Suddenly, It is Spring!


The birds sang at the “early service” this morning-not just the steadfast mocking bird, but all of them, that call the rabbit patch, “home”.  What an occasion, it turned out to be.  The air was mild and had a sweet fragrance, known only to spring.  The breeze was slight and just enough to stir the tiny, new leaves of the sycamores. . .and in the meantime, the gentle light of the morning sun rose over the old barn.  I lingered a while, sorting through my thoughts .  . . sifting out the unfavorable ones.  Depending on the day, this can take a while.  

A clear conscience is invaluable.  I find, that the older I get,  the more I realise this.  It may be the most significant thing to strive for, after all.  Of course, “letting your conscience be your guide”  demands that we examine our heart, first and foremost.  It is a vexing mystery sometimes, without proper dedication.  I have sifted out some less than honorable notions, from my own  heart and been utterly surprised to  have housed  such things.  It is one of the reasons, I attend the “early service” and walk by rivers . . .and frequent fields and woodlands.  These institutions do not allow me “to put on airs” nor harbor falsehoods, but instead seem to wield the sword of truth, somehow lovingly.  For this reason I “take to the woods” frequently, like a “repeat offender”, ought to.

I am at the rabbitpatch this weekend.  This means housekeeping-which includes the territory-and Sunday dinner.  For me, this is a delightful agenda.  I may try to find some more geraniums for the porch, but circumstances (like weeds and laundry) may not allow such an indulgence.  I always have “high hopes” in the morning, however.

Later in the Day . . .

It will not come as any surprise to loyal readers, that I ended up painting.  First, I painted the “welcome lantern” at the back door and then a birdhouse.  I remembered how dingy a small cabinet, in the den was looking, so I moved it out from the corner, to work on that.  The cabinet is especially dear to me, because it was a gift from Julie-a dear friend.  It had belonged to her grandmother and was used in the kitchen.  I use it as a book cabinet.  When I moved it, I was greeted with cobwebs and dust.  I set out to remedy that and ended up on a ladder.  One thing of turns into another at the rabbit patch-but it feels good that the den is at least cleaner and brighter than it was yesterday.  

While the paint dried,  I worked a bit in the “Quiet Garden”.  The rabbit patch is starting to come in to its’ glory, I noticed.  The roses are laden with new leaves and the young dogwood, that bloomed for the first time, the day Lyla was born, is full of promises.  I tied a new ribbon on the lamp post, and there by the lamp,  a single pale pink tulip was blooming.  After a very long winter, suddenly it is spring!

22 thoughts on “Suddenly, It is Spring!

  1. I know what you mean Michele. Getting out and just being quiet in nature is a spiritual experience. It gives everything deeper meaning and helps me to appreciate the world and life so much more. I’m always better off for it. Hope you are having a great weekend! xo

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  2. I would so love to join you at the morning service by the river. Loved this post. Love your honesty. We all harbour things we could be surprised of. But knowing it, identifying it and letting it go takes a great person. I am not sure which of first followed who and which of your blogs hocked me in first. But whichever it is I am thankful for it

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  3. Indeed, a clear conscience, and a true heart, are surely the greatest gifts we can accept from this great cosmos.
    Forgiveness, too, I find to be a most valuable asset.
    My hope is that one day the forgiving will extend not only outwards towards our great wide world, but also inwardly.
    I find it is my own misdeeds and errors the most difficult to forgive and overcome.
    Though long past, these burn as smoky black dots in my soul.
    Like a criminal that has done his time, I feel my debt is repaid to society, I have long since been reformed (in more ways than one)..
    My heart, however, keeps accounts archived in ink.

    “An honest man’s pillow is his peace of mind.”
    -John Mellencamp

    Spring has arrived!
    Let it bring new growth without, as well as within.

    All my best,


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  4. And oh what a blessing Spring is after the lingering cold and wet days of late winter.we are still on the cool side but everything is in bloom which really helps deal with needing a light jacket still.
    Your early service sounds so relaxing. Bless your heart and your paint brush. Love you dear.

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    1. The nights are still chilled and you are right about a jacket . . .still the dogwoods bloom and the days are milder. I so need the early service and try not to miss it. Thank you for blessing me and my paint brush . . . I need it! I love you riend-Michele

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  5. A lovely post Michele! The honesty of your open heart resonates so beautifully with your descriptions of nature! I would love for you to take some pictures of your paintings… I imagine them through your descriptions “your lavender bunnies or butterflies” I love to see your art! Have a lovely Sunday! Amira

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    1. One day I hope to have a camera good enough to do so. For now, my kids take pictures for me when they can. Thank you, for even asking. and my heart is open-and it is much easier to live that way, I think. love Michele


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