The Grass is Greener at the Rabbit Patch


The grass is greener at the “rabbit patch”  these days. Part of it may be due to the drenching rains in May.  There is something about rain water.  I collect it for my house plants now, but when I was young, I used to set out a large bowl to catch the rain in,  to rinse my hair .  Rain water softens hair- and greens the grass.

On the days it didn’t rain, I worked on the territory.  It was hard going work, but rewarding.  There were fires in the garden to tend on a regular basis.  I tamed all sorts of vines . . .temporarily, at least.  On breaks, I went to my “Church in the wild wood”  which is really, what used to be my grandmothers’ front porch.  It sits at the back of the property by the edge of a field  – and where the pecan trees grow.  It is my favorite place on the rabbit patch.  I have watched the sun and the moon, rise over the field, from the “chapel”, by the little  pasture.  I have laid down my burdens there and sang praises.  I have mourned there . . and celebrated.  I have watched the rain fall and the blackbirds fly.   I have stood by the little gate . . .where my grandmother did . . . and remembered her.  I suppose, this is why the “Church in the Wild Wood” is my favorite place on the territory.   

 Something odd happened yesterday.  I was admiring the results of my recent endeavors and showing off the rabbit patch to a prospective buyer, when a huge raccoon lumbered out of the azaleas and within a foot of my cat, Christopher Robin.  This frightened me to no end, as I was sure a horrid tragedy was about to unfold before my eyes.  The breath left my body and rendered me speechless.  I took off in the fastest gallop I could muster to the backdoor and let my dog, Cash out.  Cash ran straight-a-way to the problem without a word from me.  The raccoon ran off and the whole ordeal was over.  When I could speak, I asked the shocked guests, if they were scared of dogs, between shallow breaths.  Thankfully, they were huge fans of dogs . . .and cats.  The only thing I could say next was “I am not at my best and need a minute to recover.”  Ironically, the first place we had planned to explore was the wooded path.  Somehow, I managed the trek, though my heart raced wildly for a good while.  Cash, being quite proud of himself pranced along proudly on the hike.  When we were back in the yard, Christopher Robin was sun bathing in the “Quiet Garden”.  I suppose he was not at all concerned, as his “nine lives”  was still intact.  

The rest of the tour was uneventful and went well.  The folks said they were quite interested and so,  when it was all over, I went to the “Church in the Wild Wood”  and said a prayer for all of us.  


It was a sweet and unfamiliar feeling to wake up, this morning, without an agenda of any sort.  There was no dreaded task awaiting, this day.  The barns and yard were in good order.  The house was tidy too.  I do not remember the last time I had such liberty.  For a few minutes, I did not stir, but let the feeling wash over me.  The morning air was cool and fragrant, perfumed with the smell of late spring. 

I did not tarry long for I am never one to linger , after waking.  Rae, one of my oldest and dearest friends, called just before mid morning, and said she could visit.  That was wonderful news.  Rae is a dependable breath of fresh air.  We talk freely and have no secrets.  She increases my Faith with wise words and is full of encouragement for me.  I love Rae like rain.

Quickly, I set up a table and chairs outside, under the cool canopy of the sycamore trees.  I gathered bunches of apple mint and made a light tea.  My kitchen was bare, as I have hardly had time to shop – but I did manage to make a salad.  I was finishing as Rae came in.  We sat outside and bragged on our children and grandchildren.  We talked about how blessed we were.  We talked about the grace of God and flowers. We also talked about our old houses and photography – and ice cream and soap.  We meandered around the rabbit patch and down the wooded path.  What a lovely time we had.  How glad I am to have a friend like Rae.  

 Rae left and so I decided to get a head start on cooking “Sunday Dinner” .  Christian went to the grocery store and brought back the fixings for fried chicken, cabbage and brunswick stew.  The cabbage and stew can be made ahead of time, so two pots were soon simmering. 

Tending this rabbit patch, is no small task.  I have been weary on occasion, from it.  I have done a a fair share of complaining about it too.  I have felt “stranded” and I have felt overwhelmed.  Today, though with the roses and “Queen Annes’ Lace” blooming together  and the songs of birds ringing out . . .when the air was sweet and the peace of the countryside made you drowsy . . . . The grass was greener at the rabbit patch  today.  



