Lost and Found

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The early service, in the rabbit patch territory, was a cold and still one, today.  I went out to collect pine cones and thought the sound of the door shutting, would shatter the world.  Heavy frost was just beginning to sparkle in the first light.  Cash and Christopher Robin, had been so eager to accompany me, and had darted out in an unmannerly fashion. They seemed quite shocked at the stark landscape, covered with icy crystals. . . and stopped dead in their tracks, for a moments to survey just where they had landed.  I had a bit of luck and found plenty of pine cones quickly.  Pine cones are wonderful for starting fires.  When I came in, that dog and cat did too, like a flash, as if they were escaping from something horrid.  I started a fire in the wood stove and then a small one in the den, with the “morning table”.  How good it felt to be at home and what “great expectations”  I was harboring.  

I was hopeful that the bedroom would be be put back together-and maybe we would finally get our Christmas decorations put up.  Dare I try to make cookies . . again ?-(the kind you want to eat).  The morning  is full of hope, for me.

By mid morning the bed was set up and most of the shoes were in the closet. Of course, the door to the closet needs some adjustments as it no longer shuts properly, but drags on the carpet, instead.    The dresser  sits against the wall, waiting patiently for the mirror to be hung above it.  The only job, I do not take pleasure in,  that looms before me , is hanging a stack of clean clothes .  Cash and Christopher Robin are not allowed in the only carpeted room in the house and this caused a great deal of distress for them. The circumstances are new to them as they are nearly always wherever I am.  Still, I was unmoved by their pleading as I am well aware of what their reaction may be to a new, soft floor-and was not willing to risk it.  When the linens  were on the bed, and the faint scent of lavender wafted in the air, I felt  like the tragedy of the discovered hole in the floor was distant and far behind me.  I had been right-it was just a hole in the floor, after all.

At last, in the moments just after the noon hour, the bedroom was mostly complete.  Even the little mirror was hung.  Not everything that came out, went back in.  Once again, I had a small box for donation.  At least, there wasn’t a bit of trash.  It has really surprised me to find how few possessions I typically use.  I have not yet missed a thing I disposed of in July.  I thought, to myself , that I have “been moving out”,  in a way,  for a long time-and I laughed at that.

I can never stay on just one task, it seems.  Ever so often, I would venture to the storage barn, and bring some “Christmas” in the house.  The wreaths came in one by one,  some needed new ribbons.  Lights came in and were checked strand by strand.  As I searched. I was so very grateful, that the storage barn had been cleaned out this past summer.  Of course now, we will not eat at the kitchen table  this weekend.  As , I rambled in the barn, I noticed I had not come across the ornaments.  Each time, I went out, I looked without any luck.  When it was almost dark, I was sure, that somehow I had accidentlly “donated” the precious ornaments.  I almost cried remembering Jenny as a little girl, picking out a snowflake each year.  I have five ornaments alike, of each kind, to represent my children.  Most were bought at Christmas shops and were especially pretty.  Through the years, the collection has grown until it is quite an impressive assortment.  I gave up and felt awful about it.  These were some possessions, I was very sorry to lose.  As is my habit, I repeated they were just ornaments.  I struggled not to cry over “things” in front of Christian.  . .but, it was difficult as the ornaments represented some fond memories.  One day, I intended to give each child a “set” of them.   Just as dusk set in, I decided to take one last look. . .and-  I found them!  I will not be so prideful about my noble ability to  care so little about possessions, in the future.  

I did hang wreaths today and the contents of the Christmas closet are out in the broad daylight.  The bedroom is in good  order and Cash nor Christopher Robin seem to care one iota about it.  Tomorrow, I am hoping again, the tree will be decorated and presents will be under it.  . . and the ornaments will adorn the tree as they have done faithfully,  for more than two decades.  

Dear Diary, I am glad for warm fires on cold mornings.  I am glad for beds with clean linens and wreaths on doors and barns too.  I am glad to have gently taught lessons . . .  and am especially glad to have  found the ornaments, gathered over the years ,  after all.




27 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. I’m thrilled you found your precious ornaments. I’m not emotionally involved with my missing Christmas CDs, but I’d sure love to find them. Meanwhile, we could probably play John’s music end-to-end and not finish for a month. Yes, he has that many Christmas CDs and records!

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    1. Oh Anne, me too! years of memories there-Truly, I have often said, after my children and animals-in case of fire, my journals and violins and the memory chest go next! Guess I should add the ornaments! haha! thank you sweet Anne


  2. Your treasure hunt was a success. All is well that ends well and somethings do need to remain close to us. Right now I’m just not sure what that is in my life For some strange reason lately I feel like I don’t belong.Maybe there is a trip in my future that I am presently unaware of..
    Rain,rain and more rain is coming down at the moment. We need it and there is a possible colder winter day for Christmas ahead We will see.The “weather man” is often mistaken.
    Stay warm and oh..I wish I had picked up the pine cones before all of this rain. To late!

