The Brave Little Daffodil-a mostly true poem

Very far away from me,

across the wild and open sea,

A brave little daffodil blooms,- I know,

because a fairy told me so.

He asked the rose to come along-

and the coral bells to sing their song-

But only the brave little daffodil.

had the courage and the will.

And so one cold and dreary day,

when springtime seemed so far away,

The fairy spied his gift of gold-

blooming, in the world so cold-

and so she did , what we all should-

she shared, when she found something good.


50 thoughts on “The Brave Little Daffodil-a mostly true poem

  1. Can you believe we’re awaiting the arrival tonight of yet more winter? We actually have a winter weather advisory for rain, followed by freezing temperatures, followed by ice. We’ll see how our pansies do — they’re quite tough, like the snapdragons, and more than willing to hang on through a bit of real winter. Fingers crossed!

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  2. Ohhhhh Rabbit, I didn’t even get to the end of it and I was crying. It’s a truly beautiful, incredible poem, and I absolutely love it, and you for writing it.

    I shall go out to the daffodil a little later and take a photograph of it, so that I can share the photo with you, and anyone else who looks.
    If it’s OK with you, I’d like to link to your post so that everyone knows why I’m posting a photo of a daffodil. (If you’d like the photo to add to your post here just say and I’ll email it to you)

    I truly love this poem.
    Thank you God for blessing Rabbit with this fabulous talent for poetry, which she, in turn, shares with us and passes on the joy.

    I shall print this poem out and keep it with the photograph of the daffodil, in my journal.
    Sending you much love Rabbit, and a big thank you squidge ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Well… the Journal … I’m trying to put things in it regularly, but I’ve failed over the last few weeks as I just wanted to rest for a while, (tsk tsk – lazy ol’ gal am I!).

        The art journal – I’ve popped things into it in order to ‘fix’ them in place, but they’re waiting for me to do it.

        Blogging … When I first began I had a schedule of posting Mon. Wed. and Fri. But real life can sometimes throw a spanner into that schedule and everything goes south. So now, I’m posting when I have something and I’ve done the photos (the photos and re-sizing etc is my downfall here), except for The Friday Post. Although it’s a lot of work and research, I love the Friday Post so so much, so I try not to miss that one.

        Maybe – for you – set a time each day – eg 4pm every day, – make a cup of tea or coffee, then sit at your desk for a certain length of time (say 15 mins) and do something in your journal!

        Give it it’s own special appointment. It might work! ~ C. xxx

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  3. I love this! It reminds me of the tiny, purple flowers that bravely poke their stems and petals out of the ground after a late February snowstorm in my back yard. Sometimes their lives are short because they decide to bloom a bit too early and end up covered by more snow. But I always notice them and they carry the hope of spring.

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  4. Beautiful poem Michele! You have a great talent 🙂 It’s such a coincidence because last night I was looking for pictures of daffodils for a poem that I found for my blog but I thought it was too early to post it during this winter. Now I know that somewhere in the world there is a brave daffodil already blooming! So lovely, a sunny hope of spring! Thank you 🙂

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  5. Oh what a beautiful poem, Michele! It reminds me soon that I shall see my Daffys’ bright yellow! Last year they came up in February so …. as I look at the snow falling now knowing I shall soon see yellow brings great joy to me! Thank you! ☺️

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    1. thank you-the dear Cobs found a daffodil blooming in the snow-hence the little verse. I am glad to know you are making progress. Please know you are missed and best wishes for the best recovery! love Michele , , and thank you!


  6. Finally …. I get to share the brave little daffodil. Photos were taken on 16th January this year, but something stopped me from making a decent blog post about it. Couldn’t understand it because normally I’m fine with words. But I seemed to have some sort of ‘block’ when trying to put over the wonderfulness of the daffodil in January, and your incredible poem. Then … all the sides came together – like stars being aligned – and suddenly the words flowed.

    At last!
    Sending love in lorry loads, to my much loved Rabbit ~ Cobs. xxx

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  7. Hi Michele: I am your fan! I would like to nominate you to participate in the 3 Day quote challenge, which of course is optional. For more info please visit:
    I hope you enjoy this challenge 🙂 Amira
    I have also nominated your blog for the “Sunshine Blogger Award”. Here is the info for that award:

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    1. you are so dear to think of me-things have been so busy lately that I just now seeing this-I am so honored and so appreciative You inspire me in so many ways and it does mean a lot to me, truly thank you dear one!


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