Bright, White Snow & Tea Cakes Too


Thursday, Another Day of Snow!

It started snowing in the late evening, yesterday.  Today, when light came to the rabbit patch, the territory looked like a post card from a place like “New England” or my friend “Fayes’ Iowa”.  What an unfamiliar winter !  

This time, the temperature makes sense and there is no fierce wind blowing either.  Still, I do not have snow boots- or gloves, that would be of any use, in snow.   . .so I must be content to enjoy from a far, the wondrous beauty of snow.  As I watch the sun come up, through the window by the “morning table”, shining brightly, it does not seem “second fiddle” at all, to do so.

Kyle and Christian are both home this time and I am so glad of that. “Misery may love company”, but so does happiness.  I am making pancakes , on a weekday morning-to celebrate!  Kyle will not start his day with an egg sandwich -and no oatmeal for me this day!  It feels like “a red letter day” and so  I will act accordingly.

After the breakfast, I went to thinking of tasks, I may have had to put off, in the absence of snow.  I remembered I had meant to make labels for some glass canisters, I had bought months ago.  I had previously stored all of my spices in “mason jars”  (since I buy in buy in bulk ) and made labels, adorned with sweet rabbit images, for each one.  The effect is charming.  The large glass canisters, which held flours and sugar sat there void of any embellishment for a long while.  I set about the pleasant chore of labeling them and  hopefully eliminated the chances of cakes that won’t rise or “hard cookies”.

That was as about eventful as my day got.   . . and that was fine by me.  I did get packed to go to Elizabeth City tomorrow-of course this depends on the conditions of the highway.  Jenny has a birthday on Saturday  and I am so hoping to spend it with her.  If we ever got snow, it was always on her birthday or close to it.  I used to call her “snowbird” because of that, so many years ago.

I started Christmas shopping today.  It is quite a new experience, for me, to shop on line, but so easy and I was quite pleased with  the prices.  I bought three small gifts only, still it is a start. I hope to never abandon browsing in small shops that sell french milled  soaps or fine coffee shops, for that would be a shame.  There is something so charming about such places and our lives needs some charm, I think. 

I made a big pot of soup in the afternoon with intentions to feed Jennys’ family and Miss Thelma too.  There is also a batch of “tea cakes” in the oven, now and I am hoping, I will be able to brag a little about them, though the odds may not be so favorable.

The contents of a day, can be of great variation.  Sometimes, days are memorable and seem to have a permanent residence in our heart . . most are not so remarkable and pass without much ado.  I like them all.  There are a lot of ways to spend a day-and for me, I am content to have a day when snow lies in heaps around the territory and the kitchen smells like tea cakes.

Dear Diary, I am glad for winter with its’ bright, white snow.  I am glad for hours, not spent in haste . . .and birthdays.  I am glad for watching the light change on the rabbit patch . . .and the chances a day brings to love this world, all over again.


38 thoughts on “Bright, White Snow & Tea Cakes Too

  1. Grinning big over here Michele! You woke up to snow and we ended up have some of our snow melt today! We made it to 40 degrees today! We are supposed to get 6-7 inches of snow this weekend but at least snow we can push around …. below zero temps we can’t.
    I love that you love to browse the little shops for hand milled soaps and coffees. My sisters and I also love to do that. So do my daughter in laws. I also grinned that you have started Christmas shopping for next year. My blog post today talks about how I finally took down this past years’ Christmas decorations!
    And that photo at the end of your blog….so very sweet! Have a great weekend Michele.

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  2. Adorable post, Michele! Yes I agree snow is beautiful. In fact this year is the first year ever that I finally stopped “detesting” winter! I am now really seeing and feeling Beauty! And what’s this about shopping for Christmas already???? Oh my! You really are organized! LOL Thank you so much for another breath of fresh air!! 💖💖💖

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  3. Dearest, much loved Rabbit ….
    I loved your post. I adored the walk through life via the words in your post . . . but ….
    . . . . you could have simply posted the photograph of Lyla reading her Peter Rabbit book for me. I sat here like the gooey dope I am, simply smiling and whispering : “Ohhh bless her little heart. God Bless this child!” – she’s SO adorable Rabbit.

    That photograph wiped every word of your post totally out of my mind, and I had to re-read so that I could tell you how lovely it was.

    Snowed in days always leave me feeling snuggly. I just want to sit by the window and watch the world. Watch nature. Watch people as they meet the challenge of the snow. But I’m more than happy to sit in the warmth and just enjoy looking at this little miracle, called snow.

    Thank you for the lovely post … and for the wonderful bit of magic known as Lyla.
    May God bless and keep you.
    Love you oodles ❤ ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Oh thank you dearest Cobs-I wish you could “hear” her reading the story-she has memorized a bit of it! he tells it with great animation. Funny, this is the first story, I remember being read to, as a child. I love snow days too-for all the reasons, you mentioned. Winter magic! love Michele

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  4. We got snow on Wednesday but not nearly as much as last week and like you no winds. What a lovely day you spent…just puttering around, those are sometimes the best days!! Mmmm the smell of tea cakes must have been wonderful!! Have a lovely time this weekend and enjoy Jenny’s birthday!! Love Deb.

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  5. Oh, the photograph completely enchanted me. An adorable child intent on a classic children’s book. Wonderful. And your words always enthrall me. My favorite passage; I am content to have a day when snow lies in heaps around the territory and the kitchen smells like tea cakes.” But you must help me. I’m not sure what tea cakes are and think I’ve never had one. Are they small, individual frosted cakes? Are they time consuming to make? Did Alice eat them in Wonderland?

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