Lights, Ribbons and Paper


Morning broke again with a holy silence. It is hard to be anything but reverent when all around you is still.  The peace washes over you like rain and acts like a comforting tonic.  . . when the day is born gently.  I am always humbled at the majesty of nature, and at the same time empowered, knowing I am part of it, for our Source is the same.

I came in and started on the “Christmas projects”  .  I started right off sorting the presents, by family.  When all was said and done,  one present was missing.  I took everything out of the Christmas closet, something that has not  happened in years.  Well, now the Christmas closet is in good order.  This was the only closet, not cleaned out in July.  Besides gifts, the closet holds wrapping accessories and my beloved Christmas china.  I had not planned on this task and besides that, I did not find the gift.  The hall was a disaster and I explained to Christian  I was looking for a gift,  He made tracks, remembering the  search for the ornaments.  As I was putting things back in the closet, I found the gift.  It was in a bag, hanging on the door of the closet.  

By noon, Kyle had the tree up and shining through the double windows  in the living room.  I was wrapping presents and humming as I did so.  For the first time in years, I ran out of boxes, then tape, and then wrapping paper!  I always buy a surplus of supplies after the holiday. so it is a mystery to me how that happened.  I had to go to town, in the midst of things.  The nearest town is about fifteen minutes, so I combed my hair and went.  I had about fifty gift bags, but Christmas is but once a year, and I really love wrapped presents.  I found some candy cane paper, snowmen and Santa (for Lyla) – all red and white, so I was pleased, but this was the second hour of interruption for me, if you count the Christmas closet ordeal . . .and I did.  

I slipped a chicken and broccoli casserole in the oven  and put on a pot of rice- and continued wrapping presents.  Kyle and I worked on the porch.  Kyle loves Christmas.  He did not complain once as we worked, but ran to find extension cords and light bulbs, eagerly.  This made the work go quickly.  Thankfully, all of the lights worked.  I had tested them yesterday, but that doesn’t always ensure success.

Tonight, I am going to work til I can’t.  I have not given up on making cookies either . . .  of course,  tomorrow is Monday-and you know that changes everything.



Lyla trying a Christmas cookie.


18 thoughts on “Lights, Ribbons and Paper

  1. Such a lovely calm peaceful Christmas post. I’m glad you found the missing gift. I’ll be honest, with all our dramas here lately today was the first time I’ve managed to get some decorations up. I’m listening to Christmas music and your post too has helped my Christmas spirit. Thank you. ✨ xo

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  2. I love your porch Michele! What a great place to sit and just “be”. I know the feeling of looking for something and tearing things apart to find it! It drives me a little batty not finding things.
    I totally agree with you about wrapped presents versus bags at Christmas. The tree looks so festive with wrapped gifts underneath.
    Love the picture of Lyla at the end…..she is a sweetie!

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    1. I am so behind on responding-but you know it does not mean I do not always love hearing from you.-do you know I did a dance like a kid on that porch-like a silly child, the first day I lived here singing “I have a porch!” haha! thank you dear friend

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  3. Ma’am,
    What a great post ( as usual). I would have loved to see your Christmas tree picture and also the lights all on.
    Is your school off for Christmas ?
    Lyla in her Christmas outfit is so beautiful. The early hours of the day, with no noises, no sounds from the phone messages letting us know they are there, the silence, with only our furry friends for company are the greatest moments of the day.

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  4. You know you will find a stash of paper later and that will make next year a lot easier. I do sometimes put things up so I can find them and then can’t ..Life does that to keep us on our toes.
    There is something relaxing and peaceful about a front porch,or back porch too for that matter.Yours looks especially inviting with its seasonal decor.
    You must have found time for cookies.

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