The Truth About Tres


The “early service”, this morning was as peaceful as any I have ever attended.  I strolled leisurely around the “rabbit patch” as light was increasing, in the company of my dog, “Cash” and my cat “Christopher Robin”.   A “cat bird” squawked at Christopher Robin, as we walked.  Barn swallows were feeding their young-and rabbits scurried about.  The morning air was cool and so fragrant with the smell of new blossoms.  For a while, there was not a sign of another human and I thought if I sat, I would surely go into a trance, under such peaceful conditions.

I will not go into all of the details of yesterday, but I had a fire going by seven a.m.-and I was already dirty. I came in at six thirty pm to take a shower.  It was a long but very productive day.  I will say, that it will not hurt my feelings one bit, if there is not a single  barn on the next rabbit patch.

 Every day, the weatherman predicts rain, but not a drop fell on the rabbit patch yesterday.  Today, is expected to be much like yesterday, so I will take up where I left off, when “the spirit moves within me”.  The next two days, torrential rains are moving in and so those are the days for housekeeping-and cooking.  How delightful, that thought is.

It was mid morning, before I went out to face the last barn.  Certainly, I would be finished by noon or shortly after, I thought.   . . but in no time I was once again filthy and so I thought to tackle the outside fireplace.  It is a primitive hearth tucked away in a little private nook.  There is a picnic table, that is so heavy . . .it goes with rabbit patch, when it does sell.  When it snows, we make a fire.  It is also nice in Autumn, to sit by.  It was awful today but I left it tidy-  but burdened, with scratches and bites from head to toe.  There was really only one more dreaded task left and it seemed foolish not to to get it done, as I was so dirty, after all. . .  so I shoveled rock.  A bee sting completed my day-right as I threw the last shovel full.  I came in at six pm.  Cash got a bath as he was with me from the barn to the woods.  He managed to find places to dig and wallow in, as I worked.  Cash is loyal and made sure a rabbit didn’t get me this day! Christopher Robin watched Cash get his bath-and I must say, with an air of arrogance.  He had no clue that he was next.  That changed his tune.

Now, tomorrow is Memorial Day, so schools are closed.  We are having a noon meal, and all of the children will be there.  It is no small feat to gather five grown up children and I am looking forward to it immensely. We will celebrate Tres’ birthday, which was Saturday.  “Regular readers”  are aware that I am apt to brag about Tres.  He is a wonderful and noble young man, very polite, intelligent, handsome and a devoted son-and that is the truth about Tres.  Lyla adores him, quite naturally.  

Memorial Day has always been a bit complicated for me.  On one hand, I am full of joy, for my son and his life, and on the other hand, I think of the mothers of fallen soldiers through the ages.  War is such a tragedy and the mere thought of it stirs fear in my heart.  Oh, that all nations would seek peace- fervently and with great zeal, as if their life depended on it, for really and truly . . . it does.



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25 thoughts on “The Truth About Tres

  1. A happy day to you and a happy birthday to Tres.
    Our school ( grands school ) has been out for two weeks. Things change don’t they. Of course they will be back first or second week in Aug….too early in my mind.
    the thought that someday I might have to change locations sort of gives me the willies. You have and are still working so hard and I just don’t think I have enough left in me to do the same. We named our place Journey End farm for a reason. LOL

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    1. well, I so hope you never have to go through this-and you are near to your loved ones too. We get out on June 8th. I do not understand how we used to get out memorial day and return after labor day. Good test scores too! oh well-everything I ever knew has changed on earth. Happy weekend dear Beverly!

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  2. Such an incredible post which drew me in as I felt myself floating into your world and leaving mine behind for a while.

    Your barns …. I know you say that you wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t one on the land of your new property … but you WILL feel the loss if there are none. You have used those barns for tons of things in lots of way. You have stored things in them so that the rain and snow don’t trouble the things you care for, or are intending to move on to somewhere else or someone else. Now I’m not predicting you’ll miss them … I’m just going by what I’ve experienced because of my house move. I would give my two lovingly bought by my husband, designer handbags (I was young and foolish) if someone would give me back the large shed which Mr.C added a veranda to and had seating inside, and …. the potting shed which we had. A shed with only 3 sides (the third was rotting away so Mr.C turned it into a potting shed. We used those two things way more than we realised, and now … we don’t really have the room for them in this garden here. 😦 bah humbug.

    This: “Christopher Robin watched Cash get his bath-and I must say, with an air of arrogance. He had no clue that he was next. That changed his tune.”
    …. is just one of the reasons I love you and hold you in my heart. You have the ability to nestle inside my heart as I nestle into your world via your words, but in the middle of it all …. you put in something which makes me howl with laughter.

    Ohhhh Rabbit … I love you to pieces. Please take very good care of yourself and don’t ever get too poorly to come and post. For if you do, I shall be forced to hop on a plain and wheel you to your computer in a bath chair! (anyone reading who doesn’t know what a bath chair is: —- link to a photo of a bath chair.)

    Sending you much love Rabbit. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. I get so happy when i see your comments-I do love barns-but there are nine on the property=not small ones either. One is about 2000 square feet! Now a little shed is different and I would not mind that. At last, all are tidy. You are so funny-and please come BEFORE I need a bath chair!! haha! love you dearly-Michele

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  3. When you wrote, “The next two days, torrential rains are moving in and so those are the days for housekeeping-and cooking. How delightful, that thought is,” you created such an enchanting, warm, cozy feeling. I hate housekeeping and I’m an awful cook, but your words made me see those tasks completely differently.

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    1. For me it’s the way she handles the garden. I love the cooking and anything inside the house but the garden, well I’ve been known to kill a cactus. But I love roaming the Rabbit patch.

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  4. Oh wow. So much going on with you. Sorry to hear about the barn. And as for Tres. Why wouldn’t you want to talk about him – he’s your son. He’s handsome and a loving dad. I’m a mother to a former Marine. I’m proud of him no matter what. 😘💞


  5. The photographs of Tres prove the truth about him you shared in the post. I hope your Memorial Day with your children was wonderful and that you will one day soon be able to look around and declare yourself the victor in the annual spring cleanup.

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