For the Love of a Rabbit Patch


It is said that “time flies when you are having fun.”  I think it does.  I also think, it  flies, when you’re busy.   Now, at the rabbit patch, the wild honeysuckle blooms and is evident in the sweet evening air.  The “Quiet Garden”  is shades of pink.  Rabbits are out in the broad daylight and   there is the  friendly presence of fireflies , twinkling in the whispering  pines, at night.  The rabbit patch is in its’ glory in the spring.

  On Friday, we had the end of the year program at school.   . On Saturday,  I began tending the territory.  I really dreaded getting started.  I spent a good deal of time gathering fallen branches and had several little fires burning by late morning. It does not sound like such a travesty to spend a few hours  collecting branches-unless you consider fire ants and poison vines.  Little trees were coming up in all the wrong places and so I mustered the fortitude, to do battle with them.   Eventually, I started mowing and thankfully, that was an uneventful affair.

Each day, after school, I continued my quest to improve the rabbit patch.  Small fires burned in the garden steadily. I disturbed a fair share of spiders in the barns and  I tackled poison vines   Supper was late most every night and laundry was done at odd hours.  But good progress was made and at long last, geraniums fill the once barren pots.

Tending  this rabbit patch  is not for the faint of heart, but it is a love story, none-the-less.  There is enough charm here to produce a poet in the least likely of us.  . . especially  now, when the “Mothers’ day”  rose spills over the fence, and into the tender green grass. 

The rabbit patch does not allow things like resentment and selfishness, nor pride to abide in the hearts of man, either.  Simply put, ” It is good for what ails you.”  I can not quarrel in the presence of an old oak, nor complain when the peach trees are laden with young fruit. 

The foxgloves are blooming now along side one of the barns .  They are a cheerful sight, with their lavender bells.  Beyond the foxglove is a little pasture and then a grove of pecan trees.  There are two grapevines and  two apple trees.  There is also a pear tree,  and several white peach trees.  Some doves are nesting in a grapevine.  I love the cooing of content doves, but detest the way they act when startled.  They sit “quiet as a church mouse” completely hidden from view.  Right about the time you are near to them, and quite unsuspecting, they take off with flapping wings and a high pitched cackling.  The big production they make is quite startling and will shatter the peace of a leisure stroll. 

It seems, there has been one thing after another for a good while.  It started  a few weeks ago, with some loved ones having all sorts of problems-then there was the big program at school and of course Mothers’ Day.  The spring clean up of the territory took a toll . .  and now suddenly we are past mid May.   I have always thought that time was sly, and now I say with full confidence . . it is! 

Quite soon, I will have lived on the rabbit patch for a dozen years.  It has been nothing short of a love affair.  This old house and sprawling land has made me different, than I was, before our acquaintance.    I have worked harder than I thought I  ever could.  I have learned what my authentic joys are .  . .and somehow my truth was made clearer to me.    Still, I remain steadfast on my decision to sell it.  I do not fear the journey from it, nor am I anxious about when it will happen.  It has taken me years to come to such a conclusion but I do know that my time here was well spent.  

Until then, I will water the geraniums and mow the pasture.  I will wage war with vines covered in thorns and I will walk by the old grapevine where the doves abide.  I may write another verse on an old barn, too. . . I am sure I will buy more paint . . . all for the love of a rabbit patch.


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44 thoughts on “For the Love of a Rabbit Patch

  1. My dear Rabbit.. …someday in the far future….all of these memories will come flooding back to carry you where ever you are at the moment. age does funny things to us…just you wait and see. xoxo

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  2. I have fallen in love with the Rabbit Patch myself. Even I would be sad the day you will have to say good bye to this place. But with your mighty pen you would make any place a sanctuary. lost a friend rather abruptly. Reading your posts are healing me just fine

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    1. I am still thinking of Vicky, and those that loved her. So tragic. Thank you for loving the rabbit patch. and-for your encouragement too. The next rabbit patch will be lovely and smaller, I hope! love Michele


      1. Its very hard for me to get Vicky out of my head too. We are all coping the best we can. Thank you michele for keeping me company. I will be following your next rabbit patch as well

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  3. The hard work of a garden does make all seem right with the the world again. Along with your other readers, I too am in love with the rabbit patch, but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Enjoy it all While you can and thank you for sharing it with us!

