For the Love of a Mother . . Especially Mine

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In the “sweetest month” called May,  we celebrate our Mothers’ day.

Surely, the first gift from above, is the gift of a mothers’ love,

for at the moment of our birth, the love of our mother, proclaims our worth.


She holds our hand in the tender years and wipes away childhoods’ tears-

then shows us how to face our fears.


Oh, mothers are a curious lot, for they love gifts of sticks and rocks, and will keep them in a little box,

along with feathers and four leaf clovers, and ever so often, will look them over, after all  . . . she is a mother.


And when her child is almost grown and pulls away, her heart will moan-

but mothers know of ebbing tides .  . ,.and while she waits, her love abides.

When she tends an empty nest, a mother remembers what she loves best.

and will look in her little box, now faded like her silver locks


So when our journey, seems,  all uphill  . . . and we make mistakes, as we sometimes will- and we wonder how God can love us still  .  . . .

We need not wonder one step further  . . .

God showed us how, when He gave us a mother.


28 thoughts on “For the Love of a Mother . . Especially Mine

  1. Oooohhhh, dearest Rabbit, that’s just incredible. Breathtakingly so.
    Tears are threatening to spill over my lashes.

    It’s not mothers day here in the United Kingdom, for that day was celebrated some weeks ago, but it is of no matter, for I’m so lucky and blessed to be in a position of reading your poem now.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful words from your heart. I love them. Truly.
    Sending much love to you ~ Cobs. xxx


  2. I have a tiny picture frame with an old and faded print of this little rhyme.
    I cherish it nearly as much as memories of my mother.

    “Only God’s great love,
    And no other
    Could take the place of my
    Dear Mother.”

    Thanks for the lovely poem.


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  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. When I read your poems, dear friend, I always read them aloud at least once because I love the way rhyme and rhythm make them sing. How I wish my mom were alive so I could send your poem to her; she would have loved it. You have a gift, Michele.

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  4. Oh Michele, this is so very lovely. I lost my mother and grandmother when I was nine, and I believe that kind of experience leaves a hole in a person that can never quite be filled. But when I raised my daughter and son, I was given the gift of being a mom. I saw what I might have had and what I was given at the same time. You tapped into so many of my feelings in your poem.

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    1. goodness, this breaks my heart-what a tragedy. I am so thankful you became a mother and realised how loved you were. I am so very sorry. thank you for visiting on what I know was a bittersweet day. love Michele


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