then the last sentence took my breath away with its simplicity and truth. So you delivered a double-whammy to my reading pleasure today, dear friend. Thank you.

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