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  4. Hey sunshine
    My goodness you worked so hard. I wish you could visit my store one day. In the back half of the store i run a day spa. I wish I could pamper you the way you pamper everyone. You are a true Angel in many ways. And always beautiful words.
    From our home to yours, “love.”

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  5. Aww. Bittersweet. You have such a lovely attitude towards change. I’m afraid I’m not very good with change. This really got me thinking, ” I can not quarrel in the presence of an old oak, nor complain when the peach trees are laden with young fruit. ” How often have I gone outdoors and the cares of the world drain away. Or at the very least, I gain a bit of perspective.

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  6. I think the rabbit patch was a real gift to you and your family, Michele! But I am also sure that the next chapter of your life, and your next home, will also bring many gifts. Treasure your memories, but always be open to making new ones. I think you have a very positive attitude on this whole thing, and personally, I find that inspiring. Probably because I tend to be a bit too resistant to change!

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    1. Oh Ann-please know it took me a while to get to this place, emotionally. I finally felt accepting-of course a grandchild sure did help! I feel confident, of the decision, but have no idea when and that can be a challenge. thank you for cheering me on! love Michele

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  7. I was able to mow my lawn the other day between rainfalls. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon….pushing a lawn mower (yes we use a push mower for our farmyard). It gives one lots of time to have a chat with yourself and with God and attempt to straighten out the problems in life or at least beg God to do so! Makes me a very content grandma. Love how your post brings those wonderful feeling back.

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    1. We pushed this yard in the beginning and it took two days!! Glad that is over, though I so hope to push a smaller yard in the future. This is a crazy busy time at school and home -I have made good progress at home and just 2 more weeks of school!! my we both have pleasant sessions with the mowers! thank you friend and pardon my late response-again-please! xoxoxmichele

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  8. There are a few lovely Spring blooms in my yard too, but the Cabbage Patch trumps them, of this I am sure. No, I don’t feel envious, I feel very much in love with your digs, as you describe the Cabbage Patch in such a beautiful way, I want to have some of my mail sent there.

    I suspect, despite the poison vines, which you probably know pretty well, the fire ants who may run when they sense you coming, and the spiders in the barn large and small, you probably love getting your hands in nature whenever you can. It’s the result I imagine you are going for labor intensive or no. Michelle, I would help you do a bit here and there myself, just to see natural beauty in the making!!!

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  9. Funny how our homes are live living things, a part of our family that we love and cherish and experience different seasons of life with. Beautiful post as always, and such peaceful pictures. Blessings to you and yours my friend. 🙂

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  10. As all gardeners know, and caretakers of a loved plot of land, there is always something. Time is strange yet when I am in my garden focusing on the immediate, I forget time and just BE. We’ve had so much rain here that pulling weeds, turning the soil over, transplanting, planting, putting in borders with a spade shovel, all easy. Some years the soil has been rock hard. LOVED the pictures you included of your Rabbit patch! And thank you for reminding me to spray Invisible Fence so that the rabbits and deer don’t feast on what I’ve declared as my territory. Beautiful, Michele, in words, feelings expressed, and pictures. Thank you!! ☺️🕊☺️

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  11. Yet again, I’m here playing catch up. Beautiful post and I felt every word, for it reminded me of our cottage which we sold in 2011.

    Take photos Rabbit. Many photos, in all the seasons. You think you’ll remember, but our memories let us down sometimes. I’m so glad that I took photos.

    Sending you love in bucket loads. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. That is a grand idea-I will. I have been behind so long my own self. Lord willing, I will catch up when it rains! I am glad you visit and you are always my honored guest, no matter when you get here! your rabbit, Michele

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  12. Every word you’ve written about the Rabbit Patch has oozed love, even after a long day of doing battle with fallen branches and poison vines. You have loved it, cared for it, nurtured it; so it will always be a part of you even when you no longer live there. I especially liked your statement of what caring for it has already done for you, “I have learned what my authentic joys are . . .and somehow my truth was made clearer to me.” What a wonderful testament to your relationship with your little corner of the earth. And your granddaughter! Whenever i see a picture of her, I want to reach out and hug her.

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    1. How dear you are-and it is true that I am grateful for the lessons this land has imparted to me. My truth and the courage to live it, is a high priority for me. May God grant me the heart and the fortitude to do so. Now, the fact that you love my Lyla means the world to me and endears you to me even more-thank you my friend. love Michele


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