Snow on the Rabbit Patch-the Conclusion


I was up this morning, when the territory was dark and silent. I especially wanted to see the sunrise on the snow, again.  At long last, the temperatures are returning to a normal range, and the bulk of the snow, is expected to melt today.  I wanted to watch the grand finale of a lovely duet . .  .snow and light.  It was a soft, but spectacular moment when at last the sun rose over the wooded horizon.  It seemed a holy  communion of fire and ice, and I did not take it lightly.

Late yesterday, water began to run in the old farmhouse.   At least two pipes will need replacing, at last count.  Still, how wonderful to have water again.  I can wash clothes and dishes,  and by tomorrow, the roads should be safe for everything to re- open.  Thankfully, I have not suffered the “cabin fever” that many do.  This may confirm my suspicion, that I am a “home body”.  I have been perfectly content to read and write.  Cash and Christopher were good company, though I was glad to see Kyle come in last night, and Christian this morning.  Tonight, I hope to cook a special supper commemorating their “homecoming”. . . and water.

In the early afternoon hours, the snow began melting and  large patches of the earth appeared here and there.  The air felt so warm and the sunshine was so bright, that it reminded me of April.  I made a last bowl of snow cream, just because I could and may  not be able to again for a long while.  I made it in my winter china bowl and felt quite fancy.  

I have spent a good deal of the last four days, under a soft blanket in very comfortable “house clothes”-today I began to “mend my ways” and set out to restore order in the farmhouse.   There is a fair amount of laundry and the floors are tracked with all sorts of tiny puddles and trash from bringing in a half cord of wood, during the storm.  I placed the geraniums back in the laundry room. They have been complaining of the frigid air, like everybody else.

By, the time Kyle came in the back door, a one dish supper, was ready.  Washing dishes, in a sink that leaks, is not for the faint of heart.  It is a calculated affair which involves bins  of clean and soapy water, that must be emptied . . . and a bucket under the sink,  just in case.

Wednesday, some time in January

I just thought, it was going to snow.  The amount forecasted made me think, we would be out of school a day or so.  I was not prepared for the  record breaking lows that would last for days, bursting pipes and leaving some segments of the population, without power.  Last night, school was cancelled again.  At some point, I lost track of the date, the days of the week and the presence of clocks.  One day varies little from the day before and the one to follow.  If this is  what retirement  is like, then I am willing!  I have read til my heart is content.  I have gotten answers to many nagging questions on all sorts of topics , that range from salt lamps to Swiss education practices.  I have talked to Mama several times every day-and talked to some of my dear old friends, for as long as I pleased.  . .beautiful opportunities, as rare as the snow.

Tomorrow, we go back to our familiar routines, for the snow is melting, and that changes everything.  Children  will tell stories about forts and sledding.  They will all have had snow cream.  We all have new stories.  I will remember being as cold as I have ever been.  I will remember baking cookies , like “Mama Hodges” made.  I  will not forget the dream that warned me to check the pump house.  I will remember the way of  light on snow. . .and how Mama does not like snow, at all- even in moonlight.

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33 thoughts on “Snow on the Rabbit Patch-the Conclusion

  1. beautiful post Michelle. Especially the beginning “I wanted to watch the grand finale of a lovely duet . . .snow and light” took me to right where you are. as always reading your post I am calm and happy now

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  2. This may have been a once in a life time …but maybe not. Winter surely isn’t over even for SC. They, you know who they are, are saying we could have some this weekend.Snow please ,if at all…no ice please..I have had my share of ice storms and even though they are pretty they are terrible on us country folks. Even if pipes are wrapped when they freeze you can’t figure out where and it is just a mess. At least I only have one dog to care for. The outside cats take care of themselves. Years ago we did have to birth little pigs in bad weather…some of them didn’t make it.Oh the life of a farmer…but it is the best even in the worse times.
    Glad things are returning to normal in your neck of the woods but hold on to your hat. Never know what is coming down the pike.

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  3. I am not glad for your frozen burst pipes Michele…but I am glad you got to have your snow. I am even glad you got to experience the bitter cold as it makes for great stories down the road. Some of the best memories are based on things like blizzards that we have endured and made it through! Enjoy the warm days that are coming Michele.

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    1. You are so right Faye. This will be talked about a long while-just like our hurricane stories, A few burst pipes are really just like that “hole in the floor”. I did love the snow-still some laying around. And the break-well that didn’t hurt. ha! thank you dear. love Michele

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  4. This is the see-saw season here in Texas: from warmth to snow to cold to temperate and now to cold again. The wind is howling, and the temperature is dropping: no snow this time, but there will be changes in the morning, as the winter wind often empties our bays.

    Still, we do come back to what passes for normal, and I’m glad to hear that your world is thawing a bit. I still remember the first sign of spring in Iowa being the melting of icicles. Their drip-drip-drip was so slow and steady, you knew that all would be well.

    A happy day to you, and good weather as well. Have you noticed that there is just a little more light at the beginning and end of the day? It’s only a few minutes, but it makes a difference.

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  5. This post has filled me to the brim with joy, and the photographs made that joy spill over and now I’m covered in it.

    I know that the frozen pipes are a pain in the you know where, but as I always tell myself, ‘into each life a little rain must fall’ – we all have to deal with some problem or other, and because I’ve got to know how you work, I know that a frozen pipe isn’t something which will beat you, for you’re not a ‘giver-in’ to these things. You and your family, always manage to show problems how to walk out of the door.

    The snow, the early morning light, Cash, the snowman and not forgetting that little munchkin …. everything just filled me with fun bubbles and love.

    Thank you Rabbit, for doing it again. You filled my heart with joy overflowing. I am SO blessed to have you in my life.
    God bless you, my lovely friend. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. I remain convinced that you a “good fairy”-spreading sweet magic as you go along. I am so very privileged to have met you, for your kindness and encouragement mean so much to me. thank you dear, dear Cobs-love your rabbit, and fan, Michele

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      1. We are obviously mutual admirers Rabbit. I love you and your stuff and you love me and mine. LOL.

        Thank you so much for being so, so wonderful. I love to read your posts as they paint pictures on blank canvases, inside the walls of my mind, and your words tell the story of what my mind is painting. You can pick me up and carry me along, from your opening words on a blog post. It’s something I plain and simple love you for.

        God bless you Rabbit.
        Much love ~ Cobs. xxx


  6. A lovely recapping of a not-so-lovely event. Frozen pipes and no electricity are what we worry about here in New England. A lightbulb beside a pipe can ward off the freezing, thank goodness. Glad all is back to normal at the Rabbit Patch.

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