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39 thoughts on “The Grass is Greener at the Rabbit Patch

  1. I strolled with you through ‘The Church In The Wild Wood’ gasped for Christopher Robin and had a wonderful afternoon with you and Rae ~ that is how vivid your word are, many thanks for such a beautiful post xx

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      1. Hi uma197, I was so engrossed in the enchanting Church I didn’t see you right away ~ I have but that right now by hitting your follow button, what a wonderful, inspirational blog you are crafting xx
        Do you have a comment button on you blog ??
        One again thank you Rabbit for a magical post & bringing bloggers together xx

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      2. Thank you so much for your comments. I am glad that you like my blog. Yes my posts do have a comment button. Love to know your thoughts. I am trying to peek at your blog but unable to do so. Please help

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  2. Racoons … they normally do not bother cats but … there is always the exception if the situation is right. They can be extremely vicious and aggressive. I understand the burden of keeping up gardens and property and yes it is wearing work. Take care, Michele, for I understand as well with age things just seem to get a bit more challenging. Thank you for another visit with you in the Rabbit Patch. 💞

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      1. I know the feeling, Michele. I’m pretty sure that one of the barn cats who our neighbor threw out of the house and who had no front claws (cruel and inhumane to do that!) tangled with a coon (I THINK!) and ended up dying. SO you are justified for being alarmed. Just shoo the coon away and all should be fine. I told you this story NOT to frighten you but to educate you that in certain situations a coon will fight.💚

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  3. After all your hard work getting the place ready for showing and having that fright with the raccoon, I’m inordinately pleased that you had a day with no pressing engagements. I wish for one or two days a week like that for you. I enjoyed this post, along with all the others.

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  4. The grass is really green on the rabbit patch, so much so that I wish you would stay there for ever.
    The raccoon coming out in the daytime was scary and unexpected. I am glad he gave Christopher Robin a skip. But cats can survive most things. Thank God for Cash and Rae and the grandmother’s chapel.

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      1. I remember waiting to sell my late fathers home and it taking nearly 3 years. I took everyone around but the day the house sold, the estate agent took the buyers around as I had an appointment. Funny how I was not there…

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  5. You are so lucky to have your own little “church” where you can be quiet, pray, etc. No wonder you love the rabbit patch so much! You’ve made it meaningful and beautiful. I do hope the next owners love it as much as you do.

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  6. Dearest Rabbit.
    Thanks be that Christopher Robin came to no harm, and that Cash coming onto the scene was enough to send the raccoon scuttling off.

    I shall be quite sad when you eventually leave the Rabbit Patch – and I already feel that sadness coming towards me. However …. I also know that I will be eager to hear about your new place to be called ‘HOME’. For a house is just a house – it’s the people within it which make it a home, and you cannot fail to make anywhere ‘home’.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. I will simply move to a smaller rabbit patch and carry on as usual. Do not be sad, for I am not . . .mostly. I will miss the field and the trees but who knows when this will happen,but God only. You will go with me in kindred spirit-and that is of great comfort to me. Thankfully, love has no borders. thank you dear Cobs-ad God bless Christopher Robin . . and even the raccoon!

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  7. That would be startling to see a racoon when you do not expect too! So glad your dog came to the rescue.
    We have a tiny baby skunk that has taken to meandering over our front yard. My husband thinks it is cute (which it is a baby animal way) but I said it would not be so cute when he got sprayed and had to sleep in the garage LOL.

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  8. My heart jumped just wondering if the raccoon was going to get your cat, hurray for dogs!! And I’ve no doubt the cat acted like it did the dog a favor,lol! I loved reading this and continue to pray for you to land just where you are supposed to at just the right time….I’ve no doubt you will. 🙂

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      1. Oh, you are so welcome and I’m happy it helped….the different stages in life can be quite the adventures and sometimes scary as well, but I know He guides your steps, just as you know, and that makes all the difference! 🙂


  9. Oh my Michele, how scary. I’m so glad all ended well. I have raccoons that come to visit me every night. I leave sunflower seeds out for them to eat and the other night Mama came by with her two babies…they were as cute as could be. Dogs are the best!!! I hope your prospective buyer turns into the actual buyer!! That would be so wonderful for you…it is so much upkeep, although you do it well…I totally understand you wanting to rest. Although the beauty is going to be hard to leave. Sending you more well wishes and blessings for a successful sale of the Rabbit Patch! Have a wonderful weekend…love Deb ❤

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  10. Oh, How I do love the Rabbit Patch! With opening our visit to the “Church in the Wild Woods” So serene and peaceful! Then my heart raced to hear of the near face off with the raccoon and Christopher Robin, whew…Cash made a heroic feat to save you all. In front of prospective buyers too! It was wonderful to have Rae come over! No matter where you go, your heart and memories will remain!XXX

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  11. I love this story, Michele. Actually I was struck (again) by the thought that you should (definitely) write a book from the house’s perspective. Really! Much like “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton that saw generations and her changing world, the rabbit patch has many stories to tell.


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