For the Love of February


It is early, as I write this.  Not yet, is it time for the early service to commence.  The world is still dark, and a steady wind is blowing.  I like to”get up before the chickens” . . and the sparrows.  In the moments, before the dawn, I can hope and dream all sorts of things.  I can hope to spend my day wisely and dream of  the possibilities, a day holds.  I have yet to see a day, that did not hold  some form of beauty.  

Lately, there has been an ample amount of frost in the mornings.  The winter wheat fields are iced in hues of silver and sparkle in the first rays of light.  They look like fields of diamonds, for a short while . . and the bare trees, surrounding them,  look like statues with ebony crowns.  By mid morning, the spectacular act is over and the wheat fields become wheat fields again without a bit of dazzle.  They are a different kind of beautiful, I notice on the drive home.  The tender sprouts are an emerald green and do not seem to hold a grudge against the cold February nights, as people often will.  

To many, February is a lowly month.  This is not so at the rabbit  patch.  In a lot of ways, February is really the grand finale of winter.  Soups and chowders tastes better in February, than in months like May.  Blankets are more comforting in the chill of this month-and to me , to be  wrapped in warm in a soft blanket, by a friendly fire is a moment of great worth.  

There is also Valentines’ Day.  When I was a child, we made little paper hearts out of construction paper.  We spent a whole afternoon making a horrible mess.  Glue was everywhere and the floor was littered with with  little scraps of pink and red paper.  We decorated the cards with plastic  lace and sometimes glitter.  We were to make one for each student and the teacher.  Then we made oversized envelopes with our names on it and hung them up, so the valentines could be delivered, the next day.  No one bought valentines in those days.   Mama made heart shaped cakes on Valentines’ Day. In the years to come, I would expect a box of candy in a heart shaped box, and a store bought card, from a boyfriend.  Those were simple times.

 I have kept the holiday as pure as I can, at the rabbit patch.  When my own children were young, we had pancakes and I would buy chocolate.  Their lunchboxes had a sweet little card declaring my  motherly love for them, in a silly way.  You can believe that Kyle will still look for something special in his lunchbox, this week.  . .and it will not surprise either of the boys one iota, to have heart shaped biscuits for supper.

Now most of the days in February, are not holidays-most of the days are damp and chilly.  Rain is quite likely and sunshine is muted or absent altogether..  Lamps burn throughout the day like little beacons to welcome us home.  Visitors are likely to proclaim the charm of the rabbit patch in months like April, or on summer evenings when the wild honeysuckle blooms.  The autumn is lovely too and folks declare, that the rabbit patch is a little paradise, of sorts, when the leaves are  in their autumn glory. Whatever the season, I tell them to come back in February, before the daffodils bloom and the peach tree blossoms.  Now to me, the territory is still beautiful, without any frills.  Like the winter wheat fields, it is a different kind of beautiful . . in February.

February is about the last month, a country dweller can expect to rest.  It will be less than a fortnight, before the southern vines will demand a fair amount of taming. Weeds will follow suit and the March winds will scatter everything not nailed down, into undesirable places.  I am quite content to spend time conjuring up all kinds of dreams in February, on account of this.  I do not “wile away” the days of February, waiting for spring.   It seems quite an injustice to the shortest month of all to just wish it were over.  It seems ungrateful . . and wasteful really.  Time is quite a commodity and since I do not waste a bowl of beans, I am not prone to squander a month of life.  

Today, rain has “set in” and  is supposed to linger for several more days.  Thankfully, the rabbit patch does not flood-at least it hasn’t in the twelve years I have lived here.  Outside of the window, by the morning table lies the world being washed in a silver rain.  It is a steady rhythmic rain and it soothes me to listen.  

 February is more than just the month before March.  It is a time of twilights, when fog blankets the countryside, like a mothers’ love- and gentle light heralds the day.   Kitchens smell of slow cooked fare . . .and sometimes cookies, for  February  reminds us to say “I love you”.  I have always told my children, “Don’t forget to love the winter too.”  . . . The same can be said of  February.



49 thoughts on “For the Love of February

  1. I sense that this post was not just about February, but rather about your keen and realistic desire to perceive something beautiful in everything our wonderful world has to offer. Those who have eyes to see, let them see.

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  2. Love this post Michelle. February is a great month to prolong the season of crafting and indoor things. It is a great month to rejoice in the days that are sunny and warmer and also in the cold days that give an excuse for wrapping in that warm blanket! February…the month of anticipation.

