Roses are Red, Violets are Blue


Valentines’ Day at the Rabbit Patch

The windows are up at the rabbit patch and the birds are singing.  Daffodils are beginning to sprout, but I am too old to be fooled, at least by this . . .It is February.  For as long as I have paid attention to weather, a few days of spring like temperatures happen in February.  A long time ago, I remember pushing my own babies in strollers, all day, when this event occurred .  It is not so rare as folks think-and in the long run, it is still winter, after all.  Last year this happened long enough for the daffodils to bloom and the peach tree blossomed as well, only to be dreadfully burned  on a freezing night, shortly after.  I think the peach tree is one of the loveliest trees of all.   The blossoms are the palest pink and appear before the leaves.  I think they are the “prettiest promises” proclaiming good tidings.  I considered it tragic, that  when the peach tree blossomed, last -it was a short lived affair.

I like “Valentines” Day”.  In the past, I have strung strands of pink, red and white lights in various places outside.  I did not go to such lengths this year, but I  did buy chocolate and small trinkets.  I have made heart shaped biscuits and always a special dessert, in years past, but this year, to continue my current mission, I made “Scottish shortbread ”  cookies.  They turned out perfectly, and I took great pride in them. 

Jenny has a neighbor from Scotland, and she bakes them at Christmas.  Jenny raved about them the first Christmas she was given some of them.  In the spring, of that year, I met a lady walking her dog.  We began chatting, and I noticed she had a delightful accent.   She used delightful phrases like “the way the crow flies” ,  when describing the direction of her house,  which was right by Jennys’ home.   I said “I KNOW who you are!”  She was surprised and next I said “You are the woman who makes the best cookies!”  She laughed about that.   The next day, she sent us some cookies and I  then understood whole-heartedly, why Jenny had sung the praises of them.   They were a pure and simple cookie with a rich flavor.  My new,  Scottish friend, not knowing my dreadful history of failure, in the art of cookie baking, encouraged me to try the recipe.  On “Valentines’Day”, I mustered the courage to attempt the “Scottish short breads” . .  and they were as delightful as  a cookie has a right to be.  Of course, I made them heart shaped.

When the holiday was over, I had quite a bounty of rocks, leaves, a feather, , little cards and chocolate, at school . . and cookies at home.  The youngest children and I sang songs, like “Roses are Red, and Violets are Blue”.  Such things are the sweet contents of “Valentines’ Day at the rabbit patch”.

A Few Days Later

The windows are still up on the farmhouse as February continues to masquerade as if it were late April.  How convincing the day was!   To top things off, Miss Susie has a daffodil and some hyacinths blooming.  More rain and cooler temperatures are in the forecast, but today was a kind and gentle one.  I do not rush nature, but I remembered today just how  beautiful, spring felt.  I had an errand this morning, and I intentionally took the sparsely  wooded path to the next  building, instead of the sidewalk.  On the way back, I meandered through the woods.  I do not pass through woods, without remembering being a young child, with ample freedom.  I hear the voices of my loved ones that have now gone on, and I miss them all, all over again.  It felt almost sinful to go back in a building , when such a day was in progress.

By the time, I drove home, the sky had darkened and the air was cooling off.  I put the windows down.  It is still winter, after all.

Lylas’ first school picture



30 thoughts on “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

  1. Perhaps we should call these warm winter days “Indian Spring” like we refer to the warm summer days in autumn as “Indian Summer”. I got out an played some golf. It was wonderful to be outside for a couple of hours. So, being a terrible baker, I am impressed with your efforts and shortbread is one of my favorites, so do share the recipe.♥️

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  2. Good Morning Rabbit! Love the picturesque scene you shared with us, and thrilled you are enjoying the lovely weather while it last. Yes, it is winter after all …The aroma of the cookies would awake all around the home! Lylas first school picture is adorable! Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day! XX

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  3. Me too…for the recipe ! Weather here has been back and forth . Never know what to put on, jacket, sweater or short sleeves. There is still a lot of flu so staying pretty close to home.,just can’t chance catching something and giving it to the two down the hill. I did do my daughter duty and cook a Valentines dinner for them . My parents in the past always went out for Valentine dinner but those days are gone. Of course my dad didn’t get up to eat. He has been trying to leave this world for a couple of years now , so far no success. It is really hard to care for someone who just doesn’t care. My mother handles it better than I . She has convinced herself it’s his mind gone, I’m not .
    Oh…I did find a patch of daffodils…. down behind the trash pile where I threw the rose cuttings. It is time to trim roses …I’m sure you know that. Have a good weekend Miss Rabbit xoxo

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      1. Thank you, My dad is 95 years old and doesn’t want to be here any longer. He is not a good patient and is making life really hard for me and my mom ( almost 95 yrs.) They are about 1/2 mile down the road and I seem to stay in the road for one reason or another.

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  4. A beautiful blog post
    As you meandered through the wood, I was just a step behind, taking in the sunlight as it shone through the trees. Listening to the rustles of the wind. Sniffing the sunshine, and the air.

    Such a lovely photograph of Lyla on her first day at school. Total joy is written all over her little face. She’s such a credit to her family.
    Thank you Rabbit, for allowing me to be involved.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  5. A lovely post as always Michelle. I am a lover of shortbread too especially heart shaped. Like you our weather has been mostly mild and the bulbs are starting to bloom but a cold spell is forecast for next week. Hopefully the last.
    Lyla looks so happy in her photograph. 🌼

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  6. So lovely that you get a “spring preview” in February. I’m not sure I have ever seen a peach tree in person. Apple trees are hearty up here. I miss good peaches and tomatoes most of all. Lovely, descriptive post, Michele. Thank you!

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  7. Will the Scottish short breads recipe be coming our way soon? I tried the tea cakes. Yum! And so easy. They will be the new cookie recipe I make for others now. Always, dear friend, there is a sentence in your writing that perfectly expresses my thoughts, and for this post it is, “It felt almost sinful to go back in a building , when such a day was in progress.” I experience a day or two like that every spring. Usually in April where I live.

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