According to the Sparrows


At last, I think it safe to say, that spring is finally here-

according to the sparrows, the robins and the killdeer,

They gather little trinkets to carry during flight-

and sing a joyful prelude, before the morning light.


The dogwood and azaleas bloom throughout the southern land-

and glory now abounds, by the “touch of the Masters’ Hand”.

The jasmine in the woodlands hangs like strands of golden rain-

and violets bloom in dappled light along the path again.

Tender grass and just born leaves, paint the world in jade-

and where the sun beams used to fall,ย ย  becomes a patch of shade.

To spend a day in early spring, brings our heart such cheer-

For all the earth does celebrate when spring is finally here!

48 thoughts on “According to the Sparrows

  1. What a beautiful poem. We are finally starting Autumn. It was rather hot the last week, which is very unusual for April. Finally today it rained and slightly chilly. I am happy. I am also be able to read your blog

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  2. What a lovely poem! Sounds like you are truly enjoying Spring. No violets, crocus, tulips, etc. here yet … although I did hear my first killdeer yesterday!

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  3. I am so glad Spring has finally arrived for you Michele. It seems we must have one more doozy of a winter blizzard…..I am hopeful this is the last one for this season. I am grateful that this snow will not stick around long as the sun does a great job of melting if fast.
    The poem was beautiful!

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  4. What say you today, my little chipping sparrow?
    Gone are the winter winds that chill to the marrow.
    Do you take vigor from spring’s rebirth,
    As blossoms and sunshine caress the Earth?

    Happy Spring,



  5. A lovely poem Michele! I would have liked to re-blog it in my blog, but I don’t see the option to share it through WordPress, maybe I’m missing it somehow. I would love to feature your poem in my blog though. You are very talented! Amira ๐Ÿ™‚

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