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  3. Perfectly said. You are right we should be thankful even when we are freezing. Thankful we have a place called home and can enjoy the seasons.
    Your mother and I are from the same mold. I have always made a heart shaped cake for Valentines My husband knew this was when he could expect a cake even when he knew we didn’t really need one. .Probably not this year…I just can’t eat a whole cake by myself and the grands will have their fill of sweets at the school party.
    Rain keeps coming and coming but soon we will be needing it to rain so no complaints here. Do have a good week…you can expect a surprise soon in the post.

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      1. Only about 7 miles or so but I try not to be a smothering grandma and let them come to me .DnL and I have a good relationship ..I want it to stay that way. She knows I’m here for her when needed especially when my son is gone for so long.
        We are working on 5″ of rain so it has been pretty quite around here. Makes for good reading and crafting. love me

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      2. I am so glad they live close. Jenny lives just an hour away-so I get to see Lyla often-but my dear older sons are 3 hours and it is a terrible drive! The boys are not yet married-though one is close to it. that is a lot of rain!!

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      1. Thank you, Michele. Since we’ll arrive the day before Valentine’s Day, I mailed the both Chinese and Valentine outfits to my daughter so she can get ready for taking Autumn’s photos. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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  4. It’s still cold and frosty here but no much rain…I suppose there is plenty of time for that.I particularly loved this post.There is so much more in between the line.❤️
    Paper love heart still a must to do fir s.valentine…..there are things that survive time indeed😉happy Sunday my dear friend

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  5. Michele, let me just say I’m happy February has only 28 days. There is still so much for me to do inside my home before those gardens of mine I begin to tend. Once that begins, I’m very very busy and the “chores” inside are put aside. So yes, I’m enjoying the quiet of February even though I’m longing for Spring. My neighbor and I, who go to the same church, had a spicy conversation yesterday all over what we heard in that church. We were sternly lectured to, as if we were children, it was forbidden to celebrate Valentine’s Day all because this year it falls on Ash Weds. Well. I don’t allow anyone to tell me how to live my life, nor does this neighbor of mine. Our walk of “faith” is very personal, and that goes for everyone, so to be told what to do? No. Sorry. I do believe a piece of chocolate has my name on it for me to eat on Weds. And yes I will celebrate Valentine’s Day. I look forward to it every year. Beautiful post, dear friend. Thank you for the drink of the refreshing Waters found here. Much Love to you!💝

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  6. What a terrific post! February can be a depressing month, but as you say, it also has much to recommend it. Winter is ending, Valentine’s Day is smack in the middle, and in my area, a few beautiful snow falls can usually be expected. And I loved you Valentine’s memories….

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  7. “February bring the rain, thaws the frozen lake again” … I have loved that poem since the first time I first heard it, many many years ago… and I love this post because it speaks of you, and tells your story in the same way mine would read. It speaks of your love for the month, and things you associate with February – even down to how certain things taste better in February than at any other time. They do! They really do!

    There is a beef casserole that I’ve made for what seems like all my married life, and Mr. Cobs adores it (as did the girls when they lived at home), and for some strange reason, it tastes even better in February. We had it about a week ago, and although I associate casseroles with wintery months – this particular one really does taste better during February. Why? I have no idea. It just does.

    I thought I was weird. But I’m not. I’m in the Rabbit Patch, and things just work in the right way there!.

    Love you oodles Rabbit. This post was adorable for all the right reasons. ~ Cobs. xx


  8. Wow now you just made me love February!! And maybe even winter! How very beautiful Michele. In addition to the love day of Valentine’s Day my Mom’s birthday is in February so there are special things about this month…and how about the fact that it’s the only month that adds a day to itself every 4 years!! Seriously though this is such a great reminder to take that moment and see the beauty in the diamonds on the wheat instead of the cold!! Love Deb xo

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  9. I, too, relish and appreciate February for the reasons you mentioned. The description of it that resonated for me in your very visual words about February was “…the territory is still beautiful, without any frills.” After all the frills and from-froo of Valentine Day, I always like the rest of February when the world seemed beautiful in its not-winter-not-spring simplicity.

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  10. Ah, February, a month that lets us know and enjoy the remnants of Winter and the coming of Spring. As children, we too made red and pink hearts along with the white paper doilies. The last of the snowstorms came in this heartfelt month. The ides of March would soon be upon us but for now, February was still the star.
    Your post brought back some wonderful childhood memories.
    I am trying to catch up on my favorite blogs, I did have the energy to save most of them because they make me feel better. I hope you don’t mind my late comments. Your posts’ are so comforting and beautiful just like you. Hugs.☺☺

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