Cheese Biscuits from the Rabbit Patch Kitchen-a Recipe


Some people call them cheese “straws”, sometimes they are called cheese “biscuits”  If you pipe them, they are straws, if you make them into little cookies, then they are biscuits.  Whatever you call them, they are are a simple concoction and taste delightful.

Years ago, these biscuits were served at every bridal and baby shower, including my own.  What sweet memories I have of small gatherings in church fellowship halls or in the dining rooms of neighbors, celebrating a new baby or the union of young fresh faced couples.  

Neighborhood ladies made bowls of chicken salad and pimento cheese, to be served in little sandwiches.  Someone made tiny cake squares.  There were always nuts-usually peanuts or pecans, homemade mints, that were so creamy, in pastel colors and a bowl of punch.  Often the same lady came to be known for a certain dish and provided that-but the legend in the Old Ford community, that I grew up in was Shirley Cherry.  Miss Shirley could do it all and eventually catered the affairs altogether.    She also branched out into weddings.

Keep in mind, that these occasions were a far cry more simple, than the current trends, when I was young.  They were very personal gatherings with little variation from one another.  Somehow, as grand as these events have become, I think something beautiful has been lost.

Pleas note, that this recipe for cheese biscuits should not be confused with the large fluffy biscuits, southeners are apt to eat for breakfast or with fried chicken for supper.  This recipe yields small “cookie like” wafers.


1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup rice krispies cereal (any rice cereal can be used)

1 stick butter, softened

1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded

a dash or so of crushed red pepper

Combine all ingredients, by hand and form into balls, to be flattened, with a moist fork.  Bake at 325 degrees for 12-14 minutes.


Now, Miss Shirley did not put the rice cereal in hers, and they were good anyway. . .also they are always better when shared with a loved one . . .or when it snows.


26 thoughts on “Cheese Biscuits from the Rabbit Patch Kitchen-a Recipe

  1. Iwill try the receipe indeed,cheese and biscuits together,i couldnt ask for nothing better.
    I also do agree,big events =big loss.My wedding was small(i would have liked even smaller)and I loved it.MY daughters baptism was even smaller,two parents and two god mothers and one child.
    I love your china,just my kind of thing.
    sorry I cant send emoji,but i send you love.

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      1. The only list of ingredients tells me I will love ethem😋few years ago during a trip on the countryside I bought just by chance in a “ antique shop”in the middle of nowhere a fuller tea set of chine with dessert plates too coming from a castle and is still my favorite.have a good day dear❤️

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  2. Michele, I will try that recipe. Looks yummy! So if i have no cereal I can just leave out the Rice Krispies and use the same other ingredients and ratios? Love you…… 💕

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    1. yes dear Windy-the cereal adds a little crunch- I love them without the cereal too. I made them this way because, my friend Miss Thelma and Wills’ mom remembered them this way. I bet you could add flax seed or crushed nuts-just a few/ Good luck! xoxoxox


  3. I’m with you on forgotten simple .Our wedding served cake (not even a groom cake )mints and punch.
    We lasted 50 + years. Today they spend untold big money and …nope..some of them don’t last very long. Such a crazy, sad world we live in.
    Cheese straws are a Southern favorite and some even make them as a specialty and send them far and wide.
    I too love the china.( Another older is better or at least prettier.)

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  4. Your recipe wounds wonderful Michele! I have never had a cheese straw…..but there is always the first time.
    I will be attending bridal showers this coming year as my middle son (and last single son) gets married this summer. I have a feeling there will not be cheese straws served but perhaps, egg bakes and brunch type foods.I suppose I will also need a mom of the groom dress..though I really do not like shopping for clothes….big sigh…but I will.
    I love your china! It brings back memories of times with grandmas and great aunts. Such good times.

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  5. Agree with you in regards to weddings and even birthday parties have become so elaborate these days, but somehow feel it’s lost its charm. bigger is not always better. My childhood friends are coming from overseas this weekend and I am going to try your treat.

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  6. In my youth I went to luncheons with such similar menus. I definitely will try your recipe. Does the addition of rice cereal make them extra crispy? How long do they keep? Can you post a picture of the finished product? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    1. I will try to post a pic-and yes the cereal add a delicate crunch. I bet chives would be good. I know they last 4 days and remain soft. They are amazing while warm. Weren’t those little gatherings fun? thank you for visiting` as always, love Michele


  7. Aww! Your dog! These sound delicious. And those kind of celebrations sound wonderful, I agree that weddings are WAY too crazy nowadays. My sister is having a small, simple wedding with her family and a couple of friends and I’m so proud of her for choosing what she really wanted. Not bowing to the wedding pressure.

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