On this Sunday, I woke to the delightful sound of a steady, gently falling rain.  I had slept soundly, after a busy Saturday .  Waking up to rain, is much more satisfying than waking to an alarm shouting out.  I was shocked to hear the mocking bird singing, in the midst of a shower.  I am convinced that a mockingbird will sing under any condition, as I have heard their songs at night, too.  

With it being Sunday, a pot of beans is simmering and I have peeled apples for a bread pudding.  If the rain slacks off, then I plan to quarrel with some hateful vines that are trespassing, in places like the “Quiet Garden”,  and around the sycamores, which belongs to the running periwinkle.  If it rains all day, then at long last, maybe I will shop for geraniums.  Empty flower pots look sad and lonely to me.  

Yesterday, I began painting the ceiling in the laundry room.  I would have finished, except, I ran out of paint.  I do not like to paint ceilings, but what a difference it makes.  I also set about to straightening up the storage barn.  I got two  large items out to donate, and since I had to make the drop off, I tackled the china closet .. . and then a cabinet.  How I came up with three more boxes of things is beyond me.  I thought for sure, that after the truck loads that left from here, last summer, I was finished.  I have been quite particular about what comes in to the house, ever since.   Still, I managed to fill three more boxes full of things that might be useful to others that I just do not need.  I also did laundry . . .This is why I slept  so soundly, that I can not recall a single dream.

Just before noon, the table was set and a meatloaf was browning in the oven.  Between showers, I had made a mad dash to the herb garden and collected chives and apple mint.  I later, regretted not gathering roses, as well.  

Suddenly, the wind picked up, the rain started pouring heavily and it thundered. That is when Mama and Daddy drove up.   I was frying cornbread.  Christian asked me if we had an umbrella and I looked at him, stunned, he would even think such a thing!  Of course , Mama did -so Christian sprinted to them, and helped them in the door.

We all enjoyed the “Sunday Dinner”.  Mama and I especially like the bread pudding.  It had stopped raining, by the time Mama and Daddy left.  That is when the weekend projects caught up with me (and the bread pudding)- and so I took a nap.

  I did eventually  go out to tackle the vines.  I do not take pleasure in such work, but it is so very necessary.  Southern vines are ruthless characters.  It is  a dirty, itchy job and forces you to go in to dark nooks where you are likely to encounter all sorts of calamity.  I made good progress, but welcomed the next shower, for it gave me permission to stop the awful chore.  

I did find  an azalea  that was robbed of its’ blooms, is now recovering.  That was good news.  Christian and I both sighted rabbits today.  This will  soon be an ordinary event.  It is the eve of the season when the territory will host dozens of young bunnies .  . .and the  fragrance of honeysuckle influences the country air  . . so very sweetly. 

It rained off and on all of Sunday .  The rabbit patch was in good order and the territory was improved somewhat.  I was quite happy about the contents of the past days.  There was a time to work, a time to rest and  a time to gather with loved ones.

I am glad for everyday . . .but I am especially glad for  Sundays.



18 thoughts on “Sunday,Especially

  1. I feel like I’ve been away for such a long time, and yet … I’m back picking up as if things are right where I left them. It’s so, so good to be back.

    How I loved this beautiful blog post. Written with heartfelt love, and with love woven through each and every word. Even the job of cutting out the ‘roaming’ vine which had roamed into places it wasn’t welcome, had love backing each and every word.

    Just like a tapestry. So many stitches. So many colours. So much richness. So much love. All stitched one stitch at a time. Carefully. Slowly. Lovingly.

    Thank you for allowing me a window through which I can view into The World of the Rabbit Patch. I love being here Rabbit. Thank you for inviting me. ❤
    Sending much love to you ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. So nice to visit here, Michele. I had a pleasant Saturday and Sunday this weekend past also! It was so nice! We’ve been running a bit too much lately and it was good to slow down a bit. I wish I could guard our time a bit better and I think I will be a bit more choosy about what we commit to next autumn when the school/group activities start up again. I love visiting your garden, kitchen, and projects. I have a lot of weed attacking to do myself before planting my seedlings. I will around Memorial Day…yes, that’s how late we do things here. I mean, we had 12 inches of snow a few weeks ago. Ha!

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  3. Oh, how I love waking up to the sound of the rain. It’s funny how I have changed. I used to dread the rain. Now I welcome it. I especially love it when the sky darkens and the winds pick up before a thunderstorm. Also, I have a feeling your bread pudding is delicious.

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  4. I loved reading about your Sunday Michele. I could close my eyes and just see it. I could smell the rain as it came down. I love the smell of rain.
    We have been having rain also and I am still waiting (not so patiently) to get a garden planted. I have a feeling I am being taught patience..which is probably a good thing for me.


  5. I think you accomplish more in one day than anybody I know….and with such a cheerful way of doing it! Hugs, and a wonderful day to you!


  6. You are such a worker, Michelle. I get tired just reading about everything you accomplish over a weekend. I was glad when you took a nap because I could rest as well! Your Rabbit Patch sounds so lovely this time of year — except for the pesky vines.

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  7. you have this amazing gift of taking a person to walk through your garden, relax on the porch and sip the coffee you had just brewed while enjoying the smell of the corn bread that is in the oven. I smelt everything, I felt everything I was there


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