Church on a Monday


On Monday

My early service was void of seeing the sun rise.  I first woke, before light came to the world.  I went out and was greeted by the cold dark  remnants of a January night.  I decided to go back to the warmth of a soft blanket, and there in lies the culprit.  I got up again later and  by then, the sun was up and shining.  The cardinals were “on the wing” and so were some little chickadees.  There was no snow left, anywhere to hinder their search for breakfast. 

Jennys’ birthday lasted all week end, and I am not sure it is over yet.   Yesterday afternoon, five young couples came over with all sorts of “party food”.   These young women, are already experts at preparing fancy foods.  They brought  things like fancy vegetable sandwiches, and meatballs smothered in sauce.  There were roasted peppers piled high with cheese , besides dips and nuts.  Mandy, who has made quite a reputation for herself in flower arranging (and her business, Pansy & Ivy, is proof of that), brought a centerpiece and the birthday cake!   It was a “made from scratch”  strawberry cream cheese pound cake, and people left, talking about it. . . So now, Mandy is known for flowers –and cake.

  Since, our school had a teacher work day, and Jenny had to attend her internship, I took the day off.  Who could have known, that the day would be so mild and perfect weather,  for strolling by the “laughing river” ?  

Lyla and I strolled in the afternoon, under the faint January sun.  We did hear the river laugh, lazily.  The only other sound was a dog barking somewhere faraway.  . and he only did so occasionally.  It was a mostly silent venture, which seemed especially fitting for a walk in winter, when trees are bare and gardens lay barren.

Lyla counted four squirrels and two cats, before she fell asleep. And so, an hour slipped pleasantly by in a delightful way.  I was not inclined to wish for the time of daffodils and tulips.  I did not mourn for Christmas, but instead, I felt content with this day . . . with this season . . .with this hour.  It was like “going to Church” , just to pray.

Supper was started, not long after we got back.  Afterwards, I went out to see the “fingernail” moon and stars that looked like “silver dollars”  in the winter sky.   It made me want to sing a lovely benediction.   . . for “my eyes had seen such glory” . . .and I was glad.


33 thoughts on “Church on a Monday

  1. Dear Ma’am,
    I saw the dollar stars and the finger nail moon in my mind’s eye. I visualized the stroll by the laughing river.
    I passed over the perhaps boisterous party but I saw the quiet January church service in the open and a single silent soul looking for little marvels and surprises only a gleaning eye could find.
    Such is the magic in your words ,ma’am.

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      1. No apologies are never too late and ,”do you want to know a secret?”even if you wouldn’t replay to me I knew it anyway that you got my words and thoughts.have a great day my dear friend

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  2. Jenny must be happy to have her birthday all weekend and on… I’m glad Lyla found some squirrels and cats. I have a couple squirrels in my backyard. They are cute but I hate to think that they stole the Mourning Dove’s eggs.

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  3. “I did not mourn for Christmas, but instead, I felt content with this day . . . with this season . . .with this hour. It was like “going to Church” , just to pray.” I know that feeling and it just makes me give a big contented sigh.
    A strawberry cream cheese pound cake….WOW that sound amazing and I didn’t even see, smell or taste it.
    I did have to scoop a bit of snow today but not too much. The wind was still so it was a great time to be outside after just looking through the window yesterday. I am ready for the season of Spring but I will patiently wait for it to arrive in our area. At least I will try to wait patiently.

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