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    1. Goodness-I am sorry that of all times you aren’t feeling like you belong. This world is strange these days and feels more unfamiliar to me now than ever. I understand that feeling. We do have a Father that does not change, thankfully. I started feeling like things didn’t feel right two years ago, and I do believe now, that was the start of changes for me. You have become dear to me and know I will be praying for you. love Michele


  3. so glad you found your ornaments I would be so sad if I lost mine. one year my daughter’s macaroni angel shattered and I cried so silly that it meant that much to me. She is 39 and made it for me when she was in nursery school! Merry Christmas Peggy

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  4. There is nothing like the objects that carry so many precious memories, is not about the material value of things, but the sentimental value they carry in our hearts. So glad you found those ornaments! They will be treasured for generations to come. Merry Christmas Michele, to you and all your loved ones!

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  5. I, too have ornaments I would be sad to lose. I have a few from my folks that they used on their first tree 63 years ago. And there are also from my husbands parents first tree that many years ago. I put them near the top of the tree so the grandkids cannot reach them.
    I am so glad you found yours!

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  6. Ma’am
    I am so thankful that you found your memories. I am glad that you have magic in your hands and words in your head that delight so many of us readers.
    What happened to the bedroom ?
    Why are the furry friends not allowed into the newly carpeted room ?

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  7. Ohhh, I’m filled with thanks that you found the missing ornaments. I know that you were telling yoursel that it didn’t matter, but I knew that it did, because I too have memories which are held by a special box of ornaments which Mr.Cobs and I bought together, and then, later on, we bought with our children.

    The Christmas tree was always bought one special present each year. Daughters 1 and 2 took it in turns to choose the ornament gift for that year, so each ornament holds memories not just for me, but for the girls too. I would hate to lose that box, so I know how much anguish it caused you when you couldn’t find yours.

    I’m ever thankful for these tiny miracles when they happen, for, although they might not seem anything worth worrying about to someone else, to the person concerned they are a heart ache which can make that person miserable.

    Thrilled to bits that you found them.. finally. 😀
    Sending BIG love and lots of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. So glad you found the ornaments, Michele! Each year they bring back precious memories, so what joy to find them – and maybe now appreciate them even more. Christmas hugs! ✨🤗🌟🎄🌟🤗✨

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  9. The thought that something precious has been lost is one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s bad enough when I watch something fairly ordinary — a ratcheting screwdriver, a credit card I’ve tucked in a shirt pocket, sunglasses — go into the water. Despite knowing where it is, there’s nothing to be done, unless I want to hire a diver. Sigh.

    But you have your ornaments, and if they aren’t on the tree yet, they soon will be — all is well!

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  10. “Do we have to put all those ratty old things on the tree?” she asked.
    She wanted a pretty and sophisticated tree. Something that belongs in a house with no children.
    I couldn’t begrudge her that.
    We have two trees now.
    One is adorned with a tuna can wrapped in pinked ribbons, the photo of a kindergartner within.
    There are worn and frayed construction-paper ornaments. Counted cross-stitch mailboxes and angels.
    Tattered physical evidence of Christmases long past.
    Her Faberge tree is truly beautiful. Stunning.
    The one in the parlor, though, is adorned with a wide variety of ornaments.
    And a can full of “ratty old things”.

    Seek peace,


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    1. Well, that is a good solution!–I bet that ratty tree means so much to you. I have a large chest full of ratty things from drawings and journals o a seven year old-some of the most precious things in the house. Merry Christmas friend!


  11. I’ve got so many things that I don’t need, and I plan to clean out the house soon, so that, if I decide to move, I can just close the door behind me and walk away with my small bag of necessaries. When I flew to the USA four years ago to visit one of my old relatives there, I brought a bag small enough to be treated as hand baggage and the few things in it were all I needed for my month there. However, when I clean out the house, I know exactly what’s going to happen. Whenever I come across one of the children’s toys, I’ll sit reminiscing over it, letting my thoughts fly back in time, dreamwise seeing how we used to play with it, and I’ll hear the ringing laughter and the eager voices. I know exactly when I try to sort out my late wife’s course-books, I won’t be able to resist browsing through them, reading the prolific notes she always wrote in the margins, and again I’ll hear her clear voice as she used to discuss with me things she found interesting or difficult.
    No, it won’t be an easy thing getting rid of things. And there’s a lot to be got rid of. Who said it: “breaking up is hard to do!”
    I think, my dear friend, you may have started a process.


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