When the Fields are Covered in Snow

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Lylas’ snowman has been around so long, he should have had a name.  It was -6 degrees F this morning at the early service.  I was gathering wood and it seemed like the air would shatter, if I spoke a word.  I was in a silent territory-in that place between night and morning.  Thankfully, I had a full bed of embers to work with and so it did not take long, before a cheerful fire was burning in the wood heater.  

I went straight a way to building a second fire in the den-and made coffee.  I was glad, that the water in the bathroom was still running. I had worried I would be melting snow, for coffee.  The weatherman confirmed another record for the low temps, but also gave a hopeful forecast for tomorrow.  We are expected to reach 50 degrees by tomorrow  afternoon.

In light of this, I have done a great deal of self reflection, today.  I thought about my quest for living simply and carefully.  Retirement, Lord willing, is still a few years away-and I will need to continue to work for as long as I am able.  But, I thought at first, I should start practicing a more frugal lifestyle, now.  My first function, was to truly define what really mattered to me.  I decluttered down to bare essentials, which I defined as things I used or really loved.  It took several weeks in July to accomplish this.  I have not regretted this course of action and realised I actually felt relief, when it was all said and done.  I have never been wasteful, by nature, but  then , a winter storm comes along, and I have four days to consider my habits.  There is room for improvement.    I do know, that I want to continue doing what I am, because it feels right.  I would rather spend an afternoon, teaching  Lyla the names of flowers than working for a new pair of shoes.  I want to feed the planet, to contribute-and not live selfishly.   Jenny always says “that money should not be our driving force”  and I am in agreement. Having said that, I must still pay my bills.  What a fine line to walk!- and besides that, very few things have ever worked out as I thought they would, anyway.  This is another fine line . . .Some people would deem it irresponsible not to plan, after all.  So four days was not enough time to come to any grand conclusions.  I decided to make cheese straws.

I do not know how these delightful little biscuits ever went “out of style”.  They used to be served at every bridal and baby shower.  They were always home made, as were the little sandwiches and even  the mints. The fare was always the same for such occasions. I think when Lyla is a bit older, I will have a tea party for her with a table laden with such things and tiny cake squares too.   Jennys’ neighbor, Miss Thelma reminded me of the little biscuits, on one of her recollections about her best friend of fifty years, Edith.  She and Miss Thelma ate cheese straws and drank tea,on the Christmas break, every year.  You can believe I made some for her this year, in memory of Miss Edith.  Today was a good day to make them again I thought-and thank Goodness,  it did not require the “wisdom of Solomon”, to do so.

The afternoon warmed to thirty degrees and that seemed much more reasonable.  I am familiar with thirty degrees.  School is closed again tomorrow, due to the roads, which are still  not cleared.  I am quite excited about the prospect of water in the kitchen and the laundry room.  

There were a few times, I was weary from the cold and fretted about living in such a big , old house, these past few days.  Mama called several times a day and would listen, as only a mother will.  At some point, I rallied and reminded myself,  that, all was not lost, just because of a winter storm.  It really was just another “hole in the floor”, of sorts.  How could I allow a bit of  inconvenience  to tarnish my blessed life? 

 I will watch the sunset tonight,  and do my best to remember the way the light falls in colorful splashes, on an evening in winter-when the fields are covered in snow. . .and I will be glad, to see such glory.


44 thoughts on “When the Fields are Covered in Snow

  1. Dear Ma’am,
    As BC wrote, the rabbit patch looks beautiful with the snow and Frosty, Lyla’s snowman looks great. Glad you have a home and are warm. It happens when we are lonely on this earth to look for holes in our bliss rather than count our blessings.It happened with me just this weekend. I have all these new year resolutions and can never get around to keeping them. When things slow down( in my case, with my family all traveling and me at home with time on my hands), I started thinking of “what might have been”, instead of “what is”. But the only thing that keeps one going is the thought that “this too shall pass”. Love your posts and they are just the perfect read for a “slow day” over a cup of hot chocolate.
    God bless you, ma’am. May the words pour out of your pen( computer) for many, many more long days.
    May we have much more to read each time.

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  2. There is a lot of wisdom in today’s post of yours. I like the way you expressed your desire to focus on the good things in life.Decluttering your immediate environment is the first step. There is also a great need to declutter our mind. Thank you for a very enjoyable post!

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    1. thank you Peter-For me I had to declutter my mind (or at least start) before I could start on my possessions.What a difference it has all made. I just want to live cleaner and with more purity. The mind-well that will be a life work. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a nice comment. Best wishes for a beautiful winter.

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  3. Yes. Lylas’ snowman will stay for a while. 6 degree is just too cold, 50 degree is better.
    A few more years before retirement sounds like something you’d look forward to…
    I’m glad you decided to make cheese straws. It must be delicious! Stay warm, Michele!

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  4. I think cold weather affects our brains. Surely you are not prone to fretting in warmer weather! I’ve never made cheese straws. It sounds like something I should have done while the grandsons were here. Oh, well. David and John are on the road to NY tonight.

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    1. unfortunately, I sometimes complain about heat too-sometimes. At least the heat does not leave an aftermath of repairs. I am going to post the cheese biscuit recipe-so simple and good! Safe trip to John and David! love Michele


      1. I’m glad you’ll post the recipe. Thanks. As to John and David — they had the longest trip on record! I don’t know how many hours it took to get from NC to NY, but it involved a midnight tow and replacement of the alternator. They arrived safely, so I’m thankful for that.

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      2. Thanks for joining me in gratitude. When I went to town this morning, the bank teller commented that schools were closed today. There was no precipitation on the roads, and the temperature was above freezing. I didn’t ask, but I wondered if she had school-age children. Her tone of voice said she did! Was your school in session?

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  5. Every time I read one of your posts, you bring a bit of magic into my life. I remember many years ago my grandmother lived in a small house in the country. I remember planting flowers in her garden with her while she taught me the names of all those flowers. Thank you for bringing back that memory.

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  6. You are so right Michele….-6 does feel like the air will shatter if one speaks! I am glad to hear you have warmer weather coming. We made it to 40 today and it was wonderful. We will get back to 8 by the weekend but the reprieve was wonderful.
    Finances really can be a fine line. One needs to live but it is sometimes hard to draw the line between needs and wants.

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    1. it is a challenge to know the difference -but for me, the fine line is fear of not having enough-yet knowing God can be trusted to supply-If i horde money, it seems like a lack of trust. Yet I do want to be responsible-I always go to the parable about the talents. I hope you are warm and cozy in the cold temps-much warmer here today. thank you Faye, love Michele


  7. Wow! That is so cold for your area. Your attitude is so refreshing, Michele, and I’m kind of in the same place right now. We’ve had so many things break down and/or go awry in the last month or so. That balance between need and excess is fine, isn’t it? I commend you for not giving into fear, but just taking one day at a time in faith. I’m really trying to focus on the good, it’s been a battle this time around. I love this line of yours, “I will watch the sunset tonight, over the fields of snow and do my best to remember the way the light falls in colorful splashes, on an evening in winter-when the fields are covered in snow. . .and I will be glad, to see such glory.” Amen and I love that! We’ve had a warm snap so I’m going to throw laundry on the line (dryer is out for the count) and two nights ago we had the clearest view of Orion! My Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed him.

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    1. thank you dear one. I do have my moments and find if I say aloud what is wrong, I am able to think that I am often frustrated over things that can be fixed. I have the most trouble with the concept of saving money-out of fear. yet, I do not want to be reckless . . .just more trusting in my Faith. I am determined to work on this. Thank you so much. love Michele

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